March 3, 2007
[comics] This Vicious Cabaret — Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s This Vicious Cabaret set to David J’s music … ‘They say that there’s a broken light for every heart on Broadway. They say that life’s a game, then they take the board away. They give you masks and costumes and an outline of the story.Then leave you all to improvise their vicious cabaret…’
March 1, 2007
[comics] The Reversible Man — another classic Alan Moore Time Twister on scans_daily.
February 28, 2007
[comics] E-Petition: ‘We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to award knighthoods to John Wagner, Pat Mills and Alan Grant, in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the great British comic, 2000AD.’ [via Barbelith]
February 26, 2007
[comics] 30 years of the future — 2000AD is thirty years old today! Zarjaz, Earthlets!‘Judge Dredd is a complex character for liberals to deal with. Comics historian Paul Gravett, co-author of Great British Comics, notes: “He is a huge bully. But there are readers who quite like the idea. We show in my book a picture of a modern day policeman – they look just like Judge Dredd. In many ways we are living in Mega City One.”‘ [via The Coffee Grounds]
February 24, 2007
[comics] When even Dave Sim Finds You Weird — Metafilter discuss Dave Sim recieving a book proposal from a Furry‘The more I think about it, the more Dave Sim reminds me of Bobby Fischer. Brilliant guy, but good for one thing and one thing only. The fact that Fischer is an ugly little Nazi sympathizer doesn’t make him less of a great chess player…’
February 22, 2007
[comics] Whatever Happened to Miracleman? — a look at the tortured publishing history behind Marvelman / Miracleman … ‘Alan Moore recently announced on Internet podcast Fanboy Radio that 90-year-old Marvelman creator Mick Anglo is still interested in claiming rights from all Miracleman material.’
[comics] Ask Metafilter: How would one become Batman?‘Then it dawned on me… Batman is a savant. He is a highly functioning savant to be slightly more accurate. He reads a book and knows it, he hears something ans remembers it. He sees patterns everywhere, and understands them. This idea, is humanly possible (maybe) and makes him knowing so much pretty easy. The rest is in the training… and with enough time and money and drive to do it, he could be lethal. Especially if we go the savant route because learning where and when to strike would wouldn’t take as much training. Batman has a very rare form of autism.’
February 19, 2007
[comics] The Time Machine — early Alan Moore comic from 2000AD with art from Jesus Redondo (this remains one of my favourite comics) …

panels from alan moore's the time machine future shock

February 13, 2007
[comics] The Death of a Role Model – Conclusion (some spoilers) — some interesting points on Dave Sim and the conclusion of Cerebus‘I find it amazing that the prelude to the end of Form and Void was echoed with my own impressions of the story as it ended. Can you imagine how Cerebus felt when he saw Ham (a man he greatly admired) had blown his own head off with a shotgun? That’s how I felt at the end of Form and Void. Dave’s brains, his effort, splattered on a steamy pile of clotting blood in the snow. I don’t know if that was the intended effect, but I find it really likely it was.’ [via Meowwcat]
February 9, 2007
[comics] Dyspeptic Planet — Interview with Evan Dorkin. ‘…you know what? Football players are idiots, but nerds can be bastards too. Eltingville is about the tyranny of fandom, and fans who believe that everything that they buy and are into is just for them and no one else. And they hug it so close to themselves that they suffocate it. And they are not just these loveable little losers — well, a lot of them are [laughs].’
[comics] Stupid Comics on British Girls Annuals‘These comics aren’t all fun and games. Real-world problems and issues were sometimes dealt with in a frank and open fashion, uncompromising and stark, facing society’s problems head on. For instance… Sometimes, sometimes Daddy buys you a pony, and that pony is SO mischevious and fun-loving that it becomes embarrassing at equestrian events! A real-world problem that many British teenage girls wished they faced.’ [via qwghlm]
February 7, 2007
[comics] Harvey Pekar on Letterman — the infamous episode where Harvey seriously manages to wind-up Letterman‘You’re a dork, Harvey – Relax!’ [via Journalista]
[comics] Interview with Grant Morrison from 2004‘This last year after my dad died and my cats died, I felt so bad and so hopeless but I had to acknowledge that I still felt. These feelings are not actually the negative kinds of states that they try to convince you they are. They’re feelings, and they’re all quite sharp and they’re all quite bright and alive. The meaning is that life HURTS in many instances, generally because it implicates us in something desperately precious and fragile and temporary.’ [via Pete’s Linklog]
February 6, 2007
[comics] The Four Types of Bat-Conflict … [via BeaucoupKevin]
January 31, 2007
[comics] Warren Ellis, Novelist — Ellis on his new book Crooked Little Vein‘I sat down and wrote the first ten thousand words of an utterly unsaleable novel. I figured I could recycle the material into comics later. So I handed her this horror of a thing, complete with Godzilla Bukkake scene, and said, take this and leave me alone. Thinking, obviously, that she’d decide I was insane and never bug me again. Two weeks later, she phoned to tell me she’d sold it to Harper Collins in New York…’
January 30, 2007
[comics] Belle de Jour and Judge Dredd: ‘…he only gives her six months imprisonment? You call that sympathy?’
January 24, 2007
[comics] Gerhard and Aardvark-Vanaheim Have Parted Ways — Dave Sim and long-term artistic collaborator Gerhard have gone their separate ways … ‘Effective as of December 31st, 2006 Gerhard has parted ways with Aardvark-Vanaheim and long time partner Dave Sim. Dave is still in the process of gathering the funds necessary to buy out Gerhard’s 40% share of the company, but this will not affect the publication of future Cerebus volumes…’ [via Meowwcat]
January 23, 2007
[comics] Mr. and Mrs. Natural — Update on Robert Crumb and family … ‘Comics have always bound the Crumbs. Aline and Robert met in 1971 after she heard about a large-rumped woman named Honeybunch Kaminski created by Mr. Crumb for his Snatch Comics series. Ms. Crumb, whose surname from her first marriage was Kominsky, bore a physical resemblance to Honeybunch, and she set out to meet the famous R. Crumb. “She was the first woman I met whose emotions didn’t scare me,” Mr. Crumb said.’ [via The Coffee Grounds]
[ireland] A Policeman’s Best Friend — Steve Bell on brilliant form today.
January 9, 2007
[comics] Extraordinary Things to Come — Alan Moore discusses The Black Dossier his book about the history of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen … Moore: ‘Who did the music? It was me and Tim Perkins, pretending to be a 50s American rock and roll band. I’ve discovered, at this late stage in my life, that I am, in fact, an Elvis impersonator. But you’ll have to wait and listen for yourself, you know? [His voice assumes an Elvis Presley-like drawl] “Uh huh, thank you very much.” So there’ll be a lot of little goodies, because me and Kevin like that. We like having lots of nice little things in there. It reminds us of British comics of our youth, where there were always these kind of cheap giveaways included. But we’ve got some quite expensive giveaways in this one.’
January 6, 2007
[comics] The Bride of Pressbutton — four pages from an un-reprinted Alan Moore Stars My Degredation strip in Sounds Magazine from 1982 … ‘Holy Shit! Willya lookit the Micro-Tolerances on that!!’ [via Forbidden Planet]
January 5, 2007
[comics] Which Superhero are you? — I’m Spider-man apparently…
January 4, 2007
[comics] Alan Moore’s MySpace Profile

