September 1, 2010
[funny] Go Look: 10 Photos Capturing Moments of Spontaneous Badassery [Page 1 | Page 2] … ‘He’s practically a goddamn action figure up there: He comes complete with Uzi (mid-cock), Italian wingtips and a mustache made out of revenge.’ [click for the photo]
August 27, 2010
[funny] Hungover Owls“Give me…give me like…five…five minutes. Jesus.” [via qwghlm]
August 25, 2010
[comics] I’m the Goddamn Batman … [original] …

I'm The Goddamn Batman!

[tv] These are Their Stories … nicely done cartoons based on one line summaries of Law and Order episodes from a TV Guide … Lawyer is Secretly a Stripper / Goren Takes on a Chess Master / A Pedophile Uses the Internet.
August 24, 2010
[comics] Go Look: nana nana nana nana BATJESUS!
August 23, 2010
[comics] The Top 10 Most Awesome Moments of Luke Cage: Power Man‘That is the greatest panel in the history of Luke Cage. It might be the greatest panel in the history of Dr. Doom, and I’d go so far as to say that there’s a good chance it’s the best panel in Marvel Comics history.’ [the panel]
August 22, 2010
[funny] If Historical Events had Facebook Statuses

Newton's Facebook Status

August 19, 2010
[funny] Hyperbole and a Half: This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult‘I did three things yesterday! Now I’m supposed to keep doing things? It’s like the things never end!’ (more…)
August 18, 2010
[comics] Go Look: Joe Sacco’s Portrait Of The Cartoonist As A Dog Owner

Joe Sacco On His Dog...

[tumblr] Go Look: Crap At My Parents House‘The goal of Crap At My Parents House is to pay homage to all of the weird crap that everyone’s parents have…’
August 17, 2010
[funny] Go Look: For Sale – Cobra MK III ’86‘Spent 525 credits on a fuel scoop…’
August 16, 2010
[funny] Go Look: How The Male Angler Fish Gets Completely Screwed‘Oh God, what the shit is this?!!!’
August 10, 2010
[funny] Go Look: Rocket Propelled Chainsaw … for when you absolutely, positively need to kill every zombie in the room.
August 7, 2010
[funny] Go Look: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Robot Needs‘Self-Actualization: Destroy Humans’
August 6, 2010
Go Look: 69 alternatives to the default Facebook profile picture

Some Alternative Facebook Default Profile Pics

July 27, 2010
[comics] Lady Gaga Kidnaps Commissioner Gordon‘While the kidnapping occurred at stately Wayne Manor, home of playboy jet-setter Bruce Wayne, the eccentric billionaire was not available for comment.’
July 22, 2010
[philosophy] The Philosophy Of Immanuel Kant in Three Minutes‘Kant. It’s a German name and I’m quite happy to sit here in silence until you’re mature enough to get over it…’
July 21, 2010
[funny] Go Look: America’s Joyous Future.
July 20, 2010
[headlines] Meanwhile, in Durham: Police Hunt Norman Wisdom Lookalike.
July 15, 2010
[comics] Go Look: He Will Find You – He’s Batman!
July 12, 2010
[comics] J. Jonah Jameson is on Twitter


July 10, 2010
[funny] Columbo Box Set‘I bring pornographic pictures… and the opinions of angry children!’
July 9, 2010
[funny] Ünited Stätes Toughens Image With Umlauts‘In a move designed to make the United States seem more “bad-assed and scary in a quasi-heavy-metal manner,” Congress officially changed the nation’s name to the Ünited Stätes of Ämerica Monday.’
July 5, 2010
[funny] Go Look: Jason Donervan [from Cleanskies’ Photostream]
July 4, 2010
[funny] Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from… ‘Preacher with a Shovel’
July 3, 2010
[funny] Communists Now Least Threatening Group In U.S.‘The Red Menace has been surpassed by militia groups, religious extremists, ecoterrorists, cybercriminals, Hollywood producers, and angry drivers.’
July 2, 2010
[comics] The Dark Knight Operates‘You don’t understand, boy. This isn’t an operating table…’
June 29, 2010
[funny] George Osborne to put coma patients to work as draft excluders‘Look at all those coma patients, what sort of middle class family wouldn’t want such an eco-friendly draft excluder? It’s all natural and 100% biodegradable.’ [via Unreliably Witnessed]
June 22, 2010
[twitter] FEMINIST HULK (is on twitter) …


June 20, 2010
[press] Go Look: Builders Thwarted By Fish Eating Spiders [via twitter]
June 17, 2010
[funny] I’m Comic Sans, Asshole … An imagined monologue with the world’s most disliked font … ‘I’m not just a font. I am a force of motherfucking nature and I will not rest until every uptight armchair typographer cock-hat like you is surrounded by my lovable, comic-book inspired, sans-serif badassery.’
June 14, 2010
[books] Great Literature Retitled To Boost Website Traffic‘7 Awesome Ways Barnyard Animals Are Like Communism’
June 9, 2010
[funny] Amy Winehouse vs. Sid James‘Underweight, Beehived Hag – Uses Her Nails’
June 7, 2010
[funny] A list of Great Wisdom: WAYS TO BE COOL‘Helmets’

Ways To Be Cool

May 25, 2010
[funny] What have we today? … great collection of green ink letters written to newspapers in the early nineties … ‘My eight-year-old boy is a strange lad. He’s bothered about the planet and interested in butterflies and insects as well as other animals. He never watches football. Do you think he’s going to be gay? (Daily Star)’
May 17, 2010
[politics] The Coalition Government Commemorative Tankard

The Coalition Government Commemorative Tankard


May 13, 2010
[comics] Christ, It Works for Everything‘It was recently theorized that all New Yorker cartoons could be captioned with “Christ, what an asshole” without compromising their comedic value. I discovered this is true of virtually all comics, old and new…’
May 11, 2010
[funny] Go Look: I’m Pretty Sure I Invented A Time Machine…
May 10, 2010
[funny] Supreme Court Upholds Freedom Of Speech In Obscenity-Filled Ruling‘In short, freedom of speech means the freedom of fucking speech, you ignorant cocksuckers.’
May 7, 2010
[politics] Steve Bell on the Results of the General Election‘Oh Shit!!!’
[apple] The Mozzarella Cheese Head of Steve Jobs … file this under things John Gruber will probably never blog … ‘Love mozzarella cheese? Love Steve Jobs? Then you’ll love this.’ [thanks Andy]
May 6, 2010
[funny] Always Remember: He’s just a rich boy from a rich family…

David Cameron - He's Just A Rich Boy...

April 29, 2010
[funny] ClericPrecocious Parallel ParkerOh Hi, I came from Internet
April 27, 2010
[politics] David Cameron’s Common People … (some NSFW language) …

April 26, 2010
[comics] Top Trending Twitter Topics of the Marvel Universe … #itsclobberintime #youwouldntlikemewhenimangry #accursedrichards
April 25, 2010
[funny] Gangsters Love Pooh … also Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore – epic background fail.
April 23, 2010
[politics] Fuck Yeah Nick Clegg‘Haters Gonna Hate.’
April 21, 2010
[comics] What are you, dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I’M THE GODDAMN CATMAN!


April 20, 2010
[funny] Tucker’s Law … be warned: extreme swearing. NSFW. ‘…I’ve got that embroidered on a tea towel at home.’
April 18, 2010
[comics] How The Flash looks on Android and iPhone … is this why DC Comics doesn’t have an iPhone/iPad app yet? :)