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  • Graph and Forecast for the SARS Epidemic‘The slope of red curve implies that the number of reported worldwide deaths due to SARS will double every 12 days. The number will be 100,000 on about August 9, 2003. A million deaths will be reached on about September 19, 2003, and ten million on about October 31, 2003. This forecast will change every day as new data changes the slope of the curves. Note that the world deaths appear to be doubling faster than the world cases. Either the number of deaths will double more slowly in the future, or the number of cases will double faster.’
  • Ask Warren Ellis … Slashdot Questions for Warren Ellis … ‘Transmet drew details from current events, but not the big picture. In a year where one news corp. runs attack ads against another for not being pro-administration enough, and Helen Thomas is sent to the back of the bus for not being a simpering twit, the most famous journalist today is… Geraldo. What makes you think a competent muckraker will have any kind of influence at all…’
  • Little Blog Buttons‘Steal These Buttons!’
  • New X-Men #139 … Barbelith discusses the latest issue of Morrison’s New X-Men. ‘Xorn, in the conservatory, with the candlestick.’

Random Linkage…

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