2 January 2008
[blogs] WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier — a blog posting letters in real-time (ninety years after they were written) from a English Soldier in World War I to his family … ‘Three days after, we were called up the line again of course I went this time. We had to go to the front line were it was on the Menin Road no doubt you have heard about it. We were there for three days it was awful the shelling day and night.’
21 December 2007
[blogs] Best Blogs of 2007 That You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading — an end-of-year list from Fimoculous.
18 December 2007
[blogs] Top 10 Tips for New Bloggers From Original Blogger Jorn Barger — Jorn’s the Daddy of link-blogging so very little I can add here but I’ve always felt pull quotes and some nice visuals from what you’re linking to is important as well – it’s the great weakness of delicious and Tumblr’s great strength … ‘If you spend a little time searching before you post, you can probably find your idea well articulated elsewhere already.’
24 November 2007
[radio] After Our Time — a blog about Radio 4’s In Our Time.
8 November 2007
[blogs] BBC Internet Blog — a blog for the managers of Future Media at the BBC to discuss the Corporation’s internet output – contains some posts from Ashley Highfield. ‘…I think we have been slow to embrace blogs as a way of discussing our strategy and direction. This often leads to the debate happening elsewhere, based often on only half the information, and without our being able fully to join in the debate. We’ve not done ourselves any favours, and we want to use this blog to re-engage with our friends and critics.’
20 October 2007
[blogs] Stephen Fry has a Blog — this is old news but it passed me by. He doesn’t do brief blog entries: ‘I don’t seem to be able to keep things brief. So my advice is that you read it in bits. Or print it out and save it for a rainy day or a recalcitrant motion.’
12 October 2007
[food] Fraser Lewry’s Animal Alphabet — Fraser of Blogjam attempts to eat an animal for each letter of the alphabet … ‘I’m a) not allowed to use Latin names, and b) if I’m struggling to come up with an animal beginning with ‘R’, for instance, I’m not allowed to use “ring-tailed lemur” because all lemurs are filed under ‘L’. Not that I’d eat lemur, of course, because they’re an endangered species, which brings me to c) no endangered species.’
22 September 2007
[blogs] Nobody reads blogs on Saturdays — blogging wisdom from Diamond Geezer. ‘…there’s really no point in blogging on a Saturday, no point at all. Because nobody’s listening. Apart from you, obviously. You’re here, even if nobody else is. Thanks for bothering to find time in your busy Saturday schedule to come and see what I’ve written.’
20 September 2007
[blogs] Wrong Call — the Guardian ask if the new TV Series starring Billie Piper glamorises prostitution? … ‘The main problem is that whereas Belle de Jour the writer has a patently dark sexuality, which allows you to imagine why she embraces her trade, Piper is about as noir as a chipmunk. She’s like a naughty nurse dispensing therapy, rather than a humanities graduate with a genuine sadomasochistic streak. The writer Belle clearly has a rare ability to separate sex from emotion in her working life, but Piper doesn’t have the range to convey this.’ [Related: More links about Belle de Jour]
15 September 2007
[blogs] Mail Watch — I’ve been reading Mail Watch as the Daily Express dropped the Diana Conspiracies and concentrated on the McCann Case (the chain of front page headlines is currently 8 days!).
8 August 2007
[blogs] The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks‘Making fun of bad punctuation since 2005.’ [via The Daily Chump]
23 July 2007
[blogs] Secret Blog of a TV Controller (aged 33 and 3/4) — funny fake blog of a TV Exec … ‘Thommo is stomping about issuing disgruntled threats to everyone left, right and centre; Fincham is curled up in his office weeping. Human Resources people are barging – unannounced – into offices and throwing office stationery around; even the kind Indian gent in the papershop in White City has a fucking scowl on his face whenever I pop by.’
14 July 2007
[blogs] Dave Gorman’s Blog‘I’ve given in to the way of the blog.’
5 July 2007
[blogs] Lowdham Book Festival Lecture Notes — Mike of Troubled Diva’s guide to Blog-to-Books… ‘There is something which has recently come to be seen (in certain quarters) as the Holy Grail to which every personal blogger must aspire. Two little words, which have an almost mystical hold over certain sections of the blogosphere… …and I’m going to say them now… BOOK DEAL!
23 June 2007
[comics] 2001: An Adapted Odyssey — Metafilter discuss Kirby’s adaptation of 2001‘This is really neat and all, but I misread the original post and was really hoping to see 2001: A Space Odyssey as it was adapted by Jack Chick, because that would have been, you know, really really fucked up.’
27 May 2007
[web] Burst Culture — Warren Ellis on Boing Boing, magazines, blogs, tumblelogs, Ad-sense and more… ‘I love print. I love magazines that commit and pay for long articles and long fiction. The web rewards neither approach. It’s a packeted medium, a surf medium. Short bursts are the way to go. The web isn’t a replacement medium — it’s *another* medium.’
25 May 2007
[comics] Blogdok — Modok (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) has a blog… ‘Greetings, tiny-headed comic book (finger quotes) “FANATICS!” This is MODOK speaking! Refreshing your pitiful web browser is futile. Futile, I tell you!!! After many long decades of plotting (and calculating) silently in the shadows, I, MODOK!, have decided to take over the Interweb…’ [via Warren Ellis]
18 May 2007
[blogs] Cnet asks: Is Casey Serin the World’s most Hated Blogger?‘Financial exhibitionism, coupled with a lack of penitence for stiffing his creditors, has transformed the 24-year-old resident of this sleepy Sacramento suburb into a celebrity among fellow bloggers. But unlike other online celebrities, Serin’s stardom comes from a unique source: “haters” who patronize his blog solely to learn what financial missteps he’s made today. “A community formed overnight,” Serin said in an interview. “It wasn’t a very positive community.”‘ [via Pete Ashton]
17 May 2007
[lolcats] im in ur ambulances breathing ur oxygen

