March 5, 2009
[comics] rorschachsdiary … if Rorschach had a blog it would be on Livejournal… ”yet another example of government oppression: hear scans_daily down for good. irritated; will not have to pay money to find out how the black freighter spin-off turns out. expect veidt behind it…” [via jzw]
March 3, 2009
[comics] Alan Moore, the man with a graphic vision … the Observer profiles Alan Moore …‘As novelist and Watchmen fan Susanna Clarke puts it: “He took something very American – the superhero comic – reinvented it [more than once] and sold it back to them.” And, one might add, didn’t even want to keep the profit he made on the deal.’
March 2, 2009
[comics] Legendary Comics Writer Alan Moore on Superheroes, The League, and Making Magic‘I had DC buying the company I had just signed contracts with, which is flattering in one way and very creepy in another. It’s like being stalked by a very rich demented girlfriend who can just buy your entire street in order to be close to you.’
March 1, 2009
February 28, 2009
[comics] Livejournal Kills Scans_Daily‘The community has been dedicated to posting scans of new and classic comics for comment and critique (and yes, sometimes ridicule), although most scans are limited to a few pages by the community’s rules. Comics luminaries such as Warren Ellis and Gail Simone spent time there regularly, and Ellis once gave a year’s worth of paid time to the comm. A common theme among disappointed fans tonight is how S_D got them into reading comics.’ Update: Peter David Kills Scans_Daily
February 27, 2009
[comics] In Brightest Day In Blackest Night(more…)
[watchmen] The Visceral Horrors of ‘Watchmen’ Movie Merchandise … On a Comedian Costume: ‘So, how many people are going to wear this without realizing that they’re dressed as a serial rapist who shot a pregnant woman in the face?’
February 23, 2009
[comics] Reading The Watchmen: Ten Entrance Points Into The Esteemed Graphic Novel … Tom Spurgeon on Watchmen … ‘One thing the film trailers have reminded us is how gob-smackingly weird and lurid and intense Dave Gibbons’ visual interpretation of Moore’s script was in the original graphic novel. All those oranges and browns and yellows set against mostly somber grays and blues. And then the squid shows up.’
February 20, 2009
[comics] BeaucoupKevin(dot)com: Why I will not be seeing Watchmen‘The more I see of the film version of Watchmen, the less I like it, and perhaps more importantly, the more I dislike what it represents: the dumbing-down of something greater for the sake of a false “authenticity” that’s apparent only to those shallowest of readers of the source material.’
February 18, 2009
[comics] British Comic Creators: The Heroes of UK Comics … interesting list from Paul Gravett but missing out John Wagner? FAIL. ‘I don’t intend to get too flag-wavingly patriotic here, but it has to be said that British comics creators stand amongst the greatest in the world…’ [via Metafilter]
February 17, 2009
[comics] The Collector – ‘Profits of Doom’ Photostrip story … ancient Alan Moore photo comic story from Eagle in 1982.
February 10, 2009
[comics] Todd Klein on Dave Gibbons Cover and Logo Design for Watchmen‘To begin with, Dave (and all the design work here was by Dave Gibbons, with some help from DC’s Richard Bruning at the final stages) decided to use a simple, very bold sans-serif font for the logo, and run it up the side of the cover rather than across the top. This allowed the logo to be large and striking, while still leaving lots of room for the art…’ [via Neilalien]
February 9, 2009
[fun] London Bus Slogan Generator … Freedom Is Surrender To Darkseid:

February 5, 2009
[tv] Adam West: Behind the mask … 2005 profile of the Batman actor …

“Batman was comedy,” West says, “let’s face it. What I loved about Batman was his total lack of awareness when it came to his interaction with the outside world. He actually believed nobody could recognise him on the phone, when he was being Bruce Wayne, even though he made no attempt to disguise his voice.”

“In the same way that Inspector Clouseau never notices his accent,” I suggest, “when everybody around him is also French.”

