[stuff] Linkage:
  • You Are My World — Really well done Stone Roses Fan Site.
  • Yet another Link from my Favorites: Watching the Detectives — an hypertext guide to Watchmen.
  • Subport.Org — for all you g@m3b0y r0m d00dZ.
  • Distractions — Mr T Soundboard‘Shut up, Fool!’ / Hitlerdance.
  • UK Blogs: Who is The Grapevine? / I Love Everything — Excellent redesign. / Barbelith Server Fund — Show Tom the Money!
  • Warren Ellis’ Ministry Of Space #1 downloadable in PDF format. ‘MINISTRY OF SPACE is an English science-fictional idyll: a fantasia on the notion of a British space programme that outraced the rest of the world, as found in such as Dan Dare. Now that Britannia rules the waves of space, a utopian green-field England plies ships to the Moon, to Venus, to Victoria Station in low Earth orbit. This is the Ministry that sent a colonisation flotilla to Mars in 1963. The Ministry that destroyed a city and ran an exploration program unseen in human history. A Golden Age – and what it cost.’

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