[history] Boy’s Pancake Breakfast Delayed the End of WWII — Proving that the path of human history does not run smoothly when teenagers are involved in the process… ‘On Aug. 14, 1945, [Thomas] Jones, a 16-year-old messenger in Washington, D.C., was entrusted to deliver to the White House the cable announcing Japan’s surrender to the United States to end World War II. Unaware of his cargo’s import, the boy, in cavalier teenage fashion, put work on hold to eat pancakes at a diner, hang out with his friends and flirt with waitresses. Later, he left his pancakes to complete the job only to be pulled over en route to the White House by a police officer, who berated the boy for making an illegal U-turn…’

Boy’s pancake breakfast delayed the end of WWII

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Whoops, turns out this story is fiction and the story of how the fiction made it to film is pretty interesting. The first paragraph of the story now reads “Editor’s note: This article corrects a story published March 13.

An independent short film detailing a curious incident at the end of World War II contains so many errors and fabrications that its executive producer says he has pulled it from a scheduled weekend premiere.”

The story is still worth reading, just for different reasons now.

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