Lee Harvey Oswald and Tourist Guy[hoax] Tourist of Death vs. Tourist Guy [Related: Original Photo]

From Snopes Urban Legend Reference: ‘…the photo provokes sensations of horror in those who view it. It apparently captures the last fraction of a second of this man’s life . . . and also of the final moment of normalcy before the universe changed for all of us. In the blink of an eye, a beautiful yet ordinary fall day was transformed into flames and falling bodies, buildings collapsing inwards on themselves, and wave upon wave of terror washing over a populace wholly unprepared for a war beginning in its midst. The photo ripped away the healing distance brought by the nearly two weeks between the attacks and the appearance of this digital manipulation, leaving the sheer horror of the moment once again raw and bared to the wind. Though the picture wasn’t real, the emotions it stirred up were.’ [via Metafilter]

The Tourist of Death

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