leah moore's posting to her father's myspace

January 2, 2007
[comics] A Tourist Map of Gotham — Who knew there was an Archie Goodwin International Airport in Gotham City? [via Kottke]
[comics] Another Free Comic to Download: Phonogram #1 by Keiron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. [via Warren Ellis]
December 30, 2006
[comics] Two Free Crime Comics to Download: Criminal #1 and Cross Bronx #1.
December 22, 2006
[comics] Have A Cosmic Christmas, Earthlets! — a slightly bonkers Kevin O’Neill Christmas Cover for 2000AD.
December 19, 2006
[comics] For Sale on eBay: Ultimate X-Men, Collected 1-3, 4-8 by Mark Millar and Andy Kubert.
December 16, 2006
[comics] Eddie Campbell on the murders in Ipswich: ‘I used to think Alan was making too much of the recurrence of names and odd details in the Whitechapel Murder cases, but here it is all over, with a Police Superintendent Gull, and one of the victims named Nicholls.’
December 14, 2006
[net] Map of the Internet — neat hand-drawn map of the address space of the internet. [via Waxy’s Links]
December 12, 2006
[comics] Howard’s End? — Journalista takes a look at Howard Chaykin’s career … ‘Armed with a drawing style that owed more to J.C. Leyendecker than Jack Kirby, a storytelling sensibility closer to Raymond Chandler than Chris Claremont, and design chops seemingly on loan from God, Chaykin produced work during the 1980s that in many ways still has yet to be equalled by anyone creating adventure comics to this day. American Flagg!, Time2, Blackhawk, The Shadow: these were graphically challenging works of surprising and lasting storytelling sophistication, capable of entertaining thinking adults like few other works being produced outside the still-embryonic art-comics scene at the time. An implied blowjob scene from Blackhawk, not actually depicted but suggested through clever use of juxtaposition and framing, shocked DC Comics’ readership but signalled that Chaykin was an artist capable of anything…’
December 9, 2006
[film] 300 — movie trailer for Frank Miller’s 300. ‘Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight we dine in hell!’
December 6, 2006
[comics] Todd McFarlane on Neil Gaiman and Spawn #9 (from long before the their court case):

todd mcfarlane cartoon about neil gaiman and spawn #9
November 28, 2006
[comics] Tharg the Mighty’s MySpace Profile‘Borag Thungg, Earthlets!’ [via this Metafilter post on Eddie Campbell and 2000AD creators blogging]
November 27, 2006
[comics] Eddie Campbell has a Blog‘In the old days i’d have made a one-page ‘Alec’ out of this, but today we squander our narratives in a blog.’ [via Comics Reporter]
[comics] Scans of The Master Race by Bernie Krigstein … [via Comics Reporter]

