[comics] Top 10 graphic novels by Danny Fingeroth‘For my top 10, I decided to take the crème de la crème, the graphic novels that I most enjoyed. These are graphic novels, some famous, some less well-known, that do what all great literature does, in that they give you such a pleasurable experience while reading that you’re simultaneously eager to uncover the ending, yet also dreading it, knowing that the experience will then be over.’

Danny Fingeroth’s Top 10 Graphic Novels

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Wow, it is so nice to hear that somebody feels the same pain that I do when coming to and end of any good literature. Upon getting it I plow right through until I get to the last few pages and then I try to read as slow as possible. I remember when I finished the “Sandman” series I actually cried because I felt I had lost some really good friends.

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