December 24, 2008
[london] Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2008 … another years worth of the best of the headline boards from the Evening Standard – my favourite was: Police Arrest Batman

images of the evening standards headline boards
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October 19, 2008
[comics] Comica 2008 Schedule‘London’s International Comics Festival returns to the ICA and other venues, including an exhibition in the ICA Concourse Gallery, between November 14 and 26, 2008.’
October 8, 2008
[london] In Case Of Civil Unrest … pavement stencil from the Wooster Collective

In Case of Civil Unrest...

August 18, 2008
[london] A Hierarchy Of Tubes … an interesting personal ranking of the reliability of the various tube lines on the London Underground … ‘As every Londoner knows, all tube lines were not created equal. There’s a definite ranking of the lines you’d like to have to use, and those you’d like to avoid. So here’s my own, totally unscientific (yet, I hope, reasonable) list of lines in order of usefulness.’
July 23, 2008
[london] Last year I Killed a Man … a tube driver describes a ‘one under’ on the London Underground

A smart man inquired, “Do you know there’s a person under your train?” I looked at the blood on the windscreen momentarily before assuring him that, yes, I was aware.

He paused for a heartbeat, looked at his watch and said, “So, how long before we get on the move again?”

I was to look back on this exchange with amusement and also, strangely, comfort: in the midst of the horror, normality was briefly restored by a commuter asking for alternative travel arrangements.

July 22, 2008
[batman] Meanwhile, in London… Police Arrest Batman … [part of the Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2008]

Police Arrest Batman

July 1, 2008
[london] Diamond Geezer’s Capital Numbers‘Six tube lines interchange at King’s Cross St Pancras – more than at any other station.’
May 19, 2008
[politics] Boris Watchers … a blog taking a close look at new London Mayor Boris Johnson … ‘Boris Watchers has been set up to scrutinise the new Mayoralty of Boris Johnson. The blog aims to become a Wiki-style tool for constantly scrutinising the new administration in City Hall. We sure can’t trust the Evening Standard to keep an eye on him!’

Also worth checking out: Lolboris

lolboris johnson - help me jebus!

May 11, 2008
[oyster] Oyster Meltdown … another video of the uses of an oystercard dissolved in Acetone … ‘I melted the Oystercard in acetone and explored different antenna layouts. (very small, as a stick, foldable, etc.)’
March 16, 2008
[underground] Cooling the Tube … interesting look at the issues surrounding cooling the train carriages and stations on the London Underground … ‘When an underground train tunnel is first constructed, it’s at the native soil temperature of around 14°C. Temperature problems start to show up 20–30 years later; this timescale has been seen over and over again in different lines/metro systems throughout the world. Basically the tunnel is a closed environment with a lot of energy sources. The soil around the tunnel gradually dries out and becomes a much better insulator — they’ve measured this on the Victoria line and found that the soil is dried out for several metres’ distance from the tunnel.’
February 21, 2008
[london] All in a Day’s Work — the blog of a London Cab Driver … ‘A lady I took to Camberwell last night gave me a twenty and two tens for a £22 fare and I gave her one of the tenners back. “You’re honest” she said thanking me. “It’s the only way to be” I replied.’ [via Time Out]
October 17, 2007
[comics] Orbital Comics Top 10 Lists — amusing lists posted in Orbital Comics in Central London … [via Kottke]

a top 10 list from orbital comics in london

October 9, 2007
[london] No Job. No Money. You’re Fucked. — amusing fake Evening Standard Headline Poster. Part of a larger flickr set – London Newspaper Billboards.
October 8, 2007
[london] The Best Named Business in the History of West London … from Ben Hammersley.
September 12, 2007
[wikipedia] My Wikipedia Contrail: Tox‘Tox is a prolific and widely known graffiti tagger on the London Underground, active since 2000. His simple tags TOX 02, TOX 03, TOX 04 etc., in the style of TAKI 183, can be seen many hundreds of times across above-ground sections of the network in Central London, particularly the Metropolitan Line.’
July 16, 2007
[london] An A to Z of the Evening Standard

A is for Attack, B is for Bastards, C is for Chaos, D is for Death, E is for Evil, F is for Funeral, G is for Go, H is for Horror, I is for Iraq, J is for John Prescott, K is for Killer, L is for Legend, M is for Murder, N is for Nightmare, O is for Olympics, P is for Pictures, Q is for Quit, R is for Raid, S is for Sex, T is for Terror, U is for U.S., V is for Victim, W is for War, X is for X-Rated, Y is for Younger, Z… there seems to be no Z in the Evening Standard Alphabet!

