30 April 2013
[comics] Brendan McCarthy’s Desert Island Comics … Forbidden Planet’s blog interviews Brendan McCarthy on which comics he’d want if marooned on a desert island … ‘I’m struggling to call it a day here, because if somebody put together a book of Infantino’s 60′s Flash and Batman covers, I’d have no choice … Also, some Sergi Toppi would be swell. Some Frank Quitely would also be grand. WE3 probably. And one of Grant’s Doom Patrol TPBs would be nice too…’
5 December 2012
[comics] Brendan McCarthy: ‘Best Of Milligan & McCarthy Due 2013’‘Expect a big announcement on that from a major comics company soon. It will include pretty much all the classic ’80s material from Peter Milligan and myself: Paradax!, Rogan Gosh, Skin, Freakwave, etc., plus some early, archival snippets from The Electrick Hoax and Summer of Love.’
25 December 2010
[comics] Merry Christmas From Paradax!… by Brendan McCarthy

Merry Xmas From Paradax

8 April 2010
[comics] Brendan McCarthy discusses Spiderman: Fever‘When you write and draw it yourself, you can keep changing or finessing right up to the last moment. You can radically alter what you’ve written or drawn. You can spontaneously do what the moment dictates. It’s exciting and I really like it, but it’s a very intense way of working. Finding the story and making sure it doesn’t follow obvious routes was the challenge. All writers know about that glorious moment when the characters start to ‘talk back’ to you. That’s the point when you absolutely know what they would or wouldn’t say or do.’
19 February 2010
[comics] Paradax: the TV show … according to internet rumours Brendan McCarthy is in Hollywood pitching Paradax as a animated TV Show … ‘Bad Boy Superhero: Smallville meets Entourage’
5 February 2010
[comics] High Fever: An interview with Brendan McCarthy‘Having done Shade and now Spider-Man and Dr. Strange — all that I’d like to do next is The Creeper! (I have to admit, Hawk and Dove never really did it for me.)’
27 November 2009
[comics] Skin … The Forbidden Planet blog remembers Skin the long out-of-print comic from Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy‘McCarthy’s art is astonishing, from the brutal leer on Martin’s face in one scene to the psychedelic, drug-fuelled sex scene with the young skinhead and some hippies (aided in no small part by Carol Swain’s brilliant colouring) which is a great example of how bloody amazing McCarthy’s art often is. Both art and story combine perfectly to tell a powerful tale of a disturbing subject and do so while denying the reader the normal emotional crutch of having a loveable but put-down hero to root for…’
4 May 2009
[comics] Brendan McCarthy finds a lost Doom Patrol Script from Grant Morrison [Page 1 | Page 2] … ‘I found this DOOM PATROL script the other day that I had doodled all over, from Grant Morrison… It was an episode that Grant wrote for me to draw back in 1991/92 or thereabouts: I asked for an old style DC ‘imaginary story’ with Danny The Street as the central character. But by the time the script turned up, I had to do a film so I couldn’t draw it’

Grant Morrison Script For Doom Patrol Doodled On By Brendan McCarthy

21 April 2009
[comics] Brendan McCarthy Art Show at Orbital Comics: ‘Featuring a lost image from the graphic novel SKIN, some drawings from a new comic project, DREAMTREES, a number of published ARTOONS from the CRISIS period of the early 90’s and more pictures from Brendan’s archive of unpublished art. Brendan is currently working on a new Spider-Man/Dr Strange mini series for Marvel Comics, out later this year.’
23 March 2009
[comics] The Electrick Hoax Revisited… Brendan McCarthy revisits some of his earliest work and his first collaboration with Peter Milligan …


22 January 2008
[comics] The Strangeness of Brendan McCarthy — all-new blog from one of my favourite comic artists.
13 December 2007
[comics] Interview with Brendan McCarthy‘I’ve got about seven new pitches out with various comics companies at the moment, but I’m not working on an actual comic at the moment…’
10 October 2007
[comics] Brendan McCarthy Showreel on Youtube‘I recently found this old VHS showreel inside a cobwebbed cardboard box in a storage room. It features art and designs from over a decade ago. Some of what’s there looks a bit dated, as you’d expect, but it’s a fun little romp nonetheless. So I thought I’d post it up for your viewing pleasure…’ [via Barbelith]
17 November 2006
[comics] Roaring’s Rantin’s: The Tale of Rudcliff and Williams — scans of an obscure Brendan McCarthy and Pete Milligan comic strip from 1987 …

amusing panel from paradax by McCarthy and Milligan

11 September 2006
[comics] Brendan McCarthy on Solo #12: ‘My initial pitch was for a humorous story featuring Dr. Manhattan’s massive blue penis and balls from The Watchmen… I liked that when he became a giant, his privates also grew enormously huge. I could imagine being inside a tall apartment block and being astonished as a giant blue monster sausage swayed by outside the window… Of course I wondered if it would now be OK to view The Martian Manhunter’s green J’onn Thomas, for example… But this was a case of only highbrow ‘arthouse’ nudity being allowed (“Glenda Jackson’s tits syndrome”) and it was rejected straight away. So I was getting an education in getting to know the boundaries of what is permissible in a DC Comic these days…’
6 December 2005
[comics] Interview with Brendan McCarthy‘I was sitting in a taxi with Grant [Morrison] – we’d got pissed at a comic convention and he was saying he couldn’t think of a headquarters for the Doom Patrol. So I said – what about the Beatles in a Hard Day’s Night? They used to live in that house where they were all connected together. I don’t know if you remember the sequence, but the Fab 4 lived in 4 terraced houses that were basically hollow inside so it was one giant house. So I said – why don’t you make it so that they live on a street and the street moves around and hides among other streets? It fit into the surreal Doom Patrol style? We started talking about streets and I said – you know what’s bugged me all my life? It’s that that the singer Danny Le Rue – he’s basically called Danny the Street – isn’t that just a fucking weird name? Why don’t you call it Danny the Street and make it a transvestite cross-dressing street?’
18 November 2004
[comics] The Strangeness of Brendan McCarthy — nicely done unofficial website for the much missed artist best known for his work on Judge Dredd and frequent collaborations with Peter Milligan … ‘Will he ever return to drawing a full comic strip? He has been quoted as saying, “Of course I will produce comic books in the future, but first I want to make sure I have enough money behind me so that I can self-publish the material I choose. I’m getting too long in the cock to have silly people telling me how to produce my own work. There’s just too much crap to put up with and quite frankly, I can’t be bothered with it”‘
28 January 2001
[comics] A great online archive of Brendan McCarthy’s Artoons. [Related Links: Excellent NeoMcCarthyism Fan Site, link via BugPowder]
1 May 2000
[comics] Whatever happened to Reverso-Brendan McCarthy? [via 2000AD Links Project]