2 April 2010
[health] Snake oil? Scientific Evidence For Health Supplements … brilliantly done infographic from David McCandless.
4 April 2010
[funny] Worth A Look: Beware Of The Orange PeoplePIEGod’s Control Buttons
5 April 2010
[space] Neptune May Have Eaten A Planet And Stolen Its Moon‘Neptune may have polished off a super-Earth that once roamed the outer solar system and stolen its moon to boot. The brutal deed could explain mysterious heat radiating from the icy planet and the odd orbit of its moon Triton.’
7 April 2010
[wired] Wired Reread … a blog looking back at the adverts in the early 1990’s issues of Wired Magazine – plenty of oddities like the Sony Malvica Floppy Disk Digital Camera [via Waxy]
8 April 2010
[comics] Brendan McCarthy discusses Spiderman: Fever‘When you write and draw it yourself, you can keep changing or finessing right up to the last moment. You can radically alter what you’ve written or drawn. You can spontaneously do what the moment dictates. It’s exciting and I really like it, but it’s a very intense way of working. Finding the story and making sure it doesn’t follow obvious routes was the challenge. All writers know about that glorious moment when the characters start to ‘talk back’ to you. That’s the point when you absolutely know what they would or wouldn’t say or do.’
[dailyfail] 100 Essential Phrases To Include In A Letter To The Daily Mail‘and immigration that is out of control. – Steve Guff (ex-pat), Alicante, Spain’ [via Bad Journalism]
9 April 2010
[weird] The Porn Detection Stick … when you absolutely positively gotta find all the porn hidden on a computer – Accept no substitutes.
[funny] Worth-A-Look: This CatGet ExcitedFatman.
11 April 2010
[comics] Comic Book Cartography … a collection of maps and cutaways from comic books.
12 April 2010
[space] Voyager 1 & 2’s Infinite Playlist‘These songs were etched into a 12-inch, gold plated copper record that was placed aboard the two spaceships in 1977.’ [via Kottke]
13 April 2010
[comics] Alan Moore – The Spanish Impersonation‘When I was young I travelled to Andorra and bought a radio cassette player. However, I usually travel to fourth dimension.’

14 April 2010
[blogs] High Court: Moderate User Comments And You’re Liable‘A blog owner can avoid liability for user-generated content that appears on his site without being checked or moderated, the High Court has ruled. But fixing the spelling or grammar in users’ posts could lose him that protection, it said.’
15 April 2010
[death] The DeathList 2010 … the internet dead pool. Herbert Lom (93) and Ray Bradbury (90) are still with us? Who knew?
16 April 2010
[iphone] Victor Keegan: My First iPhone App … a retiring Guardian tech writer on the thinking behind his first iPhone app …‘This month I finally left the Guardian after nearly 47 years. At the end of last week I had my 70th birthday and today my first iPhone app came out.’ [via Meg]
[comics] Cartooning Advice: Zippy’s Bill Griffith gives his Top 40 List on Creating Comics‘Sitting at a drawing table for 37 years can be hard on the neck and the upper back. Get up every half hour or so and stretch. Do neck and upper back stretching exercises every day as you get older.’
17 April 2010
[politics] Who has David Cameron been talking to?‘Last week, I met a gay burglar, who told me that climate change hysteria killed Diana.’ [via @Royston Robertson]
18 April 2010
[comics] How The Flash looks on Android and iPhone … is this why DC Comics doesn’t have an iPhone/iPad app yet? :)
19 April 2010
[politics] Guido Fawkes Dreaming – The Change Coalition: ‘In what is the iconic picture of the election, Cameron walks out of his Millbank headquarters along the Thames embankment to 4 Cowley Street where Nick Clegg greets him and together they walk purposefully towards the Mall surrounded by photographers and cameramen as crowds cheer…’
20 April 2010
[funny] Tucker’s Law … be warned: extreme swearing. NSFW. ‘…I’ve got that embroidered on a tea towel at home.’
21 April 2010
[comics] What are you, dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I’M THE GODDAMN CATMAN!


[comics] Watching the Watchman – St Albans comics legend Dave Gibbons interviewed‘I bumped into a friend of mine called Mick McMahon, who lived in Colney Heath, at the station at St Albans and he had this artwork under his arm. It turned out to be the first Judge Dredd job, and he said it was this new comic being done at IPC called 2000AD…’
22 April 2010
[comics] The Unpublished Moore … a comprehensive list of the the Alan Moore’s whims, unfinished scripts and lost work … ‘Cerebus #301 Status: Unpublished. I believe a full script exists for this one (which involved Cerebus being summoned during a seance in the modern day), but it was intended to be a Moore/Bisette/Veitch project, and is unlikely to appear now due to ill-will among the creators.’
23 April 2010
[politics] Fuck Yeah Nick Clegg‘Haters Gonna Hate.’
24 April 2010
[comics] Chris Ware’s Rejected Fortune Cover‘He accepted the job because it would be like doing the 1929 issue of the magazine, and he filled the image with tons of satirical imagery, like the U.S. Treasuring being raided by Wall Street, China dumping money into the ocean, homes being flooded, homes being foreclosed, and CEOs dancing a jig while society devolves into chaos.’
25 April 2010
[funny] Gangsters Love Pooh … also Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore – epic background fail.
26 April 2010
[comics] Top Trending Twitter Topics of the Marvel Universe … #itsclobberintime #youwouldntlikemewhenimangry #accursedrichards
[movies] My Lifelong Pursuit of the Perfect Blade Runner Gun … one man’s obessional pursuit of a perfect replica of Rick Deckard’s gun … ‘In 2006, the screen-used original surfaced after 25 some-odd years and sold at auction last year for $256,000.’
27 April 2010
[politics] David Cameron’s Common People … (some NSFW language) …

28 April 2010
[tabloids] Page 3 Girls Fears Hung Parliament, Proportional Respresentation‘Becky is concerned by the prospect of electoral reform in a hung parliament.’
[life] On Black Elephants‘A “black elephant” […] is an event which is extremely likely and widely predicted by experts, but people attempt to pass it off as a black swan when it finally happens.’
29 April 2010
[internet] Getting depressed with this whole Social Media thing‘Where is the social technology, the social news, the social web? Instead we get networks flooded by marketers looking for ways to manipulate us all under the guise of having conversations. Instead we get flooded with follow and friend requests where 4 out of 5 are spammers or marketers. Instead we get a Web that is being treated like a business acquisition where we are nothing more than shares to be bought and sold.’
[funny] ClericPrecocious Parallel ParkerOh Hi, I came from Internet
30 April 2010
[comics] Dick Sprang’s ‘Secrets of the Batcave’ Art Is An Encyclopedia of Bat-History … an analysis of a wonderful Dick Sprang drawing of the Batcave.