15 March 2012
[stuff] Some links I’ve had in my “ToBlog” list for far too long…

29 July 2010
[magazines] The Best Magazine Articles Ever … great reading list of links from Kevin Kelly.
12 August 2008
[stuff] Big Linkdump of stuff I’ve had in my “ToBlog” list for far too long…

11 May 2007
[links] Popurls — useful link aggregator covering the best of, Digg, Reddit and more…
18 April 2007
[archive] Linkdump:

29 December 2005
[links] Kottke: The Best Links 2005
16 December 2005
[links] Glanced at:

3 December 2005
[links] Glanced at:

24 November 2005
[links] Glanced at:
8 August 2005
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5 July 2005
[linky] Link Dump: Exciting Links for Boring Days in no Particular Order.
14 February 2005
[blog] Another UKBlog:‘Interesting Web Stuff for Short Attention Spans’
6 January 2005
[linky] Recent Links culled from my

20 May 2004
[blog] — I have a linklog… [RSS Feed]
20 April 2004
[linky] Just the Links:

» Trailer: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
» Magneto Was Right [via]
» Ping-O-Matic! … useful… especially if you’re still using Blogger [via yoz]
» Like The Wind — Tips and Tweaks for Winamp 5.
» Windows Software Compendium — summary of useful Windows software for the iPod.
» Winamp 5.0 iPod Plugin … Works for Me – YMMV.

22 February 2004

» Curveball … 3D Ping Pong Distraction.
» The 10 Worst Album Covers … Joyce scares me.
» This week’s UK TV … Telly Listings [via Mo Morgan]
»‘Search the Latest Files in Binary Newsgroups’

10 February 2004
» WikidPad … Wiki Notebook / Outliner for Windows [via]
» Plep Redesigns! … the linklogger’s linklogger!

25 January 2004
[archive] Sidebar Blog Archive #4:

  • LEDhead… Classic handheld electronic game re-creations.
  • Corporate Blogging … Flash: Blogging Goes Corporate — from Wired.
  • Perpetual Bubblewrap … Hours of Fun.
  • AtariAge‘Have You Played Atari Today?’
  • Eric Raymond’s Blog‘ Sex, software, politics, and firearms. Life’s simple pleasures.’
  • Phone Bashing … Classic. ‘We support the Solid Gold Chart Busters and their anti mobile phone sentiment, but we are prepared to take it one step further.

21 December 2003
[archive] More Old Links from the Sidebar Blog #3:

  • Buffy Guide … The Complete Buffy Episode Guide.
  • Comics — NCRL … New Comic Book Releases for this Week.
  • Eddie Stobart + Porn … Another Disturbing Search Request.
  • Blogjam’s Portal of God‘Hopefully by following the links on this page and learning a little about those good samaritans who’ve dedicated much of their time to Christ, you’ll gain a better understanding of life in the Church, and perhaps you too will go on to the make the World a better place to live in.’
  • Mefi: Free Comics Day … Metafilter on the Free Comics Day 2002 Promotion.
  • Young Ones FAQ … Frequently Asked Questions about Rik, Neil, Mike and Vyvian. [via Fark]

14 December 2003
[archive] More Old Links from the Sidebar Blog #2:

9 December 2003
[archive] Good Links from the Sidebar Blog #1:

25 April 2003
[stuff] Random Linkage …
  • Graph and Forecast for the SARS Epidemic‘The slope of red curve implies that the number of reported worldwide deaths due to SARS will double every 12 days. The number will be 100,000 on about August 9, 2003. A million deaths will be reached on about September 19, 2003, and ten million on about October 31, 2003. This forecast will change every day as new data changes the slope of the curves. Note that the world deaths appear to be doubling faster than the world cases. Either the number of deaths will double more slowly in the future, or the number of cases will double faster.’
  • Ask Warren Ellis … Slashdot Questions for Warren Ellis … ‘Transmet drew details from current events, but not the big picture. In a year where one news corp. runs attack ads against another for not being pro-administration enough, and Helen Thomas is sent to the back of the bus for not being a simpering twit, the most famous journalist today is… Geraldo. What makes you think a competent muckraker will have any kind of influence at all…’
  • Little Blog Buttons‘Steal These Buttons!’
  • New X-Men #139 … Barbelith discusses the latest issue of Morrison’s New X-Men. ‘Xorn, in the conservatory, with the candlestick.’

