19 November 2007
[games] The is what the internet was invented for: Multiplayer Asteroids. Go Play.
2 August 2007
[fun] The 50 must-watch Web Video Clips — compiled by the Daily Telegraph of all places.
27 December 2006
[xmas] Attack of the Sprouts — sick of sprouts? Try this game to release some tension… [via Minor 9th]
18 December 2006
[fun] Where is Jesus? — can you find Jesus in a crowd? [via Meowwcat]
1 December 2006
[games] Asteroids Revenge – amusing Flash sequel to the classic Atari Asteroids computer game. [via Waxy’s Links]
25 October 2006
[distraction] Flash Target Shooting Game. [via]
20 March 2006
[game] The Falling Sand Game — a massively time wasting Java game – this wikipedia article describes how you can play it.
16 January 2006
[fun] The Ikea Game — great time-wasting game from Cal. ‘…given a list of IKEA product names, can you guess what the product is.’
9 January 2006
[distraction] Poom! — another fun web browser based keepy-uppy game.
8 September 2003
[distraction] Web Keepy-Uppy — keep the football in the air using your mouse. [via Bloggerheads]
19 August 2003
[distraction] Find the Man’s Head in the Beans — and you’re a genius… ‘If you can find the Man’s Head within 1-3 mintues, your right brain is slow in reacting, you should eat more meat protein. If you can find the Man’s Head in 3 minutes or more, your right brain is a disaster… extremely slow in reacting, the only suggeestion is please watch cartoons to help normally develop your right brain.’ [via Beatniksalad]