3 January 2006
[comics] Warren Ellis Audio Interview — check out the Alan Moore section ‘No Warren. Don’t tell me about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Film. I might cry.’
4 January 2006
[books] Spotted on The Further Adventures of Belle De Jour‘What Belle de Jour did next… From becoming an agony aunt, to hanging up her stilettos and finding love with a man who knows all about her past…’ [Delicious: Posts with belledejour Tag]
7 January 2006
[comics] Drawing Fire — Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson describes why political cartoonists should never give out their email addresses. ‘…every time I draw a cartoon critical of George Bush my inbox gets inundated with a tidal surge of hate mail. I’m not alone, of course. Steve Bell gets it too. In fact the first piece of digital bile I received asked me why I drew Mr Bush as a monkey, when he was the president of the United States of America and I was just a schmuck. I politely replied that I never had, and that my correspondent had got the wrong lefty cartoonist. I got a reply saying I was an asshole anyway.’
[politics] Get Back To Work, George — find out how much George Galloway is costing the British taxpayer whilst he’s in Celebrity Big Brother.
8 January 2006
[movie] Viral Email: How Not to Drink a Flaming Sambuca (more…)
9 January 2006
[distraction] Poom! — another fun web browser based keepy-uppy game.
[google] Can’t Find On Google — web site listing things people can’t find on Google … ‘Most of the time, you punch what you want to know into Google, and you instantly get what you’re looking for. But have you ever had that experience, where you try query after query and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t find what you’re looking for? That’s what this site is for — because the things Google can’t find is more interesting than the stuff Google can find.’
10 January 2006
[comics] Michael Avon Oeming takes on Warren Ellis — interview between the two comic creators … ‘I come to the pub to work, not to talk. A fan once tracked down the pub I work in, and came in asking questions. When I arrived, everyone was very tense. He didn’t realise there were three large blokes behind him ready to stamp on him if he moved funny. He turned out to be a very nice guy. But they’re kind of protective of me here.’
[funny] David Hasselhoff is the AntiChrist‘He has even less musical talent than John Tesh… His television shows are unwatchable… and yet He’s one of the world’s most popular stars… how has He done it? I submit David Hasselhoff is the AntiChrist and I have the proof…’
11 January 2006
[comics] Fell #1 — Warren Ellis’ new comic available online with art from Ben Templesmith. ‘Detective Richard Fell is transferred over the bridge from the big city to Snowtown, a feral district whose police roster numbers three-and-a-half people (one detective has no legs). Dumped in this collapsing urban trashzone, Richard Fell is starting all over again. In a place where nothing seems to make any sense, Fell clings to the one thing he knows to be true: Everybody’s hiding something. Even him.’
[ukblogs] Call Centre Confidential Returns‘This is a new start and a chance to reinvent myself.’0
[comics] I Heart Pixels — the sketchblog of R Stevens of Diesel Sweeties Fame. [via The Daily Chump]
12 January 2006
[comics] 911 in Comic Books — webpage looking at how comic books portrayed 911. Includes the black covered issue of Spider-Man which has Doctor Doom shedding a tear… [via Metafilter]


[google] The Prejudice Map‘According to Google, people in the world are known for…’
13 January 2006
[media] From Mail Watch – vote for your favourite Daily Mail or Daily Express Headline of 2005‘Death by Suntan’ [via]
[funny] Jimmy Corrigan Condensed — Chris Ware parodies JC. [via BeaucoupKevin]
15 January 2006
[web] “No” in Many Languages … How to say ‘No’ in 520 or so languages.
[books] Burning Down the Sixties — oldish interview with James Ellroy. On Oliver Stone’s JFK: …

‘That movie is electrifying for the first 45 minutes because it hints at Cuba. It never hints at the mob, and it’s too bad, because it is the mob. You know, it’s the mob-renegades-CIA-crazy-Cuban-exiles nexus, and anything else is horse shit. I would believe the single-gunman theory before I would believe the military-industrial complex theory. It’s preposterous. “Gentlemen, I’ll give you your damn war.” Ha! War this! [points to his crotch]’

16 January 2006
[fun] The Ikea Game — great time-wasting game from Cal. ‘…given a list of IKEA product names, can you guess what the product is.’