28 October 2002
[redrum] All Work and No Play Make Jack a Dull Boy‘All Work and No Play Make Jack a Dull Boy’

14 October 2002
[stuff] Linkage:
  • Cory Doctorow’s Sad Mac Tattoo‘The sad Mac icon, taken from the ROM of his MacSE/30 (inset), measures 27 pixels square.’ [via Aprendiz de todo]
  • Read Comics in Public — another comics weblog. [via Bugpowder]
  • What is LMG? ‘LMG is a video recorder that jams mobile phone frequencies, crushes ice and never gets tired.’ [via Lukelog]
  • The Quiet Man Speaks — Steve Bell on Iain Duncan Smith.
  • Comment from Sri Chinmoy supporter regarding the Sri Chinmoy Project‘When I look at this curious confrontation between weblog culture and yoga culture in cyberspace, in reminds me of a Star Trek episode. Aliens from planet Chinmoy are flooding the ship’s computers with poetry for some unknown purpose. At first this is seen as a potential threat (such as a DoS attack); but by the end of the episode we discover that the “aliens” are humanoid, and that they are in fact a peace-loving race who simply choose a different way of life. They are sending out vast quantities of poetry because this is their instinctive way of defending themselves against attacks by Vogon-like anticultists.’ [Related: Original Post]

6 October 2002
[sunday] Weekend Reading …
  • You Shone Like the Sun — backgrounder and brief interview with Syd Barrett‘Then, a sound in the hall. Has he come in from the back garden? Perhaps it needs mowing, like the front lawn – although, judging by the mound of weeds by the path, he’s been tidying the beds today. I knock again, and hear three heavy steps. The door flies open and he’s standing there. He’s stark naked except for a small, tight pair of bright-blue Y-fronts; bouncing, like the books say he always did, on the balls of his feet. He bars the doorway with one hand on the jamb, the other on the catch. His resemblance to Aleister Crowley in his Cefalu period is uncanny; his stare about as welcoming…’ [Related: Metafilter Thread]
  • Hoax! [Part 1 | Part 2] — Jon Ronson meets America’s Anthrax Hoaxers … ‘Terry first realised that he was in very big trouble when no less a figure than the US Attorney General, John Ashcroft, made a speech about him in a press conference to the world on October 18. Ashcroft announced that the FBI had “arrested Terry Olson for committing a serious crime in connection with terrorist hoaxes”. “What did they charge you with?” I asked him. “Weapons of mass destruction,” he said. “Life imprisonment.” “You must have said to them that Nesquik and sugar aren’t weapons of mass destruction,” I said.’

3 October 2002
[blogs] Get Your Metafilter On‘Best. Mefi. Post. Ever.’
29 September 2002
[sundays] A couple of interesting articles from the Observer

