31 December 2001
[blogs] If I remember one weblog post from 2001 it’ll be this one…

Metafilter Posting on 911

[by Matt Haughey on Metafilter]
27 December 2001
[xmas] ‘The world outside Norfolk can go fuck itself for one week.’
10 December 2001
[cartoon] Weblog Angst‘Hmm. Actually, this snot tastes pretty good.’
5 December 2001
[weblogs] Watch the UK Bloggers update… Recently Updated GBlogs is back and is vastly improved — it cycles through the list of 369 GBlogs every thirty minutes to find out what has changed… [Related: Jezuk’s Version]
25 September 2001
[blogs] The Blog Twinning ProjectLMG is twinned with Sore Eyes … and similar to The Null Device, Brainsluice and The View From Here.
12 September 2001
[nyc] Chris Conroy: ‘A minute passed. Then, I heard a scream from the street below, and a light humming rumble. I lunged for the window, nearly throwing myself out in the process, and I watched as the south tower – the tower I’d stood beneath admiringly, the tower I’d ascended several times, the tower my family and I had entered and departed from bemoaning the length of the ticket line just days before – fell to the ground. It just collapsed before my eyes.’ [Related: Do You Feel Loved?]
6 September 2001
[web] Dutchbint started the National Online Decency Compliance Standard page… baited it with search-engine referrals from her weblog and redirected a few choice words — cuntbusters being a particular favorite apparently — soon the appeals started to roll in‘I am a hardworking man who does not need permission from anyone on weather or not i can look at pretty women catfighting. Why don’t you idiots concentrate on the perverts trying to find kiddyporn? They are the ones who need help. Meanwhile leave people like me alone. Don’t try to take away my rights. If you guys tried loosening up a little bit you might have a little more fun. Maybe try to enjoy life a litte more. It should be guys like me watching guys like you. I’ll bet your the ones cheating on your wives.’
5 September 2001
[more sleaze] Internet Gossip … a brilliantly cruel gossip site covering Blogs, Everything / Nothing and cam girls / boys. I’ve always been confused by Everything / Nothing Sites — it’s like bizarro blogworld — there’s a good explanation of them here and here‘Intergrity. Funny word. E/N has been run over with people simply wanting to get their hits up as high as possible. It’s not hard to do. Well, not if you’re willing to sell out by posting porn at every turn, and whoring yourself out for plugs and links. Otherwise it can be quite a pain to try and make anything successful.’ [via Metafilter]
17 August 2001
[weblogs] Recommended for bloggers using Windows… blogBuddy. ‘blogBuddy is a small application written in Delphi which enables remote control of blogs on Using blogBuddy you can post new entries as well as edit existing post. Template control is also available.’
15 August 2001
[weblogs] Wacky Brit has done an updated list of the Most Popular Links on UK Weblogs. [Related: Blogdex continues to improve — it’s well worth a look.]
10 August 2001
[weblogs] Tom has some interesting comments from Keith Waterhouse about how to do a good column in a newspaper. Much of it applies equally well to weblogs … ’13) I is 106 years since Jerome K Jerome related his difficulties in trying to open a tin of pineapple in Three Men In A Boat. Unless you can improve this classic account, keep your problems with packaging to yourself.’
7 August 2001
[weblog] Pop Quiz, Hot Shot — Marcia wants to know about blogging styles … LMG is unashamedly: ‘hunt around other weblogs for a few interesting links so you at least have something to post?’.
6 July 2001
[books] Summer Reading Recommendations from…. Seething Hatred, Steps and Wherever You Are. Vaughan: ‘Therefore, that whole reading list may have been a pointless exercise, and a complete waste of time. Bloody hell, isn’t personal web publishing marvellous?’
19 June 2001
[blog different] The Bum Notes. After almost 2 days of clogged up bowels, I entrusted a frightening amount of gloopy shit to the porcelain this morning. It was a double-flusher, double-brusher. My efforts left the drain gasping for air, and I could hear some satisfying thuds as the fruit of my bowels descended through the rather ancient plumbing system. All in all, I would give this one a 9 out of 10. Most satisfying shit of the week. [via Parallax View]
15 May 2001
[blogs] Weblog Universe Collapses…. ‘During final weeks of the weblog universe, Günther Gerhardt – head of TUM’s department of interactive sociology – noted a sharp increase in the number of self-referential remarks and intra-weblog links. As this almost incestuous introspection increased, so did the strain on the fragile Berners-Lee fields which held the weblog universe together. According to Gerhardt, “This tragic self-referentialism. Each time a weblog mentioned another, it was as though Woden’s crows Hugin and Munin were tearing away bits of my flesh! The horror! The humanity!”‘ [via Swish Cottage]
1 May 2001
[domains] UH! TEARS BABYTom’s reaction to losing the Freaky Trigger domain‘…this afternoon,’s new owner scented money and wrote to me – somebody had offered him $200 for the site and of course he wanted to see if I was interested first. After all, I had “previous involvement” with I was, obviously, not interested: I wish this person joy in making cash out of the domain name because I certainly never did, but he’s not getting a penny from me.’