April 9, 2007
[london] Google thwarts al-Qaeda kamikaze strike on US embassy‘Quite what the Post Office boys down on Rathbone Place will make of Google’s fingering of their building as a decoy target is anyone’s guess…’
March 27, 2007
[walking] Two useful walking maps of London: Students Guide to the Tube and London Pedestrian Routemap.
March 25, 2007
[music] Elton John @ 60 — Diamond Geezer visits Elton John’s childhood home … ‘See how the current owners hide their car beneath an all-enveloping tarpaulin, in much the same way that middle-aged Elton used to cover himself with a series of unconvincing wigs. The local council, in their infinite wisdom, appear to have marked this most auspicious musical heritage site not with a blue plaque but with a bright green litter bin. And there’s also a bus stop immediately outside the front door…’
December 3, 2006
[london] Monopoly Map‘A geographically accurate map of the elements of standard London Monopoly’ [via]
October 17, 2006
[london] Crap Headlines — photos of headlines from North London Newspapers … ‘HUNT FOR SHOPPING CITY FLASHER’ [via Tom Morris]
October 4, 2006
[books] Steven Johnson on The Ghost Map — a ‘book trailer’ on YouTube about Steven Johnson’s new book on cholera, london, medicine and cities. [via Kottke’s Links]
September 26, 2006
[headlines] Some interesting Evening Standard Headlines on Flickr: Headlines fron 1986 and Gay Bondage Classes on the NHS (from 1998) …


(My Evening Standard Headline Project continues here.)
September 12, 2006
[london] Dave Gorman is stopped and searched by the Police whilst taking a night-time picture of Battersea Power Station for his photostream on Flickr‘”Oh flickr!” said the WPC, stopping her form-filling for a moment. “I’ve got photos on there. Photos of my wedding from 7 weeks ago.” “Really?” I asked. “It’s good isn’t it? Oh… and congratulations on 7 weeks ago.” “Thanks,” she said with a smile. “So… have you ever been arrested?” “Err…. no”‘
August 16, 2006
[london] London Walks for your MP3 Player‘Forget about guide books and maps. Listen to my description as you walk through London.’ [via Londonist]
August 9, 2006
[xmas] Only 138 Shopping Days to Go — Harrods opened it’s Christmas Department yesterday… ‘Christmas World was packed, with an ominous background tinkle of shoppers edging past racks of glass baubles. The fairylights were eclipsed by the barrage of camera flashes as tourists immortalised themselves in T-shirts and shorts standing in a glade of £119 slimline artificial trees. “It’s so English,” a Chinese woman said fondly, admiring a £14.95 glass Eiffel Tower tree decoration – made in China.’ (more…)
July 26, 2006
[london] The Hunt for the Killer Hairballs — great article about the men who flush out the sewers of London …

‘Fat is the bane of flushers’ lives. Millions of litres, from half-eaten breakfast dishes, chip-laden frying pans or fast-food joints, are tipped into sinks each day. Eventually they find their way into the sewers. They represent the effluence of affluence. They are the graffiti that the contemporary leisurepolis scrawls on subterranean environments. Thirty years ago the Thames, unloved and abandoned, created few problems for flushers; now, the river’s banks are congested with clubs, boozy eateries and art-complex gallery cafés, all of them disgorging fat.

I wade through some of it at Victoria Embankment. It is at once crunchy and spongy, like putrid bran. Brown and white and grey: a pigeon-shit potage sprinkled with an extra top layer of mop heads and tampons. Flushers tell stories of accidentally getting a gobful of the sewer flies that feed on the fat or of metal grating giving way so that they fall into eight-feet-deep fat-quicksands; the mouthfuls of the stuff they swallow leave their guts raw and hollering for months on end.

But it’s the bouquet that makes their flesh crawl: “You smell it initially. You breathe it all day long. You pass wind and what comes out is the smell of the fat. You can go home and shower as much you like – even with washing-up liquid – but at the end of the day you’re still farting the smell of rancid fat. My wife’ll say: ‘Oh, I see you’ve been sorting fat problems out?'”‘

