October 1, 2000
[degrees of seperation] What is Adolf Hitler’s Kevin Bacon Number? 2! ‘Adolf Hitler was in Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) with Maximilian Schell. Maximilian Schell was in Telling Lies in America (1997) with Kevin Bacon’ [idea via NTK’s Hitler Filmography… ]
September 26, 2000
[walken] Guardian Unlimited accuses Christopher Walken of being mild. Apparently his real name is Ronnie and he wants to do a cookery programme on TV… ‘Measured by his screen persona, the 57-year-old actor is anything but normal. Take the wheelchair-ridden Man With The Plan in Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead, or the psychotic mob boss Vincenzo Coccotti in True Romance. Indeed, many thought his performance as the demented Frank White in the super-violent gangster flick King Of New York was his most extreme – until last year’s Wildside showed him whipping his chauffeur with his underpants while attempting to sodomise him at gunpoint.’
September 20, 2000
[film] Guardian Unlimited talks to Quentin Tarantino about his current obssesion with Roy Rogers and Trigger. ‘Nowadays, Roy Rogers seems almost too good. I find myself being moved by his common decency. Life’s events and other people’s actions have no effect on him and his heart. He didn’t save Trigger to become a bitter man; he did it because it was what he had to do. His code is his code. The whole world can change, and it doesn’t change his code.’
September 17, 2000
[gummo] The Loafer’s Guide to Harmony KorineWhat next? Korine has been making Fight Harm, a film in which he provokes fights with strangers, a camera recording the violence. ‘I wanted it to be the funniest movie ever made, a cross between Buster Keaton and a snuff movie,’ he says. Work was stopped after he ended up in hospital or jail too often. After breaking his ankles in one fight, he’s had to abandon his plan ‘to invent a new form of tap-dancing’.’
September 6, 2000
[i have a cunning plan…] BBC News reports on a film about a sneaky Argentine filmaker who visits the Falklands Islands whilst trying to impregnate as many locals as possible in a inspired mission to retake the islands by love not war… the film is course called Fuckland. ‘So how hard would it be for another Argentine to find a date on the island? Las chicas en la isla no abundan, he says on the Web site, meaning that there’s not exactly a cornucopia of willing girls to begin with, and that the British military base there holds about 1,000 troops. ‘It’s terrible when you consider your competition,” Stratas says. Now you’re warned.’ [Related Link: Covert Operations in the Falklands: No Guns, Just Three Digital Cameras ]
September 4, 2000
[films] Apocalypse Now Film Transcript — it’s on TV right now. ‘Everyone gets everything he wants. I wanted a mission, and for my sins, they gave me one. Brought it up to me like room service. It was a real choice mission, and when it was over, I never wanted another.’ [Related Links: Apocalypse Now at IMDB, Apocalypse Now Tribute Page]
September 3, 2000
[movie trailers] I’ve not done any movie trailers for a while…. here’s Sylvester Stallone in Get Carter and the teaser trailer to Pearl Harbor. [Related Links: on Pearl Harbor and Get Carter ‘Okay, so you’re going to remake the Michael Caine crime thriller Get Carter for the 21st century, right? Who would you cast in the Caine role? Maybe Jude Law? Aidan Quinn? Ewan MacGregor? Robert Carlyle? Ah, the list goes on… but the answer is of course, Sylvester Stallone. Right. Ha. Haha. Hahahaha…’]
August 20, 2000
[movies] The Observer interviews Joe Eszterhas on the movie business, politics, Sharon Stone and Bill Clinton. ”Politics has become entertainment,’ says Eszterhas, ‘and entertainment has become politics. Betty Thomas, who made Private Parts and Dr Dolittle, said that comedy in Hollywood was now “funny moments with liberal inserts”, and that is right, because Sixties liberals and political correctness have taken over the industry. And the inner dynamics of Hollywood are like politics. Say you give a script to a group of executives – they all sit around, afraid to voice an opinion, saying nothing, waiting to know what the consensus is. Just like focus groups, opinion polls or a cabinet. Meanwhile, politics is about getting a candidate in front of the public as a star, politics as rock’n’roll, politics as a movie.” [Related Link: Eszterhas at IMDB]
August 13, 2000
[profile] The Observer profiles Guy Ritchie. ‘He is irritated, for a start, by the way the press have attacked him for having an affluent background and a cockney, or ‘mockney’, accent. Too many jokes about his ‘manor’ having a gravel drive and a swimming pool have made him cross. ‘I never said I lived in the East End for 30 years,’ he complains.’
August 8, 2000
Patrick Malahide as Inspector Chisholm on Minder[bacon] How many degrees of seperation between Kevin Bacon and Detective Chisholm (from Minder)? [Related Links: Patrick Malahide’s website, Minder fan-site]
August 4, 2000
[comics] newsUnlimited takes a look at comics being turned into film after the sucess in the US of X-Men. [Includes quotes from Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Dave Gibbons and Kurt Busiek] ‘Grant Morrison agrees: “Comics have shrunk into comic shops which now look like porn shops and people are frightened to go in there. When Superman was selling between 4m and 6m a month, you could buy them anywhere, in any shop. One of the things they must do is get them back on the streets, back in the hands of children, out of the hands of weird 35-year-old men who collect them and sustain the industry.”‘
You get that bus out Butler![on the buses] How many degrees of seperation between Kevin Bacon and Blakey (from On The Buses)? I’ve got you Butler!
