[blogs] Wrong Call — the Guardian ask if the new TV Series starring Billie Piper glamorises prostitution? … ‘The main problem is that whereas Belle de Jour the writer has a patently dark sexuality, which allows you to imagine why she embraces her trade, Piper is about as noir as a chipmunk. She’s like a naughty nurse dispensing therapy, rather than a humanities graduate with a genuine sadomasochistic streak. The writer Belle clearly has a rare ability to separate sex from emotion in her working life, but Piper doesn’t have the range to convey this.’ [Related: More links about Belle de Jour]

Is Billie Piper’s Belle de Jour Glamorising Prostitution?

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Amusing to see the Guardian’s in complete denial about its part in the success of Belle du Jour.

I think that this show is very good because it shows the ups and downs of the prositution life, and is very realistic. Come off it, we cant expect prostitution to be all that bad, there has to be something good about it for girls to want to take it as a career

All those people who think that being an escort is just FAB should think about how it would feel to have to spend your working day with your head in a whole variety of sad loser’s groins.

Are there any ups to it – only for the client i think

i have been a escort wen i found myself short to pay bills ect after been on sick from work i really enjoyed it the money and the sex i found the ad in a back of a news paper i was worryed that i would get caught out at work and off family al thought im not a skinny minnie a agancy signed me up i decided to cange agancys to do incall out call services.
i read books ect and started to watch the diary she really good and explains alot of pro and cons.

hi i am an escort and i think the show has helped me out alot…!
i enjoy the sex and the money is great this way you can consentrate on me, me and me and not be tied down with a fellor who rules me…!
thanx fou your time love belle xx

hi it was brill can, twait for next one. help me just started out with this buissnes wished she had show us how to set up web site

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