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  • Cory Doctorow’s Sad Mac Tattoo‘The sad Mac icon, taken from the ROM of his MacSE/30 (inset), measures 27 pixels square.’ [via Aprendiz de todo]
  • Read Comics in Public — another comics weblog. [via Bugpowder]
  • What is LMG? ‘LMG is a video recorder that jams mobile phone frequencies, crushes ice and never gets tired.’ [via Lukelog]
  • The Quiet Man Speaks — Steve Bell on Iain Duncan Smith.
  • Comment from Sri Chinmoy supporter regarding the Sri Chinmoy Project‘When I look at this curious confrontation between weblog culture and yoga culture in cyberspace, in reminds me of a Star Trek episode. Aliens from planet Chinmoy are flooding the ship’s computers with poetry for some unknown purpose. At first this is seen as a potential threat (such as a DoS attack); but by the end of the episode we discover that the “aliens” are humanoid, and that they are in fact a peace-loving race who simply choose a different way of life. They are sending out vast quantities of poetry because this is their instinctive way of defending themselves against attacks by Vogon-like anticultists.’ [Related: Original Post]

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try this. It might be scary, it might not. Not entirely sure what it’s all about.

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