[comics] The Day the Powers Died — When did Brian Michael Bendis jump the shark? … ‘What was the point where it all went south for Bendis? The answer was actually much easier than I’d guessed. The fucking monkey issue of Powers.’ [via Neilalien]
17 January 2006
[birdflu] Headaches? Runny Nose? Body Aches? Try: Lemsip Max Avian Bird Flu Capsules [via Bowblog]
[net] Random Personal Picture Finder — find random pictures from Google based on filenames from various types of digital cameras.
18 January 2006
[politics] Day 13 … and Things aren’t going to Plan in the House — Simon Hoggart on George Galloway‘Take the scenes last week when he pretended to be a cat, licking imaginary cream from the cupped hands of Rula Lenska, while she murmured to him “here pussy, pussy, pussy, yes, ooh, little pussy … you’ve got cream all over your whiskers!” (In the words of the old Grolsch lager ad, “Stop! This porno film is not ready yet!”) You can be sure that episode will never be forgotten, and every time Mr Galloway rises to repeat his grand denunciation of George Bush and Tony Blair, he will be met with a chorus of miaows.’
20 January 2006
[blogs] This Blog Will Change Your Life — what happens if you spend a year following the instructions in This Book Will Change Your Life‘A day of compliments. Flatter someone today and see if it does indeed get you anywhere. “Gee, that sure is a splendid mustache comb.”‘
22 January 2006
Google Video: William Shatner’s version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
23 January 2006
[f.e.a.r] Reasons to be Fearful — Bloggerheads on what scares Sun Readers: ‘You worry more about CRIME, HEALTH and MONEY than you did 15 years ago. But it is the horrors of porn on the INTERNET, chatroom PERVS, VIOLENCE against kids, DRUGS and the hoodie YOB CULTURE which cause you most anxiety.’
24 January 2006
[environment] TV’s ‘sleep’ button stands accused — BBC News on TV’s power-wasting standby mode … ‘A survey by the Energy Saving Trust found that the average household has up to 12 gadgets left on standby or charging at any one time. It also showed that more than £740m of electricity was wasted by things being left ticking over.’
[web] Murdoch to bring MySpace to UK‘A debate rages about whether parents have the right to view their offspring’s online musings on what is after all a public site site. Perhaps people should be more concerned that, unlike previous generations, today’s youth are likely to see their moralistic rantings, crushes and fashion and hairstyling disasters preserved online, for eternity…’
25 January 2006
[politics] The Guardian Asks: Why is the US so obsessed with Cuba?‘Psychologists might argue that the real reason for America’s pathological irritation is Castro’s refusal to go quietly. He laughed off the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, stirred things up during the missile crisis in 1962, and welcomed the Pope with open arms in 1998. To the sound of grinding teeth across the Straits of Florida, he has attempted to play down the fall of the Soviet Union and a 44-year-long trade embargo with the US as mere flesh wounds. He is, in short, a one-man blow to their pride.’
[comics] Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly — interview with the creators of Local from the Onion AV Club … ‘It’s possibly rather implausible that any human being would travel and live in 12 cities in 12 years, but I knew people that did stuff like that. They’re just very aimless, and just were always moving somewhere. So hopefully it’s not too implausible.’ [via Sore Eyes]
26 January 2006
[comics] BeaucoupKevin: Always Remember – Grant Morrison just had sex with your wife
28 January 2006
[tv] Forensic criminology, the ZX Spectrum Way — how did the sound of the loading screen from Sabre Wulf get into CSI: Miami? … ‘Their expensive new XRF machine appears to be a Sinclair Spectrum making tape loading noises. But as if that’s not geeky enough… The combined forces of comp.sys.sinclair have identified the data in question as the loading screen to Sabre Wulf by Ultimate.’
[comics] A Comics Panel with Chris Ware, Seth and Ivan Brunetti. [via Waxy]
29 January 2006
[comics] The Story Behind the Microsoft Font Comic Sans — It’s all Frank Miller and John Constanza’s fault: ‘I started with the font drawing software Macromedia Fontographer, trying to make the capitals in a similar form as the lettering used in DC, Marvel and all other company’s comic books. The Dark Knight Returns a Batman book was one of the books I referenced often.’