panels from Bernie Krigstein's Master Race

November 22, 2006
[comics] A Transcript of Alan Moore on Fanboy Radio — you can also download the podcast … Moore on the Simpsons Episode: ‘The episode involves new competition to The Android’s Dungeon that brings in hip comic creators like “my hip self, the hip Art Spiegelman and Dan Clowes to their new shop. If Trey Parker and Matt Stone are listening… your South Park DVD distribution here in the UK is shameful! Should they offer to let me on their show, I’d do it. I dunno – if George Clooney can play a gay dog… If there is some other sexually-confused animal, I’d be a natural for it in many ways.’
November 19, 2006
[film] Who killed Superman? — more from the Guardian on the true story behind the movie Hollywoodland‘As with the many theories that swirl around the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short – the tortured and mutilated Black Dahlia – there are too many contradictory pieces to assemble a single coherent jigsaw puzzle of Reeves’ death/murder. Or rather, there are perhaps three jigsaws with not enough pieces to complete any of them.’
November 17, 2006
[comics] Roaring’s Rantin’s: The Tale of Rudcliff and Williams — scans of an obscure Brendan McCarthy and Pete Milligan comic strip from 1987 …

amusing panel from paradax by McCarthy and Milligan

November 16, 2006
[comics] Chris Weston has a Blog — Chris Weston was the artist on The Filth with Grant Morrison and Ministry of Space with Warren Ellis‘One of the most frequent criticisms levelled at me (by the inbred, ingrate scum who pose as my colleagues) is the fact that all my characters look JUST LIKE ME! That’s one if the hazards of using photographic reference when you’ve only got yourself as a model.’ [via BeaucoupKevin]
November 15, 2006
[comics] Seven Soldiers Wrap-Up Interview with Grant Morrison‘Remember the first time you picked up an X-Men or Avengers book and it was stuffed to the staples with parallel universes, clones, alternate future versions of characters, and a continuity so dense you could stand a spoon in it? The chaos, confusion and excitement of being thrown without a guidebook into a new world was intoxicating to me and it seems that superhero comics only start to get boring when that sense of anything-can-or-can’t-happen is replaced by familiarity.’ [via Journalista]
November 12, 2006
[comics] ‘…and get this Pigeon off my head!’ — goofy old panel from Action Comics #331 spotted on scans_daily.

November 11, 2006
[comics] The Morrison Method (for optimal Seven Soldiers Appreciation) — sensible readers may wish to read the trades! [Seven Soldiers Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3]
November 10, 2006
[comics] Alan Moore to Appear on the Simpsons‘[Moore] features in a sub-plot which sees a new ‘cool’ comic shop opening in Springfield in competition with the Android’s Dungeon, run by Comic Book Guy who is voiced by Hank Azaria. The new shop has persuaded Moore to make a public appearance.’ [via Progressive Ruin]
November 8, 2006
[comics] Election Day 2006 – Whose Side Is Your Favorite Superhero On? — Dave’s Long Box wonders what the political affiliations are of various notable Superheroes … ‘Batman is a true independent, a man of solid principles and baffling contradictions. This may be because he is mentally ill…’
November 7, 2006
[comics] Come fly with me — the Guardian previews the film Hollywoodland – includes an interview with Ben Affleck on playing George Reeves‘When the actor George Reeves died in 1959, the headline ran: “Super hero, out of work, kills Self”.’
November 5, 2006
[comics] ‘The Ways of Women are a MYSTERY to me!’ — a panel from Avengers #35 spotted on scans_daily

amusing panel from an old avengers comic

November 3, 2006
[wikipedia] Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit WarsAvengers (Comics) vs. New Avengers (Comics): ‘Should there be a separate page for New Avengers (comics)? Is the name of the team now the New Avengers or is it just a new Avengers? Is it a new comic entirely or just a continuation of the old one? Following a positive merge vote, a series of reverts occurs when an editor “merges” the two by simply pasting the merged information into the article, creating two articles in one. The slow nature of the revert war means that, technically, nobody violates WP:3RR, and requests for help from other admins go unheeded because, well, it’s lame. After a series of exchanges on the talk page questioning people’s command of English as well as their sanity, the issue appears to have been settled with the creation of New Avengers (comic book) (note the oh-so-subtle distinction)…’ [thanks Alisterb]
November 1, 2006
[comics] Brian K. Vaughan interviewed on BBC Radio (requires Real Audio) — the comic writer was interviewed on the Today Programme this morning about his new graphic novel about the Iraq War, Pride of Baghdad.
October 31, 2006
[comics] Love that Dracula — what Jack Chick’s comics would be like if he had a massive nervous breakdown. The original: The Devil’s Night

jack chick / dracula mashup cartoon