“That’s right. In the first episode, Batman goes into a nightclub in the cowl, cape and bat gloves. When the maître d’ says: ‘Ringside table, Batman?’ he replies, ‘No thank you – I’ll stand at the bar. I would not wish to be conspicuous.'”

[comics] Steve Bell’s If …If You’d All Like To Introduce Yourselves(more…)
February 4, 2009
[comics] Comics Lettering Grammar and Tradition … fascinating (okay, to me at least) look at the overlooked craft of comics lettering. [via Daring Fireball]


February 3, 2009
[comics] Gordon Brown Reassures The Nation(more…)
[comics] Bob Mitchell in the 21st Century … new-to-me UK comic blog with some great features: What The Hell Is Grant Morrison Smoking?It’s Funny Panel FridayIt’s Superhero T-shirt Tuesday!
February 2, 2009
[comics] Forthcoming Work by Alan Moore for 2009 (and Beyond..) … from Glycon’s Livejournal‘Saga of the Swamp Thing, Book 1: The first volume of Moore’s run on Swamp Thing, collected in hardback for the first time, and including Saga of the Swamp Thing #20, never previously reprinted.’ [via Forbidden Planet’s Blog]
January 29, 2009
[comics] Obama Disappointed Cabinet Failed To Understand His Reference To ‘Savage Sword Of Conan’ #24‘[Robert] Gates told reporters he may have gotten off on the wrong foot with the new president, citing an occasion when Obama asked him what he knew about 1984’s Secret Wars, a 12-issue limited Marvel release. Gates then handed a visibly confused Obama 1,400 classified pages on covert CIA operations in El Salvador. Later, the defense secretary attempted to find common ground with Obama by making casual references to the comic book Spawn…’
January 28, 2009
[comics] I’ve been stalking Comic Creators on Twitter:

  • Brian Bendis‘i hope your internet personality becomes your real personality- watch how fast you get punched in the face.’ [link]
  • Ben Templesmith‘Currently inking a demonic turd.’ [link]
  • Matt Fraction‘man, you know you’re starting to make it when the torrent sites have your books up before lunchtime’ [link]
  • Cameron Stewart‘How does one get urine ON TOP of a urinal?? People are monsters’ [link]
  • Andy Diggle‘Ah, London, it’s good to be back. First stop: Gosh comics.’ [link]
  • Ed Brubaker‘And now I get to go write Captain America some more today.’ [link]
  • Neil Gaiman‘Locked out of hotel room. On third notworking roomkey. Inside the phone is ringing with another interview. I smile and twitter.’ [link]
  • Joe Quesada‘Damn you, Warren Ellis, just LOVE ME!’ [link]
  • Warren Ellis‘Also, one of you made off with my Bag Of Ideas today and I want it back. Name your terms.’ [link]
  • Brian Wood‘I stupidly did it again. I done read some blogosphere and am now struggling through the shit-colored tsunami of ugly negativity.’ [link]

January 25, 2009
[comics] Master Post: Frank Miller … fabulous Scans_Daily post showcasing some Frank Miller miscellanea from the 1980’s …


