[comics] Orbital Comics Top 10 Lists — amusing lists posted in Orbital Comics in Central London … [via Kottke]

a top 10 list from orbital comics in london

Orbital Comics Top 10 Lists

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Gah! If only you’d posted this on Tuesday, I was in London yesterday looking for comics and could only find GOSH and FP, not having known that Orbital existed. I even got off at Tottenham Court Road… That’ll learn me for not using the internet properly. I bet they had Promethea book 3 too…

Still, I got Green Lantern vs Aliens for 3 quid in FP, so it’s not all bad.

The Kirby references get a bit old after a while, don’t they?

hahah – Orbital Comic’s Top 10 was funny!!

They have moved to a huge store in central London now – its epic & awesome!!

8 Gt Newport St
Wc2H 7JA

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