20 June 2016
[internet] Lonelygirl15: how one mysterious vlogger changed the internet… fascinating back story behind one of Youtube’s earliest web series which turned out to be professionally done … ‘As far as Beckett was concerned, it was a race against time before someone else pipped them to the post. He said: “Somebody was going to create a scripted show on YouTube that uses the vlogger format and if they were marketing savvy they would make it feel real so there would be talk about it. “If we didn’t do it, then somebody else would.” The business side was headed up by their friend Greg Goodfried, a lawyer who later became one of the show’s producers. His wife Amanda, then working at the Creative Artists’ Agency (CAA), was tasked with maintaining Bree’s Myspace page. They had a plan, they had the webcam, they had the scripts. All they needed now, was the right girl for the part.’
27 January 2016
[howto] YouTube Loop … useful guide to looping YouTube videos.
5 November 2012
Gangnam Style Is Now the Third Most Popular YouTube Video Ever. Here Are Numbers 1 and 2 … Alexis Madrigal on the most popular YouTube videos… ‘If you’re old, you may not understand why these music videos have such obscenely high view counts. But the kids these days — by which I mean everyone in their 20s and below — seem to use YouTube like a jukebox. A jukebox that’s free and shows motion pictures! (Even if it is low-fidelity and seemingly the worst possible way of listening to music on a computer.)’
23 March 2012
[funny] Adam Buxton Reads Out YouTube Comments For ‘Apple Mac Music Video’

22 October 2009
[funny] Watching: Jenga World Record Disaster … ‘Jeez, Brian… I don’t know what to say.’ (more…)
5 October 2009
Go Watch: Everything You Need To Watch On Youtube In Four Minutes (more…)
22 June 2009
Random YouTube Insult Generator‘I found the journey of the protagonist both humorous and enlightening. Just kidding. This video is nut sack sweat.’ [via Metafilter]
13 May 2009
[music] Bb 2.0 – a collaborative music/spoken word project — go look and listen – an amazing musical collaboration using YouTube. [via Metafilter]
15 December 2008
40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes‘Let us cut out their living guts one inch at a time, and they will know what we can do!’ [via Waxy’s Links]
22 November 2008
[funny] Hitler’s BNP membership gets leaked‘The neighbours are going to find out aren’t they?’
15 October 2008
Go Watch: Massive Landslide Caught on Webcam … via Robotwisdom(more…)
5 September 2008
[comics] Don’t Watch That, Watch This … great Metafilter post covering the pop/ska band Madness and linking to loads of videos on YouTube … ‘I’ve always said that if you don’t find yourself helplessly tapping your toes during “Embarrassment,” then you are either a member of the Klan or clinically dead.’ (more…)
7 July 2008
[funny] Unexpected Results: Kid vs. Wall … I don’t think I will ever tire of looking at this … (more…)
2 July 2008
[funny] Ah Fuck. I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This … how does a teenager cope with a video like this being viewed 341,994 times along with 5028 comments?
4 February 2008
[funny] Out of Context — funny YouTube video of some out-of-context movie scenes … ‘My mommy hurt my head.’ [via Waxy]
28 January 2008
[funny] Fuck Planet Earth — funny spoof of BBC’s Planet Earth series on YouTube. [via Sore Eyes]
24 January 2008
[tv] The Wire: Four Seasons in Four Minutes — I’ve only watched a couple of minutes of this to avoid spoilers but looks like a great summary … ‘McNulty has a Drink.’
11 September 2007
[funny] Youtube: Leave Britney Alone! (more…)
6 September 2007
[sopranos] 9 Minute Sopranos — a complete amusing summary of all seven seasons of the Sopranos. ‘…if you’re lucky, you’ll remember the little moments like this …that were good.’
2 August 2007
[fun] The 50 must-watch Web Video Clips — compiled by the Daily Telegraph of all places.
14 May 2007
[balls] YouTube: Billy’s Balls 2 — Go Watch… a fun video from Youtube of a guy bouncing ping-pong balls into cups. (more…)
30 April 2007
[speccy] Youtube: Watch Manic Miner loading on a ZX Spectrum — I spent a lot of time as a teenager waiting for games like this to load up – And now so can you! :) [via Complete Tosh]
2 April 2007
[sopranos] 7 Minute Sopranos — brilliantly done summary of six seasons of the Sopranos … Christmas with the Sopranos: ‘Tony and Carm are racist. A.J. resents his Dad. Carm is pissed at her Dad. Bacala’s kids hate Janice. Tony is pissed at Chris for banging that Chick. Meadow’s moved to California and Chris is back on heroin.’ [via Metafilter]
7 February 2007
[comics] Harvey Pekar on Letterman — the infamous episode where Harvey seriously manages to wind-up Letterman‘You’re a dork, Harvey – Relax!’ [via Journalista]
14 November 2006
[thisisgood] David Blaine Street Magic Spoof — NSFW, it’s loud with much swearing but laugh-out-loud funny. [via Metafilter]
29 September 2006
[apple] YouTube: Steve Jobs likes to says “Boom!” alot. [via Blah Blah Flowers]
Alan Yentob wants to know why You Tube matters to you … From YouTube Comments: ‘Ah, great to see my TV licence is paying the wages of people like this. *Borat-length pause* NOT!’ [via]
17 September 2006
[funny] YouTube: The Mother of All Movie Trailers‘In a world where DEATH can make you DEAD…’ (more…)
21 July 2006
[funny] A New Pope — a great viral video from Adam Buxton‘Coverage Of A Sci-Fi Ceremony In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…’ [via jwz]
28 March 2006
[tv] Welcome to Eltingville – Bring me the Head of Boba Fett — an animated Cartoon Network pilot (uploaded to youtube) adapted by Evan Dorkin from his comics.