[blog] Ask LMG: Does anybody know what happened to the Linkbunnies blog? It’s been unavailable for at least a couple of weeks and I guess there are a couple of readers scratching their heads wondering what happened… (Update: The Answer)

What happened to Linkbunnies?

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This is Marcus from linkbunnies. The sudden disappearance is due to the confluence of two things:

1. the need for webhost fees to be paid and
2. the various expenses incurred by my departure to Dubai causing the payment of those fees to be placed on the backburner.

I feel slightly rubbish about the whole thing, to be honest. But we will return. Soon. Soon-ish, anyway. End of the month, hopefully. That’s nearly a promise.

I’ll stump up some cashish.

Glad you’re coming back – you’re missed :)

Yah, one of my few regular pages has been down and missing you guys.

See you soon hopefully.

Good to know you’ll be back. And thanks to LMG for asking the question that I’d wondered about

As Eddy Grant used to say “baby come back!”

Awwwwwww, come on Linkbunnies, play the game. Where are you? Kiki x

I’m sad. It seems to have gone for good. Miss you LB…

Yay! Have a look – they’re coming back!

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