im in ur ambulances breathing ur oxygen
(click here for Tom Reynolds original blog post)

14 May 2007
[blogs] What Would A Group Blog by Daily Telegraph Readers be Like? — a collection of Links and Quotes from Blah Blah Flowers‘So the UK entry for Eurovision was saved the ignominy of nil point by its few European friends left in Ireland & Malta… Cast Terry Wogan and the dead hands at the BBC aside and let another public broadcaster like Channel 4, or even Sky (yes Sky) be given the reigns to enhance the image of the UK in Europe.’
8 May 2007
[web] YouTube: Everyone Knows Your Name … Just Remember – Think Before You Post.
3 May 2007
[blogs] To The End Of The Line — another blog about the London Underground … ‘This is a hugely self-indulgent, yet also dangerously ambitious, undertaking. Namely, to document my visit to every single working station on the London Underground. It’ll take the best part of the year, so don’t except regular updates. It’ll also be far from objective, fairly presumptuous, and (hopefully) by no means earnest or exhausting.’ [via Feeling Listless]
1 May 2007
[blogs] Pole to Polar: The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive‘A Guide to Being A Mentally Interesting Girl Navigating the Labyrinth of the NHS Mental Health Services.’
28 April 2007
[weather] Rising Slowly – the original Weather Blog from Giles Turnbull.
26 April 2007
[blogs] In which Weird and Inexplicable Things Happen Involving Letters, Trees, Front Doors and Keys — Dave Gorman on why he’s changed his locks … ‘It was about 9.30 on Sunday night and I and a friend were watching some TV and having a lazy time of it. Pizza was involved and bellies were full. I heard a key in a door and I heard a door opening and there was a moment before I realised that it was my door opening. Now… no one else should have a key for mine and no one else should be letting themselves into my house at 9.30 on a Sunday evening…’ [via Feeling Listless]
25 April 2007
[blogs] The Diary of a Nobody, as a daily weblog‘This is a weblog version of The Diary of a Nobody, written by George Grossmith and originally serialised in Punch magazine in 1888 and 1889. Bringing Charles Pooter into the 21st century, his diary is now available as a selection of weblog-style RSS feeds which you can subscribe to…’ [via As Above]
23 April 2007
[blogs] Scenes from a Blog — the life of a blog-post expressed in diagram … ‘Descend to general ennui.’
13 April 2007
[bbc] spEak You’re bRanes — a blog on the wit and wisdom of the BBC’s Have Your Say Site… On the Falklands (I think!): ‘when jim challaan was pm thay got to know some how that the agies where going to invade the fslklands and thats all he did was send a nuclear submaren out there and let the argentenas know that it was waiting for them but we all knew what happened then maggie did she do the same as jim no she let them invade and she was told the same as jim that thay were abought to invade and look what it cost us’ [via The Daily Chump]
10 April 2007
[film] Charity Screening of An Inconvenient Truth — Sashinka has arranged a screening of Al Gore’s Documentary at the End of April for charity. Details below. Please support if you can by attending or if you’re not based in London you can donate by clicking here. Thanks!

ic thumbnail   Charity screening of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth 

  Date: 29th April 2007
  Where: Tricycle Cinema, London
  Time: 12.30pm  Price:£12.50

  (or click to support Sasha’s Charity Mission to Moldova)
1 April 2007
[blogs] Real interview with Fake Steve Jobs‘You know this one time when I was at Reed and really experimenting with acid, we did some 4-way acid but we didn’t realize it was 4-way so we each took a whole hit — which turned out to be a quadruple dose. And I swear during that trip I imagined the iPod for the first time. This was the early 70s. Actually I imagined a little teeny tiny record player that you could carry with you. But that’s basically what a hard disk is. I think.’
16 March 2007
[blogs] Shaggy Blog Stories — Mike at Troubled Diva has succeeded in publishing a collection of funny blog stories for Comic Relief in a week. Buy a copy Here‘Make no mistake: this is one absolute BELTER of a book: a showcase of British Blogging at its finest. Most of the entries, and indeed many of the submissions which didn’t make it to press, have made me laugh out loud. Sometimes, I have been in stitches. Yes, that might have been simple hysteria. But never has hysteria felt so sweet.’

