April 12, 2000
[personal shite] Just thought of a title for a great war comic: VICAR WITH A GUN (IN MONTE CASSINO). [It saddens me to admit that I am thirty years old and still think of stuff like that… What is wrong with me?]
[weblogs] The daddy and mummy of weblogging have an argument. [Update: Jorn’s response]
[uk news] newsUnlimited covers anti-vivisectionists protesting outside the houses of investors in Huntingdon Life Sciences.
[nazi] Steve Bell’s brilliant cartoon on Irving.
[nazi] David Irving loses his libel case. The Guardian headlines with — Irving: consigned to history as a racist liar — which sums up my feelings. Here is newsUnlimited’s special report.
April 11, 2000
[mp3] Yahoo News reports on Napster’s defense [via slashdot thread]
[comics] BBC News reports that Dan Dare is fifty.
[the horror! the horror!] newsUnlimited interviews Jimmy Saville. [Text Only]
April 10, 2000
[tech] Zdnet provides an interesting history of MP3. You can’t stop the music…
[weblogs] Jim Roepcke has come up with a really cool interface to the favourites facility of For example here is:’s, Daily Doozer’s and Barbelith’s.
[WE] New column from Warren Ellis. He recommends you go read Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. I agree… one of the best comics ever…
[lastminute] is best known UK travel brand on the Internet according to a new survey.
April 9, 2000
[tech] A UK Archbishop warns that the internet is evil [Low Graphics]. Has he actually used it, I wonder?
April 7, 2000
[tech]’s bulletin board on MP3 encoders. [via Random ($foo)]
[GM] Hmmm… the Invisibles seem to have got
[two unrelated links?] Queen’s shares fall. How Pac-Man and Mrs Pac-Man have sex… [update: Queenie’s shares have rallied as 2.30pm]
[BOFH] The BOFH interpretation skills test. Which side are you on?
April 6, 2000
[uk] newsunlimited has an interesting profile of Charlie Kray [Text Only] who died recently. Here’s the Guardian’s Obit [Text Only].
BBC News reports that Post-It notes are twenty years old today…
April 5, 2000
[tech] Profile of Joel Klein — the guy who gave Microsoft a good kicking [Text Only].
[trailers] Here’s the movie trailer for Any Given Sunday.
[pulp!] Pulp Book covers: Sex and savagery of Hells Angels, Satan was a Man or Confessions of a Pychiatrist — Every Boudoir was his office Every patient his plaything! [via PhilB<-Memepool]
April 4, 2000
[lists] An interesting “Best of” series book-list from