  • The Secret Passion that Staggered Westminster‘Back to Basics has come back yet again to haunt him, a phrase that must now go down as the most unfortunate, misinterpreted and now clearly misjudged three-word soundbite ever. It was launched at the Conservative conference of 1993. Currie was in the hall. ‘I listened in absolute amazement,’ she said. ‘And if you’re asking me whether I thought that policy was a mistake, absolutely. Not least because it was very cruel to people who were otherwise excellent Ministers, who didn’t deserve to have the magnifying glass turned on their lives at that time by their own leader. If it had been my choice, we would have had a very different policy. It was going against the tone of the times and it was also handled in an extremely cruel fashion. ‘It was cruel to single parents, it was cruel to women left on their own with children, it was pompous and facetious and stupid.’ And, a fact the public only know now, the height of hypocrisy.’
  • Don’t Laugh. This is the Real Office — A visit to a real office in Slough … ‘ I have come to the people at Swan to find out what they think of the programme and whether any of them resemble the grotesques on screen. And, of course, they don’t, Gervais’s comedy being a fierce distillation of every lousy trait – jealousy, ambition, self-deception, witty ties – found in every office in every town in Britain today. Instead, their chat represents fairly perfectly the minutiae of life in what Napoleon should more accurately have called a nation of service-sector retail distribution outlet co-workers: house prices, last night’s TV, the drive to work and the perennial search, in Europe’s biggest trading estate, for a decent lunchtime sandwich.’

30 April 2002
[distractions] “I’m bored. Entertain me linky-boy!”

15 October 2001
[stuff] Linkage:
  • You Are My World — Really well done Stone Roses Fan Site.
  • Yet another Link from my Favorites: Watching the Detectives — an hypertext guide to Watchmen.
  • Subport.Org — for all you g@m3b0y r0m d00dZ.
  • Distractions — Mr T Soundboard‘Shut up, Fool!’ / Hitlerdance.
  • UK Blogs: Who is The Grapevine? / I Love Everything — Excellent redesign. / Barbelith Server Fund — Show Tom the Money!
  • Warren Ellis’ Ministry Of Space #1 downloadable in PDF format. ‘MINISTRY OF SPACE is an English science-fictional idyll: a fantasia on the notion of a British space programme that outraced the rest of the world, as found in such as Dan Dare. Now that Britannia rules the waves of space, a utopian green-field England plies ships to the Moon, to Venus, to Victoria Station in low Earth orbit. This is the Ministry that sent a colonisation flotilla to Mars in 1963. The Ministry that destroyed a city and ran an exploration program unseen in human history. A Golden Age – and what it cost.’

7 August 2001
[stuff] Metafilter is on holiday so I’ve decided to mine the archives

  • Einstein Quotes‘There’s a wonderful family named Stein, There’s Ep, there’s Gert, and there’s Ein. Ep’s statues are junk, Gert’s poems are bunk, And nobody understands Ein.’ [MF]
  • Excellent Paul Thomas Anderson Fansite — he’s the director of Magnolia and Boogie Nights. ‘You’re not the boss of me, Jack! You’re not the king of Dirk! I’m the boss of me! I’m the king of me. I’m Dirk Diggler! I’m the star! It’s my big dick and I say when we roll!’ [MF]
  • Eric conveys an Emotion — does exactly what it says on the tin. [MF]
  • Things you would never know without the Movies. ‘A man will show no pain while taking the most ferocious beating but will wince when a woman tries to clean his wounds.’ [MF]
  • Cabeem — another time-wasting game. [MF]

18 July 2001
[stuff] Linkage:

  • Livia Soprano: ‘Why does everything have to have a purpose? The world is a jungle! And if you want my advice, Anthony, don’t expect happiness. You won’t get it — people let you down … and I’m not naming ANY names — but in the end, you die in your own arms’ [from Sopranos Sounds]
  • Dylan Horrocks… Sketchbook and Website.
  • Displacement Activity‘An activity shown by an animal that appears to be irrelevant to its situation. Displacement activities are frequently observed when there is conflict between opposing drives. For example, birds in aggressive situations, in which there are simultaneous drives to attack and to flee, may preen their feathers as a displacement activity.’
  • Atari Lives! — Great article about how the Atari 2600 console lives on 24 years after it’s release…. ‘The programmers stretched the hardware to limits unintended and unimaginable even by the hardware designers! A lot of times while I’m programming, I’ll throw on some disco music, pretend it’s 1979 and imagine what the designers had to work with.’
  • Last two days of MP3’s on Filepile