30 January 2006
[language] 112 Translations of: “Oh my God! There’s an axe in my head.” [via]
1 February 2006
[web] The Grand Support Email Speed Contest — how long does it take 10 companies to respond to a simple emailed question? [via]
[comics] Are you a Red Dupe? — An important announcement from Haunt of Fear #26… [via Pete’s Linklog]

2 February 2006
[comics] The Dark Knight Returns — interview with Paul Pope (from Wired). On Batman: Year 100: ‘[Batman’s] mask symbolizes the last hope against a corrupt government encroaching on individual privacy. “He’s someone with the body of David Beckham, the brain of Nikola Tesla, and the wealth of Howard Hughes, who is pretending to be Nosferatu,” Pope says.’
[web] The Last Google Result — What is the last Google result for a search term? [via Gordon McLean]
4 February 2006
[mobiles] How I Stalked My Girlfriend‘For the past week I’ve been tracking my girlfriend through her mobile phone. I can see exactly where she is, at any time of day or night, within 150 yards, as long as her phone is on. It has been very interesting to find out about her day. Now I’m going to tell you how I did it. First, though, I ought to point out, that my girlfriend is a journalist, that I had her permission (“in principle …”) and that this was all in the name of science…’
5 February 2006
[photos] Spotted on Flickr: Dave Gorman’s Photostream.
6 February 2006
[4] The Four Things Meme … [I was tagged by Sasha]

7 February 2006
[wikipedia] Six degrees of Wikipedia — finds a path between two Wikipedia articles using links in the text.
8 February 2006
[comics] Mutants in Mega City One Video — a video of Carl and Suggs from Madness performing as the Fink Brothers from Judge Dredd. Contains bits of the video for the song plus a confused appearance by them on a Saturday morning kids TV program called Saturday Starship circa 1985.
10 February 2006
[mobile] Mobile Phone Tracking: FollowUs … probably the service used in the Guardian article on Stalking your Girlfriend. [Update: Sasha tried it out.]
[london] London Tube Map with Anagrammed Station Names‘A Retard Cottonmouth’
11 February 2006
[google] The Register: 40-Metre Profanity Spotted from Space‘It beats crop circles for crowd-pleasing entertainment value. Quite who Eddie is and why his name is writ large in rural England, we’ll leave that to readers to explain.’
12 February 2006
[comics] Wondercon ’06: Grant Morrison Spotlight — GM update from Newsarama. ‘…about issue #4 [of All-Star Superman], Morrison said readers will see a transvestite Jimmy Olsen on page one.’
13 February 2006
[film] Art School Confidential Quicktime Trailer … from Dan Clowes and Terry Zwigoff. [via Pete’s Linklog]
14 February 2006
[comics] Getting a lot of traffic today: Batman Valentines Day Card‘I fight a war that can never be won. I strive toward a goal that can never be reached. I am haunted. I am relentless. I am tortured. Won’t you be my valentine?’
15 February 2006
[comics] Grant Morrison on Batman: ‘Morrison said Batman coming out of 52 OYL will be a more of a “fun guy, more healthy”, more like the “Neal Adams, hairy-chested, love-god” version of Batman.’
[comics] WonderCon ’06: Holy Terror, Batman! — details on Frank Miller’s new 911-inspired comic … ‘Miller doesn’t hold back on the true purpose of the book, calling it “a piece of propaganda,” where “Batman kicks al Qaeda’s ass.” The reason for this work, Miller said, was “an explosion from my gut reaction of what’s happening now.” He can’t stand entertainers who lack the moxie of their ’40s counterparts who stood up to Hitler. Holy Terror is “a reminder to people who seem to have forgotten who we’re up against.”‘
16 February 2006
[photos] Dave Gorman: If René Magritte Ran A Brothel.
17 February 2006
[comics] Grant Morrison’s International Guide To Living Fabulously — report on meeting Grant Morrison at Isotope Comics in San Francisco … ‘He was immediately thronged by young worshippers and fanboys. Some wished only to press the flesh of the man who wrote The Invisibles, while others had 10 or 12 comics stacked up waiting for autographs. We lurked and waited for the throngs to die down. The most impressive thing to me was just how much patience and genuine interest Grant had with each of his fans. He was always smiling and eager to talk, even egging people on with questions of his own when they were too star-struck to speak.’
