[comics] The Strangeness of Brendan McCarthy — nicely done unofficial website for the much missed artist best known for his work on Judge Dredd and frequent collaborations with Peter Milligan … ‘Will he ever return to drawing a full comic strip? He has been quoted as saying, “Of course I will produce comic books in the future, but first I want to make sure I have enough money behind me so that I can self-publish the material I choose. I’m getting too long in the cock to have silly people telling me how to produce my own work. There’s just too much crap to put up with and quite frankly, I can’t be bothered with it”‘

Brendan McCarthy Website

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Yay, cheers for that.
It was heartwarming to see Brendan’s stuff after me being away from the comix biz for so long.

Just adding my thanks for the link! My first intro to McCarthyism was DC’s ‘Shade the Changing Man’, and I’ve enjoyed his stuff ever since!

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