[blogs] Billie Piper to play Belle de Jour?‘Friends say she is “desperate” to play the part of Belle de Jour, with Channel 4 expected to green-light the project in the coming weeks.’

Billie Piper to play Belle de Jour?

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i think whatever Billie does on TV will be a hit. everybody loves her like me!!! I really admire and look up to Billie and has watched everything she has been in and she is better than brilliant, she is superb!! i love Billie and I think the role of Belle de Jour being played by Billie will be fantastic just like her.

Well, I think that Billie is a great woman and I don’t think I know that whatever else she does in life I wish her all the best. I love Billie and I think sorry I know that she will be faaaaaaaaaan-tastic in playing Belle in Belle De Jour. I also envy Billie in what she has done in all of her life.

XxXx Jane Cooper XxXx

Again I want to know when it is coming as I am itching to watch it lol. Does anybody know? =D I would much appreciate it if anyone knew and told me. =] Thanx XxXx Jane Cooper XxXx

Yea, wait ago Billie, i went to saw her live in ‘Treats’ and she is just an amazing actress, watched most of her things! Can wait for this new part she’s playing, it’s gonna be brill i bet!

Yeah can anybody tell me when Belle De Jour comes on plz……… anybody? ………….. XxJane CooperXx

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