[tv] Metafilter discuss Adam Curtis’s The TrapMy feeling was that the ‘secret history’ aspect of the docos has deliberately given the nod to the idea that in some sense there are an infinite number of secret histories, but perhaps that’s my preconceptions interfering.”

Metafilter discuss Adam Curtis’s The Trap

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The program very poignantly has highlighted what is becomign increasingly evident – that market fundamentalism is failing a fundamental way, and there is a profound need to find a profound alternative. Such alternatives are nwo emerging on the horizon, from outside of the Western world, in the form, for exmple, of Islamic Economics, of Steiner’s Threefold Commonwealth, and the Four Worlds that have been highligted in our own work. It would be good to see a follow up to the Trap, which focused on those emerging alterantives, both in theory and in practice – the latter ranging from John Lewis and Mondragon to Sekem in Egypt and Grameen in Bangladesh – woud be happy to join forces with Adam Curtis on such

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