1 April 2006
[war] Argentine Army General in 1977: ‘First we will kill terrorists. After that, we will kill collaborators. Later we will kill the supporters. And, finally, we will kill hesitant people.’ [via Warren Ellis]
[web] — tracking the deaths of MySpace users… ‘Cause of Death: Text Messaging + Train’
2 April 2006
[comics] Name Five Convention Memories That Don’t Involve Meeting a Cartoonist. — a “Friday Five” from Comics Reporter‘Jim Shooter losing his temper and yelling at me because I asked why Master of Kung Fu was cancelled. He even said, “I suppose you think I killed Gene Day.” Boy was HE the wrong guy to be manning a booth.’
[funny] Flickr: An Overdue Outlook Reminder.
3 April 2006
[property] Agents Diary — the blog of an anonymous Estate Agent somewhere in the UK … ‘A dreadful day today, I realised at three-thirty that I hadn’t left my desk, apart from one brief trip to the kitchen for a cuppa and two pisses. If I could get one of those colostomy bags and coerce one of those idle bastards to actually make me the occasional tea I could sit here permanently.’
4 April 2006
[ukblogs] While I’m thinking about anonymous bloggers: Belle de Jour is updating again and Girl With a One Track Mind got a book deal.
5 April 2006
[comics] Swamp Thing’s Blog‘I waited around all day for the golf game today, but no one showed up at the deserted plantation where we played our last game. When I got back to the swamp, I found a note from Abby saying the game had been called off until next weekend.’ [via Progressive Ruin]
[comics] He’s Quick on the Draw — That’s Grant! — old Grant Morrison interview from the Govan Press in 1976 … ‘Recently, Grant wrote to Marvel publications, the firm which produces most of these “power-packed” American comics — and asked for a job. Of his work, the comic’s editor, Neil Tennant told him: “We’re all very impressed with it — I’ve kept a piece of your art and your name and address should any vacancies arise at Marvel in the future.”‘
6 April 2006
[games] High Score Trailer — Quicktime Trailer for a documentary about a man attempting to break the High Score for Missile Command by playing it for two days non-stop…
7 April 2006
[comics] Mountain of Judgement: The Eyes of Jack Kirby [via Progressive Ruin]
8 April 2006
[comics] Script Robot Alan Moore — in the begininning Alan Moore was just one of Tharg’s humble Script Robots…
9 April 2006
[tv] Rik Mayall – This Much I know

‘After my quad-bike accident I was dead for five days. Jesus was only dead for three, so I beat him – 17 April 1998 was the day I was sent back from heaven. I remember waking up from the coma and there were four nurses wrestling with me, ramming a thingy up my knob. That’s quite a good memory, actually.’

10 April 2006
[comics] Black Legacy — an old Dr Who short-story written by Alan Moore involving the Cybermen … ‘Theta Troop are all dead!’ ‘Oh.’
11 April 2006
[tv] Deal or No Deal Noel Edmonds Figure Playset — for sale on Ebay. … ‘Remember folks this is a one of a kind auction! Now deal or no deal!’ [via Feeling Listless]
13 April 2006
[blog] Minor Tweaks: The Seven-Day Emotional Forecast‘Saturday: Disappointment mixed with apathy. Sunday: Mostly okay.’ [via Cheesedip]
14 April 2006
[comics] Ministry Of Space #1, Desolation Jones #1 and Fell #1 — various Comic Scripts from Warren Ellis‘Pic 4; An older female PSYCHIATRIST studies us, surrounded by shadows. A light source from above bounces off her little glasses, so that we cannot see her eyes. Psych: It is understood that you have experienced extraordinary stresses in your work, Mister Jones. However, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service requires more… Resilience? Put another way: James Bond never urinated on himself.’
15 April 2006
[film] Snakes on a Blog — a blog for the movie Snakes on a Plane‘I want these motherfucking snakes off the motherfucking plane!’
17 April 2006
[comics] Irreconcilable Sameness. (from Mark Stivers)
18 April 2006
[blogs] Humdrum‘The phone rang. I ignored it.’ [via Grayblog]
[puppies] “Inside Horror Puppy Farm – Pictures” — a return to form for the headline poster writer at the Evening Standard … (more: Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2005 and 2006)
[comics] The Mathematical Cartoons of Larry Gonick … [via Neilalien]