January 18, 2009
[comics] The Kirby Alphabet … from Roger Langridge‘A is for Ant-Man…’
January 16, 2009
[comics] Grant Morrison, Batman and the Superhero Genre … another interview with Grant Morrison … On his recent Batman stories: ‘The big breakthrough for me was when I decided to bring Batman’s entire 70 year history into canon by declaring that ALL of these stories had happened in one man’s incredible life. He’s lost two Robins, seen Batgirl crippled by the Joker, had his back broken and his city devastated! What would the accumulated mental toll of all those years do to even the strongest man? And how would a well-organised and frighteningly-prepared villain attempt to take advantage of that?’
January 12, 2009
[comics] 25 Great Things About Being A Comics Fan’16. At first you’ll like all the comics. Then you’ll get a little bit older and like only a few of them. Then you’ll get a little older than that, and you get to like all the comics again.’
January 10, 2009
[comics] Watching Dave Gibbons … one more interview with Gibbons on Watching the Watchmen. ‘… there was a misguided idea where we might do Rorschach’s Journal or The Comedian’s Vietnam War Diary, but I don’t think you need to see that. It’s much better if it’s hinted at.’
January 8, 2009
[comics] Top Ten Lists I Did Not Make For The Year-End Wrap-Up That Every Comics Blogger Seems To Be Doing … from BeaucoupKevin(dot)com … Number Six: ‘Top Ten “Chris Ware, What The Hell, Man? Are You Trying To Ruin It For The Rest Of Us By Being So Fucking Good And Creepy At The Same Time?” Moments In Acme Novelty Library 19’
January 7, 2009
[comics] The Comics Reporter … Tom Spurgeon interviews Matt Fraction … On Grant Morrison’s recent Batman comics: ‘…using Batman as frame of reference for Batman. The gag is that everything that’s happened in the Batman comic actually happened to Batman, right? And what would that do to a human mind? From the bleak noir stuff to the bam-sock-pow stuff and everything in between. He’s using the whole history of the character to comment on the character as the character endures it. And to comment on the comics mainstream, and on heroes, and all that great stuff.’
December 31, 2008
[comics] The Best Damned Comics of 2008 Chosen By The Artists … Dash Shaw: ‘Acme Novelty Library #19 by Chris Ware This is a predictable pick, but Ware is the greatest living cartoonist. It says that he drew this four years ago. What the hell? The comics he drew this week are the best comics of 2012 and 2013. I’m calling it now.’ [via Forbidden Planet’s Blog]
December 26, 2008
[comics] Archaeologizing Watchmen … Dave Gibbons interviewed on his new book Watching the Watchmen‘The second time around, I am amazed by how much thought we put into Watchmen, how hard we labored over every detail. But I think that is one of the reasons for its longevity. In comics, there are depths that don’t reveal themselves immediately, and the stuff that you might consider anal about Watching the Watchmen — like the notes where I plot the rotation of a perfume bottle through the air — might not be particularly obvious to anyone who reads it. But those who do will note the consistency, the reality behind it all that exists in great depth. It gives it a more magical quality, which it wouldn’t have had if we just made things up as we went along or changed it to suit the latest continuity. It does give it a feeling of authority.’
December 22, 2008
[comics] Drawing Power … A “Prose Guy” takes a look at Graphic Novels and comics … ‘The most important thing [Daniel] Pink learned was that in America, we have a “restricted, constricted view” of what comics can be. “In Japan, you can get manga for how to deal with your finances, how to find a mate, cooking, history of Buddha, whatever,” he says. If you’re working in the medium, “you can do really good stuff, you can do really bad stuff. You can do sports, you can do documentaries. You can do gripping narratives, you can do cheesy narratives.” In other words, in the world of Japanese comics, you can do anything you want…’
December 17, 2008
[comics] Alan Moore Christmas Strip from 1979


December 14, 2008
[comics] Worth a look: Alan Moore combs his beard.
December 10, 2008
[comics] Pat Mills – The General In Charley’s War … Mills is interviewed about Titan Books reprints of Charley’s War. On Joe Colquhoun: ‘. He could convey so many subtle moods, characterise everything and everybody in the most exquisite detail. That is such a gift and I do feel it needs wider recognition. He was such a modest man, too. When I finished Charley, I offered him Slaine. But he said – no. He said he had no imagination! But he had such empathy, such compassion, such insight – if that’s not imagination, I don’t know what is. I truly believe he was a genius. Sometimes I would not even look at his finished art because I could lose an entire day just staring at the detail in his work. I’m sure many readers did the same.’
December 9, 2008
[comics] What If… Matt Groening had done the art on Watchmen instead of Dave Gibbons? … from Springfield Punx … [via Forbidden Planet’s Blog]