[tv] Buffy, Abridged — Seven Series of Buffy crammed into three minutes… [via Pete’s Linklog]
18 February 2006
[fun] Tom Baker Says…‘Hello. I am Tom Baker and I will be saying things to you by the magic of SMS.’ [Related: Actor Baker becomes voice of text]
19 February 2006
[music] Snapshot: Grace Jones — a look at how the image on the cover to Grace Jones’ Island Life was put together … ‘Goude’s photographs were to launch Jones as an icon. Then he let his imagination run free, creating images of her with an imaginary male twin and multiplying her into an army of clones. “Initially, she was flattered by all of my attention,” says Goude on his former muse and lover. “And she’s no dope – Grace is an opportunist and she knew my vision was good for her career. Initially, she let herself be taken over, but then she suspected that I had only fallen in love with her image.” Was that true? “Of course it was!” ‘
21 February 2006
[comics] Interview with David Lloyd — the artist of V for Vendetta discusses the comic, the movie adaptation, Alan Moore and comics generally … On V (the comic): ‘Its theme is universal. It sells all over the world – or over lots of it, at least. It’s about tyranny, the right of the individual to be individual, it’s about terrorism…’
[blog] VideoSift … a blog bringing you the best of Google Video and YouTube.
22 February 2006
[comics] Scans_Daily: A Spoof of Frank Miller’s Holy Terror, Batman!

23 February 2006
[comics] Batman Kicks al Qaeda’s Ass — Metafilter discuss Miller’s Holy Terror … ‘If Batman turned his attention to anything outside of punching Gotham crooks in the nuts, said problem would be resolved toot-sweet, certainly in less than 200 pages. Unless, of course, he punches each and every member of al Qaeda in the nuts, which would easily fill 500+ pages of nut-punching glory. Batman’s insane and a perfectionist, so that could happen…’
24 February 2006
[blogs] Malcolm Gladwell’s Blog‘In the past year I have often been asked why I don’t have a blog. My answer was always that I write so much, already, that I don’t have time to write anything else. But, as should be obvious, I’ve now changed my mind.’ [via Metafilter]
[film] Peter Bradshaw reviews Capote‘[In Cold Blood] virtually invented the modern genre of reportage. The true-life nature of his subject – the brutal slaying of a farmer’s family in Kansas – had a horrible, unacknowledged sexiness that polite literary fiction could not match; reality gave it ballast and sinew, and Capote awarded himself the novelist’s licence to intuit feelings, ideas, moods. Readers then as now struggled to see how the metropolitan gadfly who wrote Breakfast at Tiffany’s could have moved on to this. It was as if Audrey Hepburn has stopped singing Moon River and taken a chainsaw to George Peppard. How the heck had this aesthete-weakling armwrestled American reality into submission?’
27 February 2006
[music] MC Hammer Blog — and it looks authentic! … ‘My professional Hip Hop journey began in 1986….’ [thanks Greg]
28 February 2006
[comics] Comic Events and Exhibitions Calendar — for the UK, Europe and the US – compiled by Paul Gravett. [via Pete’s Linklog]
[ww2] Distributed computing cracks Enigma code — wartime German code cracked after 60 years … ‘Forced to submerge during attack. Depth charges. […] I am following the enemy.’ [via Metafilter]
1 March 2006
[web] Google Users: I Can Quit Anytime — could you go cold turkey on Google? … ‘Six days a week, Shari Thurow spends copious amounts of time conducting searches on Google. But each Saturday, she makes a point of observing a “Google-free day.” The rules are simple: Use any search engine except for Google. In practice, however, the policy is surprisingly difficult to implement…’
3 March 2006
[ukblogs] On The Power Of Blankets — Tom Reynolds on why a blanket is like a E.M.T’s towel‘Doing CPR on the floor for an extended period of time can be wearing on your knees – a folded blanket makes a nice cushion to rest on while pounding away on some dead person’s chest.’
