4 August 2020
[doom] The Endless Doomscroller … All your Doomscrolling needs in one place. ‘No Safe Path. Recovery Elusive. New Restrictions Coming.’
5 December 2014
[news] The Most Earth-Shattering Local Newspaper Stories Of 2014‘TOWN NOT READY FOR SUSHI’
19 July 2010
[news] The News … Charlie Brooker on the news coverage about Raoul Moat‘The hunt for Raoul Moat got the news so flustered, it shrieked its reports at a pitch several hundred octaves above satire. Beneath a photograph of Britain’s Most Wanted Man as an infant, The Sun ran the caption “Cute baby … but two-month-old Moat clenches his fists”. On the front page, his estranged mother apparently wished him dead.’
6 January 2009
[funny] Let’s look back on the year to come … David Mitchell on the events of 2009 … ‘James Bond to commit suicide in next film: Bond purists were outraged by the news that the suave womanising superspy hero will finally lose the will to live at the end of the next movie, Die and Live Death is Golden Casino Gun Depression (working title).’
13 October 2008
[blogs] Sad Guys on Trading Floors‘Turning the economic crisis into one of those clever internet memes.’
5 October 2008
[banks] The Money Meltdown … nicely-done one page website explaining the credit crunch.
15 May 2008
[news] The Day There Was No News‘Nobody Died.’
3 October 2007
[diana] 30 lawyers, 11 jurors and one angry billionaire – Diana inquest begins — Guardian report from the delayed inquest into the death of Princess Diana and Dodi … ‘As he spoke, the coroner’s words appeared in transcript on a screen above the court, like a teleprinter giving the Saturday football scores. The foreign words appeared mangled phonetically: Bastille became Bas eel, Orly transmogrified into Orally airport, Giovanni Versace appeared as January Verse Chi and, best of all, the paparazzi turned into pap rats.’
21 August 2007
[funny] The London Evening Standard Headline Generator — surreal randomly generated headlines taken from the London Evening Standard’s Headline Boards – Thanks Holly! …

Billie Piper's Fog 'Will Haunt Brown'

7 January 2004
[web] So What Were You Reading? — Most read and emailed News Stories of 2003 from BBC News.
23 December 2001
[2001] The Observer reviews 2001‘On 10 September, 2001, the front page of London’s Evening Standard was filled with the news that Kate Winslet had denied canoodling with someone somewhere. On that same day, the headline in the New York Daily News was “Kips Bay Tenants Say: We’ve Got Killer Mold”.’
22 November 2001
[referrer] Lots of people searching for info about Jonathan King… here’s a link to his website. From the personal section: ‘I have a load of family and friends. Nothing too close, thank God. No appalling wives or children. They are so expensive and make a lot of unnecessary noise.’
22 November 2000
[stories] Interesting list — the top 100 Works of journalism in the US over the last 100 years.
4 November 2000
[news] Wonderful stuff… Pravda’s view of Britain — British Society at a Crossroads: Police start to carry guns. ‘Unfortunately, there is no turning back. As the police force arms itself with Walther P990 pistols and Heckler and Koch MP5 rifles, the marginal elements will arm themselves with sub-machine guns, creating a spiral of violence which can easily spin out of control, if it has not already. The violence in modern societies is unfortunately the norm, rather than the exception. The drugs trade is the symptom, but not the cause, of this social cancer. The cause is an inability for people nowadays to enjoy simple values, work for the community, cultivating themselves and others in a spirit of human solidarity. Solutions for this tragedy would be a welcome topic of discussion’ [Related Links: BBC News story]
16 August 2000
[protestors] Bloglet makes an interesting point about the portrayal of paedophiles protestors in the media and reminds me of an article I read earlier last week in the Evening Standard — In defense of the women of Paulsgrove ‘ […] David Aaronovitch, writing in The Independent, mocked the Portsmouth protesters for their “peroxided hair” and their “pale faces”, brought on (he sneered) by “a diet of hamburgers, cigarettes and pesticides”. Horrors! Why do they spend their few quid on cut-price fags rather than putting it into their private pensions? Yet these women – so disgracefully patronised by commentator after commentator – were legitimately frightened about what was happening on their estate. This was an outcry by the powerless.’ [Related link: David Aaronovitch — Why I am so scared of Paulsgrove Woman]
28 April 2000
[uk] jobsUnlimited reports on the man who got fired for having porn delivered to his workplace the old fashioned way. “The tribunal decides against Steve in a relatively uncensorious fashion. There seems to be a tacit agreement that he has suffered enough. We can all go home and forget about Planet Mammary. Am still puzzled myself about double anal. But please don’t write in to explain.”
22 April 2000
[uk] British banks are useless, money-grabbing bastards. [Text Only].
16 April 2000
[nazi] More on the David Irving libel case from newsUnlimited: Why History Matters [Text Only]
14 April 2000
[news] Shergar is still missing in action.
13 April 2000
[onion] David Irving would probably agree with the Onion on this: Did Six Million Really Visit The Holocaust Museum?
12 April 2000
[uk news] newsUnlimited covers anti-vivisectionists protesting outside the houses of investors in Huntingdon Life Sciences.
[nazi] Steve Bell’s brilliant cartoon on Irving.
[nazi] David Irving loses his libel case. The Guardian headlines with — Irving: consigned to history as a racist liar — which sums up my feelings. Here is newsUnlimited’s special report.
7 April 2000
[two unrelated links?] Queen’s shares fall. How Pac-Man and Mrs Pac-Man have sex… [update: Queenie’s shares have rallied as 2.30pm]
6 April 2000
BBC News reports that Post-It notes are twenty years old today…