[comics] He’s Quick on the Draw — That’s Grant! — old Grant Morrison interview from the Govan Press in 1976 … ‘Recently, Grant wrote to Marvel publications, the firm which produces most of these “power-packed” American comics — and asked for a job. Of his work, the comic’s editor, Neil Tennant told him: “We’re all very impressed with it — I’ve kept a piece of your art and your name and address should any vacancies arise at Marvel in the future.”‘

Grant Morrison at 16

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Heh, I didn’t know Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant was an editor at Marvel UK – but apparently so.

The Govan press maybe? Govan is a picturesque area of Glasgow.

Fixed. Thanks Alister… :)

Neil Tennant worked for Marvel for a while there, anglicizing bits and pieces. There’s a scene in Pet Shop Boys Versus America where he picks up a Spider-Man issue because Claremont wrote it.

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