[comics] ‘$1m a minute to film? No problem’ — Neil Gaiman discusses the relationship between comics and movies … ‘Last week an interviewer asked me whether I thought that the recent success of superhero movies meant that we might see a world in which comics that don’t include the capes-and-tights brigade might also have a chance at making it onto the silver screen. “You mean comics like Road to Perdition, Ghost World, Men in Black, A History of Violence, Sin City, From Hell, American Splendor…?”‘
[comics] Alan Moore to be interviewed on the BBC2’s Culture Show next Week — Thursday 9th March at 7:00pm … ‘A rare TV interview with Alan Moore, the unsung genius of British writers, and acclaimed author of the graphic novels V for Vendetta and Watchmen’ [thanks Graybo]
6 March 2006
[comics] The Random Chick Tract Generator — Is it just me or do Random Jack Chick Comics make more sense than real ones? [via Progressive Ruin]
7 March 2006
[science] Operation Manky Garden — I’m not going to explain this link. Just go read… ‘This is a genuine scientific experiment in botany, biology and, of course, scatology; and the more participants the better. Just don’t let your significant other catch you crapping in the garden without a reasonable excuse. “Some chap on the internet told me to” is not a reasonable excuse. I know.’
[comics] BeaucoupKevin looks at the origin of the Silver Age Lex Luthor‘Pay attention to Luthor’s dialogue immediately after the accident. He’s furious at Superboy for fucking up the experiment. His going bald is completely secondary to the fact that he was trying to do a brother a solid and got bitten in the ass for his troubles.’
[web] Top 11 Worst Firefox Extensions‘6. SoundOfCher – Embeds an annoying Cher midi file on every page you visit. Up to 60 different tunes!’
8 March 2006
[blogs] Blogging book competition hots up — shortlist for Blogger Book Prize includes Belle de Jour and eggbaconchipsandbeans … Russell Davies: ‘”I was looking for something to blog about that was not a picture of a cat,” Mr Davies told the BBC News website, explaining his choice of subject matter. “I’m drawn to a full English,” he said, referring to the colloquial term for a fried breakfast.’
9 March 2006
[comics] Reminder: Alan Moore Interview on BBC2 Tonight at 7.00pm — According to the Alan Moore Fan Site Jonathan Ross and Iain Sinclair are to make contributions…
[tv] Deal or No Deal Fanatics — weblog covering Noel Edmunds popular new gameshow on Channel 4‘Over weeks of watching DOND it has become clear to me that those who attach emotions and dreams to the success of their play, seem to fair less well compared to those who can remain detached and unemotional. This reminded me of a couple of texts I read many years ago, one by Sun Wu, the other by Shinmen Musashi…’ [via Feeling Listless]
[comics] Alan Moore interview available on BBC2 Website — basically a “beginners interview” with Alan Moore but worth watching.
10 March 2006
[cats] From Dave’s Long Box: The Most Bad-Ass Cat Ever.
11 March 2006
[comics] Nostalgic Superman Montage Trailer — looks like part of the build up for Superman Returns. [via Metafilter]
12 March 2006
[books] The Man Who Hated Pooh‘The biggest regret in EH Shepard’s life was agreeing to illustrate Winnie the Pooh for AA Milne, as it resulted in the bulk of his work, even during his lifetime, being completely overshadowed. In his later years, Shepard was heard to describe Pooh as “that silly old bear” and resented his close identification with Milne’s books…’
13 March 2006
[tv] The Bunglebrot Set … stare into infinity with the face of Bungle from Rainbow. [via Qwghlm]
[blogs] 18 Ways for Blogger to Beef Up‘The dearth of tagging and categories has become to Google’s Blogger what the lack of commenting was to Pyra’s Blogger — a monument to antiquity!’ [via Robot Wisdom]
14 March 2006
[blogs] Comment is Free — major new blog launch from the Guardian – it has the day’s If cartoon from Steve Bell at the bottom of the page! (Any chance of an official Steve Bell RSS Feed?) … ‘Welcome to Comment is free, the first collective comment blog by a British newspaper website. It will incorporate all the regular Guardian and Observer main commentators, many blogging for the first time, who will be joined by a host of outside contributors – politicians, academics, writers, scientists, activists and of course existing bloggers to debate, argue and occasionally agree on the issues of the day.’
15 March 2006
[web] Google in 20 Years Time‘On top of the fridge, right where you left them…’ [via Sore Eyes]
16 March 2006
[comics] From Brian Woods’ Photostream on Flickr: Script Notes for DMZ #4.