14 March 2007
[tv] Metafilter discuss Adam Curtis’s The TrapMy feeling was that the ‘secret history’ aspect of the docos has deliberately given the nod to the idea that in some sense there are an infinite number of secret histories, but perhaps that’s my preconceptions interfering.”
12 March 2007
[blogs] Shaggy Blog Stories: a collaborative blog-stunt for Comic Relief — Mike at Troubled Diva is producing a self-published book of funny blog-entries from UK Bloggers for charity. (Submission deadline is 6pm tomorrow night – so don’t procrastinate about entering!) … ‘Occasionally, in my more delirious moments, I feel like the Anneka Rice of British blogging. At the Nottingham blogmeet on Saturday afternoon, I was tempted to run into the bar in a canary yellow jumpsuit, squawking “OK gang, we’ve got SEVEN DAYS to WRITE A BOOK!”‘ [quote from Mike’s Progress Report]
12 February 2007
[blogs] Billie Piper to play Belle de Jour?‘Friends say she is “desperate” to play the part of Belle de Jour, with Channel 4 expected to green-light the project in the coming weeks.’
30 January 2007
[comics] Belle de Jour and Judge Dredd: ‘…he only gives her six months imprisonment? You call that sympathy?’
[blogs] Forced Switch to the New Blogger Begins — I think the latest upgrade to Blogger has been a disaster and it’s what drove me to upgrade to WordPress (along with the realisation that WordPress was pretty easy to install and manage) … ‘Starting today, a small percentage of users who log in to an old Blogger account will be required to move to the new version. This involves moving your current Blogger account to a new or existing Google Account. After the move, you will need to log in to Blogger with your Google Account username, which is always the email address associated with your account. If you’re one of the lucky folks who is prompted to move your account over to the new version of Blogger, you’ll be able to postpone this process once (and only once) if you *really* need to get a post out of your head or want to say goodbye to the old Blogger. After that, it’s time to befriend the new Blogger!’ [via Google Operating System]
28 January 2007
[blogs] Feeling Listless: ‘I was ten years old and owned a Raleigh Grifter.’
21 January 2007
[blogs] Smashing Telly — a blog watching for interesting television available on Google Video – for example On the Edge of Blade Runner and Rob Newman’s History of Oil. [via Pete’s Linklog]
8 January 2007
[awards] 2007 Bloggies — nominations have opened for the long running Blog Award – if any regular readers of LMG want to nominate me for “Best British or Irish Weblog” I’d be eternally grateful.
5 January 2007
[blogs] World Weary Detective — another UK job blog … ‘Metropolitian Police detective london UK. A view of life from the thin layer between you and the underclass.’ [via Guardian News Blog]
3 January 2007
[blogs] A Blackmailing Email Sent By Nicholas Hellen of the Sunday Times — Girl With a One Track Mind publishes an email sent by the Acting News Editor at the Sunday Times just before they revealed her identity – essentially a blackmail attempt to get her to acquiesce to a photo shoot … ‘We also have a picture of you, taken outside your flat. Unfortunately, the picture is not particularly flattering and might undermine the image that has been built up around your persona as Abby Lee. I think it would be helpful to both sides if you agreed to a photo shoot today so that we can publish a more attractive image.’
25 December 2006
[xmas] Merry Christmas to Everyone … from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. [via Blah Blah Flowers]
14 November 2006
[blogs] Russell Davies on Blogging: ‘It’s easy to knock blogging as a kind of journalism of the banal but in some ways that’s its strength. Bloggers don’t go out and investigate things (mostly) they’re not in exciting or glamorous places, they’re not given a story, they have to build one out of the everyday lives they lead. And this makes them good at noticing things, things that others might not have seen. And being a blogger, feeling the need to write about stuff makes you pay attention to more things, makes you go out and see more stuff, makes you carry a notebook, keeps you tuned in to the world.’ (from a larger article on “How To Be Interesting“)
24 October 2006
[ukblogs] UK Blogs Search Engine — a Google Custom Search Engine which searches a list of 600 regularly updated British blogs.
15 September 2006
[comics] Dave Sim’s Blogandmail — Dave Sim has a blog! … ‘Hi and welcome to my Blog. I’m actually going to try to stay current with this on a daily basis, having noticed that I spent way too much time saying to myself while answering my escargot mail “I really should make a note of that and let the Yahoos know about it” and never, you know, actually doing it.’
14 September 2006
[comics] Bill Sienkiewicz has a blog‘number one: i exist. a lot of folks thought i was simply a triple word score in scrabble, m crossed with “alan smithee, the non existent director”. no siree.’ [via Warren Ellis]
7 September 2006
[blogs] I’ve enjoyed the first episodes of Radio 4’s Meet the Bloggers and especially the one hour interviews in Real Audio with Anna Pickard, Annie Mole, Petite Anglaise and Zoe from My Boyfriend is a Twat.
2 September 2006
[blog] That Mitchell and Webb Log — blog covering the comedians David Mitchell and Robert Webb. [via As Above]
31 August 2006
[comics] The Comics Journal Relaunches Journalista — one of the best comic blogs returns reading as good as ever after a long break.
30 August 2006
[blogs] Radio 4’s Meet the Bloggers — the BBC does a radio show about blogs. The first programme had interviews with Anna and Annie of Little Read Boat and London Underground Tube Diary.