[comics] WonderCon ’06: Holy Terror, Batman! — details on Frank Miller’s new 911-inspired comic … ‘Miller doesn’t hold back on the true purpose of the book, calling it “a piece of propaganda,” where “Batman kicks al Qaeda’s ass.” The reason for this work, Miller said, was “an explosion from my gut reaction of what’s happening now.” He can’t stand entertainers who lack the moxie of their ’40s counterparts who stood up to Hitler. Holy Terror is “a reminder to people who seem to have forgotten who we’re up against.”‘

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror, Batman!

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Hmmm. It appears the metamorphosis of Frank Miller turning into a complete moron is almost complete.

I think it’s about time someone stood up for what is right and ignore the political correct BS that has blinded so many people. I commend Frank Miller on his latest work and having the moral courage to take a stand against the ignorant masses and shed light on these evil people. Dan

That’s right Frank just fuck up Batman for your right-winged nonsense.

Very cheap, thought this type of propoganda was done with!

Next Batman graphic novel could be, Batman vs KKK, Batman vs Pedo ring…

You think Frank Miller is a conservative? He depicts porn stars, prostitution, regularly glorifies nudity and sex in mainstream comics. Things the Christian conservative right-wing are obviously against. And Frank Miller has always been vocally against censorship. Frank Miller is against any kind of rating system or labeling, because it could restrict what could be deemed inappropriate use of the franchise’s. In other words, no more R-rated “Mature”/”Adult” Batman comic books. Miller was brutal to Ronald Reagan in Dark Knight Returns. Miller’s not spoken favorably of John Ashcroft. MILLER: “Look, we’ve got John Ashcroft as attorney general. You can’t make this shit up. Right in the middle of this book (DK2), John Ashcroft shows up. Excuse me. This guy’s the attorney general? I mean, he’s straight from central casting.”
Miller makes fun of conservatives Donald Rumsfeld, along with George Will, Don Imus, and cranky Chris Matthews in DK2.
Miller vilifies and makes fun of the Bush administration in DK2, from mouthpiece Ari Fleischer to Donald Rumsfeld to the very “President who wasn’t there” controlled by Lex Luthor – hint, hint – Dick Cheney.
According to what Frank Miller has said in interviews Frank Miller is against the Al-Qaeda terrorists and supports the War on Terrorism and Frank Miller was against Saddam Hussein’s government in Iraq. Frank Miller is not against all Arabs and Islam, only the Al-Qaeda terrorists, just as Americans who were against the Nazi’s and supported World War II were not against all German’s, only the Nazi’s.
Some people mistook Frank Miller as a conservative because he spoke in favor of the Iraq war removing Saddam Hussein from power and fighting Al-Qaeda across the Middle East. Liberals Hillary Clinton and John Kerry voted in favor of the Iraq war in ’03, then later flip-flopped.

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