17 March 2006
[history] Boy’s Pancake Breakfast Delayed the End of WWII — Proving that the path of human history does not run smoothly when teenagers are involved in the process… ‘On Aug. 14, 1945, [Thomas] Jones, a 16-year-old messenger in Washington, D.C., was entrusted to deliver to the White House the cable announcing Japan’s surrender to the United States to end World War II. Unaware of his cargo’s import, the boy, in cavalier teenage fashion, put work on hold to eat pancakes at a diner, hang out with his friends and flirt with waitresses. Later, he left his pancakes to complete the job only to be pulled over en route to the White House by a police officer, who berated the boy for making an illegal U-turn…’
[comics] Jonathan Ross reviews V for Vendetta: ‘Despite postponing the release date from last November to allow more time for post-production work, the film looks cheap and lacks any sense of time or place. Throw in Matrix veteran James McTeigue’s flat direction and you have a woeful, depressing failure. If it had been called V for Vasectomy I could scarcely have found it a less enjoyable experience…’ [via Haddock]
[funny] Must Love Jaws — what if Sheriff Brody learned to love Jaws?… ‘Love comes to the surface.’ [via BeaucoupKevin]
18 March 2006
[comics] D for Vendetta — Wired News Review … ‘From the start, Larry and Andy Wachowski, the Matrix brothers, pack Vendetta with literary, religious, political and pop culture references: the Sex Pistols and The Girl From Ipanema, The Count of Monte Cristo and Beethoven, Twelfth Night and Benny Hill.’
[comics] The Vendetta Behind ‘V for Vendetta’ — another article on Vendetta and Alan Moore from the NYT … ‘[Moore] resides in the sort of home that every gothic adolescent dreams of, one furnished with a library of rare books, antique gold-adorned wands and a painting of the mystical Enochian tables used by Dr. John Dee, the court astrologer of Queen Elizabeth I. He shuns comic-book conventions, never travels outside England and is a firm believer in magic as a “science of consciousness.” “I am what Harry Potter grew up into,” he said, “and it’s not a pretty sight.” Actually, he more closely resembles the boy-wizard’s half-giant friend Hagrid…’ [via BeaucoupKevin]
19 March 2006
[comics] Long Alan Moore Interview by Heidi McDonald [Part 1| Part 2] … ‘I wouldn’t like to claim I was being prescient but that said, it is pretty clear that I have a direct line to God and I know every moment of the future before it happens. [laughter]’
[london] Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2006 — Recent Posters …

Sex Scandal Minister Dead / Free Goody Bag Here

20 March 2006
[game] The Falling Sand Game — a massively time wasting Java game – this wikipedia article describes how you can play it.
21 March 2006
[comics] List of the Religions of Comic Book Characters‘J. Jonah Jameson, Religious Affiliation: Hates Spider-Man’ [via Haddock]
[soundboard] IT Crowd Soundboard: ‘Computers Broken.’
22 March 2006
[firefox] Firefox ‘Causes’ Relationship Breakup‘She installed Firefox for herself, and happened to need to edit the list of sites to never save passwords for. She quickly realized that he had been visiting dating sites in secret, and was also able to determine that he was still an active member of some of the sites. As one might expect, this led to a breakup. Should the Firefox uninstaller offer to delete profile data…?’
23 March 2006
[comics] Steve Bell’s Page on Comment is Free — Bell on The History of If: ‘What the strip was actually about is a mystery shrouded in the mists of time, as is the fate of most political satire. At first each day presented a different proposition, for instance: “If… God was a Social Democrat” (this being the time when the SDP broke away from the Labour Party), or “If… Stockbrokers were made of rubber”, but this device proved so laboured and expensive in terms of effort…’
24 March 2006
[ning] Snakes on a Plane Quote Tracker — suggest dialog for upcoming film Snakes on a Motherfucking Plane‘Wait… Wait… WHAT’s loose on this motherfucker?’ [via Yoz]
25 March 2006
[politics] Nutkin and the Nobles — Simon Hoggart visits the House of Lords as they discuss Squirrels‘Lord Redesdale was one of the few peers to have even one kindly word for the “predatory” [grey squirrel]. They were friendly little animals, he said, and would eat crisps out of your hand. In Regent’s Park, “a grey squirrel climbed up my trouser leg to look into my pocket”. I can remember when politicians of all parties used to pay guardsmen a shiny half-crown to perform that service. Now, in these more censorious days, they’re reduced to furry rodents.’