July 20, 2006
[london] The Winner or Sinner Man’s MySpace Profile‘Most of my days are spent on Oxford Street with my friend the Megaphone (we are inseperable!)’ [via Diamond Geezer]
July 14, 2006
[headlines] Murdered – For Falling In Love … (more: Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2006)

evening standard headline poster board

July 13, 2006
[blogs] Meg on blogging and flying ants: ‘I’ve found the real point of blogging, the only real reason for keeping and maintaining a blog regularly over all these years. And you know what it is? The point of blogging is so I can keep tabs on when the flying ants come out in London every summer.’
July 7, 2006
[7/7] Diamond Geezer on 7/7Aldgate, Edgware Road, King’s Cross St Pancras, 30. ‘…it’s just something I have to do every day. It’s just another train. It’s just another carriage.’
July 4, 2006
[7/7] The Mysterious Case Of The Non-Existent Train Time — a blog investigating the messy loose-ends in the story behind the London Bombings on July 7th last year … ‘I have only one reason for starting this blog. It is to ascertain the facts behind the events in London on and since the 7th July 2005. I have made many attempts to ascertain a few simple facts (and therefore truths) about the events on that morning…’
May 19, 2006
[photos] London Daily Photo‘A London photo every day. Some pictures will be there for their own sake, some because they are places you may like to see, all because they are part of what makes London what it is.’ [via Diamond Geezer]
April 18, 2006
[puppies] “Inside Horror Puppy Farm – Pictures” — a return to form for the headline poster writer at the Evening Standard … (more: Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2005 and 2006)
March 19, 2006
[london] Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2006 — Recent Posters …

Sex Scandal Minister Dead / Free Goody Bag Here

February 16, 2006
[photos] Dave Gorman: If René Magritte Ran A Brothel.
February 10, 2006
[london] London Tube Map with Anagrammed Station Names‘A Retard Cottonmouth’
December 30, 2005
[games] Mornington Crescent on Wikipedia — contains spoilers for the game … ‘Item #101 of the 2005 University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt was for one player on each team to “participate in an email adaptation of the classic game Mornington Crescent”, using the CTA rail system. Participants were warned, “We shall follow the standard Thurgood-Hamilton conversion algorithm, but banning semi-lateral shunts.”‘ [via Metafilter]
December 14, 2005
[news] Suburb Lawyer Shoots Pirates — a North London Headline Crisis from Sashinka.
December 12, 2005
[london] Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2005 — I’ve been taking pictures of the Evening Standard’s Headline Posters and posting them on Flickr for about a year now…

images of the evening standards headline boards
Click on the images for the full set

December 8, 2005
[food] The London Review of Breakfasts — a guide to the best breakfasts in London… ‘We love the hungry hours of anticipation before we decide on a venue. We love the splendid taste of expertly cooked, herb-filled sausages, the aromatic texture of crispy bacon, the burst of yellow yolk as a knife breaks the surface tension. We love piping hot beans, buttered toast and squidgy grilled tomatoes. We love to wash it all down with a reassuring cup of tea…’ [Related: eggbaconchipsandbeans]
November 14, 2005
[blogs] Rachel from North London‘This blog was started to provide a place to continue my online diary that I started after surviving the 7/7/2005 London bombings, when I was travelling in the first carriage of the Picadilly line tube from Kings Cross to Russell Square. The bomb went off in my carriage, 7 feet behind me in carriage 1. 26 people died in that blast and dozens were maimed and wounded.’
August 12, 2005
[bombings] The World on a Train — Geoff Ryman (author of 253) on the 7/7 Tube Bombings … ‘The philosopher Hannah Arendt concluded that evil lay in the refusal to think. One of the things evil cannot face contemplating is variety. It prefers monolithic simplicity. Reality outstrips simplicity through a constant flowering of unexpected lives.’ [via Londonist]
July 8, 2005
[london] Guardian: Steve Bell on the Attack on London
July 7, 2005
[london] Surviving a Terrorist Attack — a personal account of one of the terror attacks on the London Underground … ‘Fate is a strange thing. On this particular day a series of events transpired such that I ended up on a Tube train that was destroyed by terrorists. Fortunately it was only the carriage in front of me, but tragically it resulted in a serious amount of injuries. This is my story.’
[london] Metafilter: “Major Incident” on London Underground reported
[london] mobloguk: Tube Image, Trapped
[london] Flickr: London Bomb Blasts Pool.
July 6, 2005
[london] Photos inside Battersea Power Station‘Built in 1933, the Grade II listed structure now faces a new future at the centre of a large shopping, leisure, conference and accommodation complex, due to open in 2009.’
July 4, 2005
[live8] The Music’s Over, the Message Lingers On — nice summary of the Live 8 concert in London … ‘At midday the approach to the park was a familiar pre-rock concert landscape of men weeing under trees, jocular police and a revivalist with a megaphone: “I used to be a sinner like you, now I’m a winner.”‘