[london] Last year I Killed a Man … a tube driver describes a ‘one under’ on the London Underground

A smart man inquired, “Do you know there’s a person under your train?” I looked at the blood on the windscreen momentarily before assuring him that, yes, I was aware.

He paused for a heartbeat, looked at his watch and said, “So, how long before we get on the move again?”

I was to look back on this exchange with amusement and also, strangely, comfort: in the midst of the horror, normality was briefly restored by a commuter asking for alternative travel arrangements.

Tube Driver describes a ‘One-Under’ on the London Underground

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hii im a tube operator always wanted 2 be i have had sevral one unders and just drove on lol

If that’s true then you are a disgusting excuse for a human being.

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