27 April 2001
[more blogs] It had to happen… after a year or so of me talking at my flatmate about blogs he has gone and bitten the bullet and done one himself… Wanderers Weblog. All I can say is: Thank God it’s not a personal one.
6 April 2001
[weblogs] There goes the neighbourhood…. Seethru has got it’s own weblog. [via Rebuke]
5 April 2001
[blog] is back along with Recently Updated UK Weblogs. Incidentally — I just noticed this neat Updated UK Weblogs sidebar for Netscape and IE from Jez at the Coffee Grounds
3 April 2001
[blogs] I’ve been remiss in not mentioning that Tom Ewing’s Blue Lines has returned — renamed as Groke…. ‘I’m already having awful template trouble, though. You can’t go home again.’
2 April 2001
[comics] Another comic-related weblog ComicGeek. Looks pretty comprehensive…
1 April 2001
Weblog Performance Anxiety Helpline.[weblog performance anxiety] I love it when a plan comes together. Actually, a random drunken post comes together…. ‘In soothing tones, they will be ready to assist you with a selection of web links of various types – witty, profound, bizarre or even “all your base are belong to us”, if you’re really at the end of your mental tether with desperation. They can also be consulted about the news stories that you should be commenting on, or give you advice on how far you should go into details about various aspects of your personal life (rest assured that the trained advisors have a selection of metaphors or suitable quotes to hand, which you can use to comment knowingly but without fear of giving away sensitive information). In short, it’s the essential service for any tired and emotional blogger.’ [thanks to Vaughan]
27 March 2001
[politics] launches…. a ‘Balanced News Filter for the UK General Election’.
[blog meme] Write your URL on a Fiver Day! ‘is it a criminal offence to write on money? i dunno. possibly. but i remember reading about a bloke who wrote on a five pound note, spent it and got it handed back to him 300 miles away when he was on holiday.’
11 March 2001
[what hath god wraught?] Blogs and SMS messages merge…. SMSblog. ’13:30 via SMS: On our way to the match. Here we go, here we go, here we go! 14:53 via SMS: We’re at the ground, fantastic!’
5 March 2001
[weblogs] This is interesting… Neil Gaiman is updating a journal about a new book via Blogger and Warren Ellis is doing a what strongly looks like a photo blog…. [via Blogadoon and WEF]
24 February 2001
[weblogs] New comics related weblog — GLITTERDAMMERUNG! from Chris at Not Enough of Me‘I buy comics for “It.” It is that feeling you get when you discover a really good comic, when you discover something so stunning that you can hardly believe that it’s just ink on paper. No other medium can give me that exact feeling, that “warm, fuzzy glow.” They can create other special feelings within me, but nothing quite like the one that I get from comics – that’s utterly unique. And that is why I buy comics, and that is why I’m doing this blog.’
18 February 2001
[weblogs] Fortune Cookie: Use Blogger today or else your day will suck ass.
13 February 2001
[weblogs] A quick runthru of all the Barbelith Underground blogs — Plasticbag, Venusberg,, Kooky Mojo, Fridge Poet, Ms Woo, The Collective, Zenith, Rosa, Kali, Rollo, Kirk Nice, Haggar, Grant, Jack Fear, Dayglo, Bizmunth and finally LinkMachineGo. ‘I’m not entirely sure what kind of world will exist when I have fininshed, but I know it will be better for everyone. If I have any faith, I have faith in the unexpected, the unpredictable.’— Niles Caulder, just before he gets his head ripped off by the Candlemaker, Doom Patrol #57.
2 February 2001
[blogger] Long, involved post on Metafilter about the breakup of Blogger. Matt Haughey: ‘Thousands of young and old alike, beginner and expert started using their website to communicate their voice, build a brand, feed an ego, and spread their ideas through weblogs. At the center of it all, was, and it showed no signs of stopping. But backstage, things were falling apart…’ [Related Links: Evhead, Haughey, Saturn, Megnut on Blogger]
1 February 2001
[weblogs] Tom wins Best European and GLBT weblog at the 2001 Bloggies… Congratulations Tom.
30 January 2001
[weblogs] Not So Soft is one today. Congratulations Meg… Two entries which sum up Not So Soft: a quiet London mid-summer morning blog and the classic Txt Msg Theatre‘Tube wankstrel unclefuckers. Security alert=no trains. Crunchy arse wank dung bastard. Oh. Feh.’
