[comics] Empire Magazine’s 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters … don’t let #50 put you off – skip to #49… Captain Haddock: ‘The full-bearded alcoholic, rageaholic, commitment-phobic British sea captain lucked into a fortune (Red Rackham’s Treasure) and wound up drinking himself insensible in Marlinspike Hall, occasionally giving vent to amazingly picturesque salty language (often through a megaphone) when assailed by bashi-bazouks, troglodytes, prize purple jellyfish, Incan mummies and Signorina Bianca Castafiore, ‘the Milanese nightingale’.’ [via Metafilter]

Empire Magazine’s 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters

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Captain Haddock was *Tintin’s sidekick*? I always thought it was the other way around. The only real sidekick that kid had was Snowy.

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