[archive] More Old Links from the Sidebar Blog #3:

  • Buffy Guide … The Complete Buffy Episode Guide.
  • Comics — NCRL … New Comic Book Releases for this Week.
  • Eddie Stobart + Porn … Another Disturbing Search Request.
  • Blogjam’s Portal of God‘Hopefully by following the links on this page and learning a little about those good samaritans who’ve dedicated much of their time to Christ, you’ll gain a better understanding of life in the Church, and perhaps you too will go on to the make the World a better place to live in.’
  • Mefi: Free Comics Day … Metafilter on the Free Comics Day 2002 Promotion.
  • Young Ones FAQ … Frequently Asked Questions about Rik, Neil, Mike and Vyvian. [via Fark]

Sidebar Archive #3

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