25 January 2001
[weblogs] Please vote for LinkMachineGo in the Anti-Bloggies… my suggestion would be to vote for me under ‘Most Banal Content Blog’, ‘Biggest Jerk Blog’ or possibly ‘Bad Hair Day Blog’… thank you. :)
24 January 2001
[automatic blogging] Throat and taste takes me to How To Taste Beer [but it might take you to other places… ] ‘…represents one of the joys of beers and one of the challenges for the beer novice. The intended characteristics will vary from style to style. You expect a pilsner to be bright and golden, while a dopplebock may be a brown amber and still shine as brightly in good light. A hefeweizen, on the other hand, will be cloudy, as is appropriate to style.’ [idea stolen shamelessly from unxmaal]
23 January 2001
[weblogs] The final stage of the 2001 Bloggies… I’ve voted have you? [Related Link: Metafilter on the Bloggies ‘From the seventh circle of hell comes the second-last sign of the apocalypse; the voting form for the bloggies.’]
22 January 2001
[weblogs] Useful information page about Blogger Pro‘Changing post dates and times. Future-dated posts don’t appear until the specified day.’ [via Prolific]
18 January 2001
[meme] The storTrooper meme enters stage three: bloging splatTroopers‘spare me, I will link to you…’ [I am top row, third from the right. Feel free to splat me.]
17 January 2001
[weblogs] Michael Daddino has a few talking points about blogs’29. Embrace the ephemeral, baby. 30. But pop teaches us: “ephemeral” pleasures have a tendency to last. DISCO NEVER DIED.’
14 January 2001
[weblogs] Not Enough Of Me seems to like UKblogs and Comics… which is enough to get you a link on LMG. ‘…Tobey Maguire in his SPIDER-MAN costume (scroll down to the bottom). Couple this with the news that Ang (CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON) Lee will be directing HULK, and comics fans are issuing forth tremendous collective orgasms… (Yeah, THAT’s a mental image you needed. Sorry.)’
11 January 2001
[weblogs] Nobody fucks with the Blogging StorTroopers! [That page is just asking to be Hamster Danced… ]
9 January 2001
[weblogs] Never noticed this before — Spike Magazine has it’s own weblog… Splinters.
[books] Friends of Meg’s Shelves. If you have bookcases crammed with books you really want to check this out. From Notsosoft: ‘Apparently, bookshelves are for ornaments and photo frames and candles, while any books that I’m not reading at the moment (and there are many many many), should be packed into boxes and “stored in the airing cupboard or something.” ‘
2 January 2001
[weblogs] Interconnected has some interesting thoughts on Google and weblogs: ‘This explains why weblogs rank so high in Google. The integrity of PageRank relies on the fact that you only own your own page, so you can’t force much linking to your ‘site to up your rank. The weblog community has several features that break this model: The tendency for links lists to be on every weblog page (and there are often many pages of archives too), and the large amount of reciprocal linking. The community appears as a very highly connected network, and this effect is magnified because of the large amount of the links on weblog pages compared to other ‘sites on the web.’
27 December 2000
[weblogs] The Haddock Directory redesigns…. it’s been around for yonks… and I’ve been ripping it off for links for as long as I can remember. ‘This directory is compiled from URLs posted to the mostly-London-based Haddock mailing list since September 1996. There are currently 8129 links (not counting those known to be broken) and each is accompanied by a comment from the person who posted it.’
24 December 2000
[weblogs] Luke’s Christmas Message: ‘…a bodypainted woman wearing a large box walked up. Some vampy number was played, and she proceeded to take off the big box, revealing three smaller, strategically-placed boxes which were, in turn, removed to reveal naught but naked flesh. All well and good. It wasn’t until she pulled a yard of tinsel out of herself that I started to worry.’ :) :)
18 December 2000
[weblogs] The Barbelith Collective — the weblog for ‘cool egghead stoner motherfuckers’.
4 December 2000
[weblog] Great archive of links about articles on weblogs [via Under.Construction]
3 December 2000
[weblogs] Meg’s Under.Construction has got off to a good start with a number of interesting posts… ‘Welcome to This weblog is intended as a forum for discussion of cyberculture, community, communication and other cultural facets of cyberspace. It’s also intended to be a repository for interesting stories and links – an evolving, collaborative bookmark list.’
27 November 2000
[weblogs] Tom starts his redesign of Barbelith‘Over the next couple of weeks, you can expect several weblog-style columns provided by regular contributors to the Barbelith Underground concentrating on interfering in things that don’t concern us, spouting ludicrous ideas that no one believes in and working for the transformation of the world into a place where there is passion, magic, energy and change.’
19 November 2000
[first post] New first post… starts up earlier this year… and the design actually lasts three whole months… Amazing. ‘7.2.00 I don’t think I’ve ever really counted myself as a fan; I just like what I like. Although, now I come to think about it, I did go through a phase of thinking that I could marry a certain pop star. Hey, I was eleven. (If you want to know who it was, tell me why you need to know and I’ll see…)’

To add some meat to the bones of my lazy meta-blogging I chatted with Meg on Friday about her first post, and redesigns‘That’s not actually the first weblog post ever, though – there’s a text file somewhere for half of january – but february was the first attempt at designing it. And although my blogging style has changed enormously since I began, that first post eerily echoes forward to a lot of what I do nowadays – I make a statement, provide a link, relate it to me and then ask for feedback. The difference now is that people actually write to me when I prompt them to – and I love it. :o)’