2 October 2008
[comics] Alan Moore Knows the Score … the Guardian art critic on Moore …

I wouldn’t want to make him sound respectable. Moore’s comics are utterly mad. He believes in the occult and is a practising Magus. In Black Dossier his characters end up in a mystic alternate reality which he seems to be claiming is a real place, not a fiction. In fact he appears to believe that fictional personae have their own existence in some spiritual realm he can access through magic. Now you’re disturbed. Well, we’re always being told art should disturb. Moore makes artists like the Chapmans look like the middle-class entertainers they are. He’s a real force of imagination in a world that is full of fakes.

3 October 2008
[fun] The Sound Effect Generator … fun webpage from the Surrealist … [via Neilalien]

biff *HONK HONK* tink-piffle ni izzzz brrrring izzzz brrrring

[comics] Brown Now! … a comic interview with Chester Brown looking at his libertarian political beliefs. [via Mondo A-Go-Go]
5 October 2008
[banks] The Money Meltdown … nicely-done one page website explaining the credit crunch.
8 October 2008
[london] In Case Of Civil Unrest … pavement stencil from the Wooster Collective

In Case of Civil Unrest...

10 October 2008
[gmail] How to Embed Images into a Gmail … useful tip and I always forget how to do it! … ‘Drag your mouse across the image so the whole image gets selected or highlighted (it would turn dark to indicate that it is successfully highlighted/selected). don’t miss that part. then while it is selected/highlighted, right-click your mouse over it, then from the menu which appears, choose COPY. (It works in Firefox too. You just have to make sure you “COPY” NOT “COPY IMAGE”.)’
11 October 2008
[twitter] Stephen Fry’s Twitter‘Golly, crumbs, heckamighty and all the powerful legal swears and cusses Twitter will allow…’
12 October 2008
[funny] I guess this has happened to us all at least once: You Fell Asleep Watching A DVD. [via Waxy]
13 October 2008
[comics] Top 10 graphic novels by Danny Fingeroth‘For my top 10, I decided to take the crème de la crème, the graphic novels that I most enjoyed. These are graphic novels, some famous, some less well-known, that do what all great literature does, in that they give you such a pleasurable experience while reading that you’re simultaneously eager to uncover the ending, yet also dreading it, knowing that the experience will then be over.’
[blogs] Sad Guys on Trading Floors‘Turning the economic crisis into one of those clever internet memes.’
14 October 2008
[movies] The Way Movies Were in the Seventies

15 October 2008
Go Watch: Massive Landslide Caught on Webcam … via Robotwisdom(more…)
[blog] Ask LMG: Does anybody know what happened to the Linkbunnies blog? It’s been unavailable for at least a couple of weeks and I guess there are a couple of readers scratching their heads wondering what happened… (Update: The Answer)
16 October 2008
[funny] ‘I Am Under 18’ Button Clicked For First Time In History Of Internet … from the Onion‘In an unprecedented and historic event Monday, the “I Am Under 18” button, an Internet security device which if selected restricts access to websites featuring adult content, was clicked for the first time ever. “I knew I could simply claim to be over 18 and continue onto my desired destination, but I also realized that I would have to live with that lie for the rest of my life,” said local resident Garrett Kinley, 17.’
17 October 2008
[tv] In “Stop the Pigeon” – the cartoon with Dick Dastardly and Mutley – what was it that the pigeon was carrying that was so important that it had to be stopped?‘I remember from a book I owned as a child that eventually Dick Dastardly got hold of the pigeon’s bag and found it to contain birdseed.’
18 October 2008
[comics] Alan Moore CD Covers … a collection of the covers of Moore’s musical output from the Glycon blog (a must-visit site for anybody interested in Alan Moore rarities.)
19 October 2008
[space] Ten Mysteries of the Solar System‘Why does Uranus rotate on its side? Strange planet is Uranus. Whilst all the other planets in the Solar System more-or-less have their axis of rotation pointing “up” from the ecliptic plane, Uranus is lying on its side, with an axial tilt of 98 degrees.’ [via Robot Wisdom]
[comics] Comica 2008 Schedule‘London’s International Comics Festival returns to the ICA and other venues, including an exhibition in the ICA Concourse Gallery, between November 14 and 26, 2008.’
20 October 2008
[comics] Jonathan Ross on Watchmen‘But what makes this a genre-transcending bona fide masterpiece is that, alongside the pulse-pounding action and suspense, the soap-opera style romantic dilemmas and the story of some good but misguided people trying to apply simple remedies to complex maladies, Moore and Gibbons also manage to deliver a devastating critique that cuts to the very heart of the pitiful, timid male fantasy that is the superhero genre at its purest and worst: muscular men and busty women in tight costumes solving all the world’s problems with a well-placed punch or a blast of super-breath.’ [via Forbidden Planet’s Blog]
27 October 2008
[comics] Grant Morrison on All Star Superman:

‘In the end, I saw Superman not as a superhero or even a science fiction character, but as a story of Everyman. We’re all Superman in our own adventures. We have our own Fortresses of Solitude we retreat to, with our own special collections of valued stuff, our own super-pets, our own “Bottle Cities” that we feel guilty for neglecting. We have our own peers and rivals and bizarre emotional or moral tangles to deal with.

I felt I’d really grasped the concept when I saw him as Everyman, or rather as the dreamself of Everyman. That “S” is the radiant emblem of divinity we reveal when we rip off our stuffy shirts, our social masks, our neuroses, our constructed selves, and become who we truly are.’

28 October 2008
[comics] Japan PM complains he’s too busy to read his comics‘Aso, who takes comics on trips abroad, said he finished reading two weekly magazines last week but has yet to find time to read two others. “It’s hard to read comic books as my time is now restricted,” a smiling Aso told an audience of hundreds in his first street speech since taking office on September 24.’ [via ¡Journalista!]
[movies] Dog Day Afternoon … a page about the Al Pacino movie Dog Day Afternoon which includes a Life Magazine article about the real robbery which inspired the movie … ‘Inside the bank is bedlam. Bank robbers and hostages listening to live radio coverage of the caper. Phone calls going out, phone calls coming in. “I hope they kill you all,” a voice, at the end of the line tells bank manager Barrett. “Make your move now,” whispers another voice, calling every 15 minutes.’
29 October 2008
[comics] Steve Bell RSS Feed … official Guardian feed of all Steve’s current “If…” and editorial cartoons. Does anybody know if there is an unofficial feed with inline images anywhere?
30 October 2008
[comics] Local: theories and defences … a chapter from Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly’s collected comic series … ‘Crossing genres as it crosses the country, Local examines Megan McKeenan, a young woman who sets off from Portland, OR with nothing but a backpack and a bad case of wanderlust…’
31 October 2008
[billoboards] Evening Standard: Bad News(more…)
[funny] Can you take a velociraptor with a crowbar?‘So it happend that you pissed of a Velociraptor. You where lucky to bring a crowbar to the fight, but the Velociraptor is fast, fearless and racist. Can you take it?’