December 4, 2008
[comics] Watchmen Unmasked … Occult symbolism in an Alan Moore comic. Really?! … ‘On the morning of September 11th, 2001 A.D., I was not working. On my day off, my mother phones me at 7:00 PST to wake me up: “Something incredible is happening”. When the first tower came down, I saw the beast more clearly than I have ever seen it, and yes, for a moment it looked just like a giant octopus driving this giant building straight down DIRECTLY THROUGH THE PATH OF GREATEST RESISTANCE LIKE A NAIL. And I thought, “It’s Chapter Twelve of Watchmen. It’s a stunt, a gag, a hoax. Someone has done this thing to fool us all again. Who? WHO HAS DONE THIS THING TO ME?’ [via BeaucoupKevin]
December 2, 2008
[comics] Watchmen Condensed

November 27, 2008
[comics] Batman R.I.P.? A Dozen Dark Knight Deaths‘Batman is more than a character appearing in a comic book. He – as Bruce Wayne – is known to millions around the world as the hero of Gotham City. His movie has almost made a billion dollars this year. The value of Batman/Bruce Wayne to DC Comics and Warner Bros. is beyond measure. We’ll let you figure out what that means in terms of how “dead” Batman may be here, in the broad view.’
November 24, 2008
[comics] Love & Rockets Covers … collection of covers from the comic book… [via Mondo a-go-go]
November 19, 2008
[comics] Fantastic collection of photos tagged Comic Book Hearings from Life Magazine in 1951 … sadly it doesn’t give any information on who is in the photos but I’m assuming it’s Tennessee senator Estes Kefauver’s Senate subcommittee hearing on juvenile delinquency and comic books. More from Life’s Archives: Frederick Wertham, Adam West on the set of Batman, Adam West and Bert Ward as Batman and Robin, Batman on the cover of Life.
November 18, 2008
[comics] 75 comics being made into films … they are really digging through the comic archives for film properties. The Hands of Shang-Chi: ‘This kung-fu crazy character emerged from Marvel comics at the height of the early 70s martial-arts boom and the stories incorporated Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu and Nayland Smith characters. Ang Lee is in the producer’s chair with Forbidden Kingdom stunt arranger Woo-ping Yuen set to direct, but most of the news on the project is pretty old.’ [via Robot Wisdom]
November 17, 2008
[comics] Save The Squid: Hope

November 14, 2008
[comics] Batman Sues Batman Over Batman … apparently there is a town in Turkey called Batman which is located on the Batman River in the Batman Province… ‘There is only one Batman in the world…’
November 12, 2008
[comics] Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know‘He collects Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics.’
November 11, 2008
[comics] The Trial of the Sober Dog … the comic strip from Nick Abadzis which is currently being published in the Times is also available online (the link above will send you to the first episode – the current one is here).
November 8, 2008
[comics] Salman Rushdie: Comic Fan‘The Satanic Verses author owns oil paintings of Spider-Man and Wolverine, signed by Stan Lee. Also, he collected comic books as a kid, but, sadly, his father threw them away. “They’d be worth so much money now if he hadn’t done that. You know, 1950s and sixties Dell Comics, and Marvel; it would be worth a fortune,” he said.’
November 6, 2008
[comics] Help me find my next favorite graphic novel. … great list of comics from Ask Metafilter‘All-star Superman just wrapped up and it was fantastic. Easily the best “new” comic I’ve read.’
November 4, 2008
[comics] Philip Bond does John Romita Snr

[comics] Sea-Monkeys Only $1.25! (more…)
November 3, 2008
[comics] Alan Moore on the Shadow … early Alan Moore text piece from 1970 – another scanned rarity from the Glycon’s Livejournal‘Apparently Gibson (who, I might add was also a professional magician) had written the story, and all that was left was for S&S to find a suitable cover. The only one they could find however, with anything like a shadow featured on it showed an inscrutable oriental type cowering against a wall. The Shadow, it seems, was his own. (Damn clever these Chinese!) Unfortunately, Gibson’s story didn’t feature any orientals, so naturally rather than give S&S the trouble of finding a new cover, Gibson rewrote the whole thing. (Rumour has it that Gibson invented the Shadow at five o’clock while he was shaving).’