18 April 2000
[comics] Warren Ellis reviews Eddie Campbell’s Alec stories in the new Come In Alone.
[comics] Whatever happened to Joe Matt?
[comics] Alan’s Moore’s Twilight of the Superheroes can still be found on the web — if you know where to look. . ‘We have a powerful and intense sequence where Superman manages to smash his way through a lot of the alien forces single-handed while being ring-whipped by the Lanterns, only to finally be beaten to death in single combat by the massive and frighteningly powerful Sodal Yat.’
17 April 2000
[south park] nme interviews South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
[comics] The 2000AD Links Project is full of interesting web sites about the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic.
16 April 2000
[MP3] New versions of Winamp and Audiograbber have been released. Download here: Winamp 2.62 and Audiograbber 1.62.
It’s been a “Whassup?” kind of weekend: Star Wars Wassup [via Camworld]
[tech] Computer’s rot childrens brains reports newsUnlimited.
[nazi] More on the David Irving libel case from newsUnlimited: Why History Matters [Text Only]
15 April 2000
[film] Time Code 2000 looks like a very interesting film. BBC News has a report.
[funny] South Park Wassup? [Via Ghost in the Machine]
[funny] Someone’s released the source for Windows 2000! [via random($foo)]
14 April 2000
[MP3] The shit is really starting to fly over Gnutella, MP3 and Napster… [via Slashdot Thread]
[news] Shergar is still missing in action.
13 April 2000
[onion] David Irving would probably agree with the Onion on this: Did Six Million Really Visit The Holocaust Museum?
[tech] Wap phones are like ZX Spectrums [Text Only]. Hmmm… nice idea…
[mayor for london] Let’s play Fantasy Mayor … enter your preferences on 15 key issues and fantasy mayor will tell you which candidate to vote for. [via ChrisH]
Two murders that won’t go away : Sam Sheppard is still a fugitive. Jeffrey MacDonald still protests his innocence… MacDonald’s pregnant wife and two children were murdered in Feb 1970 a month before I was born… over thirty years ago. Murders cast long shadows, I guess.
12 April 2000
[personal shite] Just thought of a title for a great war comic: VICAR WITH A GUN (IN MONTE CASSINO). [It saddens me to admit that I am thirty years old and still think of stuff like that… What is wrong with me?]
[weblogs] The daddy and mummy of weblogging have an argument. [Update: Jorn’s response]
[uk news] newsUnlimited covers anti-vivisectionists protesting outside the houses of investors in Huntingdon Life Sciences.
[nazi] Steve Bell’s brilliant cartoon on Irving.
[nazi] David Irving loses his libel case. The Guardian headlines with — Irving: consigned to history as a racist liar — which sums up my feelings. Here is newsUnlimited’s special report.
11 April 2000