panels from a larry gonick comic about lumps and chaotic mixing...
(Gonick on Lumps and Chaotic Mixing)
20 April 2006
[films] Film of the Book: Top 50 Adaptations Revealed — a list of best book to film adaptations includes Frank Miller’s Sin City.
[murder] eBay, Manga and Murder — the Guardian on Kevin Underwood‘It is almost certainly true that you can find out more about Underwood’s personality from poking around the internet than his co-workers ever bothered to. But looking through the trails he left online, an awful fact becomes clear. Almost everything he did there to express himself was simply a record of the things he liked to buy or rent. Even his depression was understood in terms of the pills that he did or didn’t take.’
[comics] Grant Morrison Quotes — posted at Wikiquote … On Comics: ‘Truthfully, the job security in this business is uncertain, the hours are long, long and lonely, the audience is increasingly small, fickle and dissatisfied, like 3 of the 7 Dwarves. Respect is nonexistent, success fleeting; you’d be better off in a boy band, where at least you’d get laid before they made you obsolete.’
21 April 2006
[it] Supposing… Computers are deliberately wasting our time — by Charlie Brooker. ‘…the endless stream of finickity little tasks a computer will set you without warning. The tiny hoops you have to jump through before it gives you what you want. Install this driver. Now update it. Now update it again. Register to login to our website. Then validate your membership. Forgot your password? Click here. Now there. Fill out this form. And this one. And this one. Please wait while TimeJettison Pro examines your system. Download latest patch file. Please wait while patch file examines own navel. Remove cable. Insert cable. Gently tease USB port with cable. Yeah, that’s it baby. That’s the way. Now show us your bum or I’m deleting your inbox.’
22 April 2006
[comics] This Vicious Cabaret — an MP3 of David J. performing a song taken from Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta. (from Hidden City)
23 April 2006
[weird] 27 Project — a website about the number 27. ‘…one thing is for sure. once you are awake to the conspiracy you will never be the same again. by reading this far, your life has already changed for ever.’ [via Metafilter]
24 April 2006
[film] 102 Essential Movies — interesting list from Jim Emerson. ‘… [these] were the movies you just kind of figure everybody ought to have seen in order to have any sort of informed discussion about movies. They’re the common cultural currency of our time, the basic cinematic texts that everyone should know, at minimum, to be somewhat “movie-literate.”‘
[ukblogs] Park and Write — BBC News article about a blog called Wandering Scribe by a homeless woman living in her car in London … ‘A woman becomes homeless, so she gets into her car and drives. Except she has nowhere to go – so she stays in the car, with all her possessions heaped in the back, sleeping in the front seats, parking in secluded streets. For eight months, no one notices her, because she makes sure she looks respectable, taking showers and even ironing her clothes in public places like hospitals. She has made herself invisible, out of touch from anyone she used to know – and keeping separate from other homeless people. But this is the information age…’
26 April 2006
[bbc] BBC Programme Catalogue — the BBC’s Infax programme information catalogue available on the Internet … ‘Details of 946,614 BBC radio & TV programmes, dating back 75 years.’
[flash] Daily Mail Picnic — flash fun … ‘Everybody who’s on the web is certain to be a crook… And you’ll turn into a paedophile if ever you take a look…’
27 April 2006
[history] Bronte and Dickens Caught Napping in 1841 Census — one night in 1841 caught in the data from a census of the UK … ‘Up in Yorkshire in the parish of Guiseley, 20-year-old Charlotte Brontë was living in Upper Road as a governess. At Parsonage House, Newton-by-Daresbury near Warrington, nine-year-old Charles Dodgson – later to find fame as Lewis Carroll – was living with his parents, four sisters, two brothers, one gentleman, three private pupils and five servants.’ [via Robot Wisdom]
28 April 2006
[comics] Faster, Fritz… Faster! … 70’s Romance Comic found on scans_daily

panel from 70's Romance Comic
I Never Loved You
29 April 2006
[film] It Becomes a Self-fulfilling Thing — a discussion between Errol Morris and Adam Curtis‘Where people do set out to have conspiracies, they don’t ever end up like they’re supposed to. History is a series of unintended consequences resulting from confused actions, some of which are committed by people who may think they’re taking part in a conspiracy, but it never works out the way they intended.’ [via Kottke’s Links]
30 April 2006
[web] — a useful internet clipboard. I’ve found it great for quickly moving bits of text and small files between two computers especially if they are on different networks or there is a firewall in the way.