[advertising] Teachers bemoan curse of the ‘Lynx effect’‘Dozens of teachers have complained to the Times Educational Supplement online staffroom about the menace of the “Lynx effect” – teenage armpits doused in the stuff. Messages indicate that although the Lynx habit often starts in primary school, 13-year-olds are the worst culprits. The potent aroma even drives some staff to open windows when pupils return from PE, because they find it hard to breathe.’
26 March 2006
[gross] My Eyeball Just Fell Out of Its Socket — What should you do? … ‘The treatment for globe luxation is pretty simple: Doctors apply some topical painkillers, hold back your lashes, and poke your eyeball into its socket by pressing on the white part with gloved fingers. (In some cases, they’ll use a simple tool like a bent paperclip to shoehorn it back into place.)’
[books] Harper Lee Tops Librarians’ Must-Read List — the librarians were asked: Which book should every adult read before they die?
27 March 2006
[comics] Superheroes on the Toilet Postcards [via The Comics Reporter]
28 March 2006
[tv] Welcome to Eltingville – Bring me the Head of Boba Fett — an animated Cartoon Network pilot (uploaded to youtube) adapted by Evan Dorkin from his comics.
29 March 2006
[fun] Quiz: Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer? — I got 7/10.
[comics] The Dave’s Long Box 1st Anniversary Spectacular! — Dave rounds up some classic posts from Year One of one of the best comic blogs around. … ‘A look at the phenomenon of Power Girl’s breasts pulled in a lot of hits, and to this day is probably my most frequently visited post. I attribute its popularity more to masturbating geeks on Google than to quality writing – as of now I am the #1 search result on Google for “power girl boobs.” I can live with that.’
30 March 2006
[quotes] Top 87 Bad Predictions about the Future … Darryl Zanuck: ‘Television won’t last because people will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night.’
[comics] Back to the drawing board — a blog from cartoonist Royston Robertson …

a cartoon about blue-arsed flies
31 March 2006
[apple] Steve Jobs’ Best Quotes Ever‘It’s better to be a pirate than to join the Navy.’
[24] A Random Fact About Jack Bauer‘Jack Bauer was once charged with attempted murder in Los Angeles County, but the judge dropped all charges because Jack Bauer never “attempts” murder.’
1 April 2006
[war] Argentine Army General in 1977: ‘First we will kill terrorists. After that, we will kill collaborators. Later we will kill the supporters. And, finally, we will kill hesitant people.’ [via Warren Ellis]
[web] — tracking the deaths of MySpace users… ‘Cause of Death: Text Messaging + Train’
2 April 2006
[comics] Name Five Convention Memories That Don’t Involve Meeting a Cartoonist. — a “Friday Five” from Comics Reporter‘Jim Shooter losing his temper and yelling at me because I asked why Master of Kung Fu was cancelled. He even said, “I suppose you think I killed Gene Day.” Boy was HE the wrong guy to be manning a booth.’
[funny] Flickr: An Overdue Outlook Reminder.
3 April 2006
[property] Agents Diary — the blog of an anonymous Estate Agent somewhere in the UK … ‘A dreadful day today, I realised at three-thirty that I hadn’t left my desk, apart from one brief trip to the kitchen for a cuppa and two pisses. If I could get one of those colostomy bags and coerce one of those idle bastards to actually make me the occasional tea I could sit here permanently.’
4 April 2006
[ukblogs] While I’m thinking about anonymous bloggers: Belle de Jour is updating again and Girl With a One Track Mind got a book deal.
5 April 2006
[comics] Swamp Thing’s Blog‘I waited around all day for the golf game today, but no one showed up at the deserted plantation where we played our last game. When I got back to the swamp, I found a note from Abby saying the game had been called off until next weekend.’ [via Progressive Ruin]
[comics] He’s Quick on the Draw — That’s Grant! — old Grant Morrison interview from the Govan Press in 1976 … ‘Recently, Grant wrote to Marvel publications, the firm which produces most of these “power-packed” American comics — and asked for a job. Of his work, the comic’s editor, Neil Tennant told him: “We’re all very impressed with it — I’ve kept a piece of your art and your name and address should any vacancies arise at Marvel in the future.”‘
6 April 2006
[games] High Score Trailer — Quicktime Trailer for a documentary about a man attempting to break the High Score for Missile Command by playing it for two days non-stop…