August 2, 2000
[comics] upcomingmovies and comics2film cover Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell. ‘Inspired by “Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution” by the late Stephen Knight, “From Hell” suggests that Prince Albert “Eddy” Victor had fathered an illegitimate child, and when four Whitechapel prostitutes attempted to exploit this information, they were executed (the fifth victim was allegedly a case of mistaken identity). Complicit parties include Scotland Yard, the Freemasons and Victoria herself, while such London notables as Oscar Wilde and John “Elephant Man” Merrick make cameo appearances.’
July 25, 2000
[star wars] Star Dudes: The Bad Dudes Strike Back
July 21, 2000
[film] newsUnlimited reviews High Fidelity. “All the way through the film, from the opening titles to closing credits, there is a passionate, encyclopaedic love of music, combined with a disconcerting sense that this love is a kind of autism or arrested development, a symptom of some poignant deprivation of real love.”
July 20, 2000
Thora Birch as Enid[film] covers Ghost World. ‘Clowes said the film is about, “the lives of two recent high school graduates from the advantaged perch of a constant and (mostly) undetectable eavesdropper, with the shaky detachment of a scientist who has grown fond of the prize microbes in his petri dish.”‘
[weatherman] Bill Giles reviews the Perfect Storm. ‘I thought the actor who played the weatherman was lightweight. The forecaster didn’t get as excited as most broadcasting weather forecasters would do if they saw this once-in-100-years storm coming along. He just sat there. For most of us, our eyes would of have gone glazed and we would have got up and started screaming “I want more time” before broadcasting”.’
July 19, 2000
[movies] What it says on the tin — Soup goes to the Movies. ‘In a comically wrenching scene, Ewan McGregor plays Mark “Rent-boy” Renton, preparing to detox himself of his heroin addiction: “Relinquishing junk. Stage one, preparation. for this you will need one room which you will not leave. Soothing music. Tomato soup, ten tins of. Mushroom soup, eight tins of, for consumption cold. Ice cream, vanilla, one large tub of. Magnesia, milk of, one bottle. Paracetamol, mouthwash, vitamins. Mineral water, Lucozade, pornography. One mattress. One bucket for urine, one for feces and one for vomitus. One television and one bottle of Valium. Which I’ve already procured from my mother. Who is, in her own domestic and socially acceptable way also a drug addict. And now I’m ready. All I need is one final hit to soothe the pain while the Valium takes effect.”‘
July 17, 2000
[comics] I Just Type points out that I maybe wrong about Stan Lee and that the X-Men movie had a good opening weekend….
July 13, 2000
[photo] Great Photo of Stanley Kubrick on the set of 2001. “My God. It’s full of stars.”
July 10, 2000
[film] Slashdot discusses Bladerunner. “How can slashdot embolden its readers on the one hand to boycott the movie industry because of DVD and DeCSS, and, on the other hand, encourage us to purchase the Blade Runner DVD? “
July 9, 2000
[film] Ridley Scott answers a freqeuntly asked question about his film Blade Runner — Is Deckard a Replicant?. ‘In Channel 4’s documentary On The Edge Of Blade Runner, Scott discusses the scenes and asked what they mean, he confirms with a grin: “He’s a replicant”‘.
July 1, 2000
[film] newsUnlimited profiles John Cusack ‘”It’s something we, guys, have all done. Made tapes for girls, trying to impress them, to meet them on a shared plane of aesthetics. Read them someone else’s poetry because they do poetry better than you could do it, because you’re too awkward to do it. It seemed to me that Nick just nailed how men’s minds work when we’re trying to sort out what we do with women. And, of course, it’s funny.” It’s not about anything very much, except what’s going on in the characters’ minds. There’s no great plot, not a lot of narrative. But then, as he says, “There are lots of people who don’t have extraordinary things happen to them and who still live quite intense lives.”‘
June 27, 2000
[movie] Media Nugget of the Day covers Being There, an amazing film starring Peter Sellers. Highly recommended.
June 26, 2000
[comics] According to Ain’t it Cool News Frank Miller may be teaming up with Darren Aronofosky for the next Batman film. [via Ghost in the Machine]
June 25, 2000
[midi] Today’s theme is Dueling Banjo’s [from Deliverance]
June 22, 2000
[film] Media Nugget of the Day covers Dogma. ‘It’s Mall Rats meets Life of Brian meets Up in Smoke, but it’s definitely not for devout Catholics or anyone who likes their humor measured, mature, or sanitized.’
June 20, 2000
[film] Deconstructing Harry — Film Threat on Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News. “GRAFT. One tends to question Harry’s credibility due to the volume of gifts and gratuities he receives from both studios and filmmakers. Not only does he admit it, he begs for it! The only words in a story title that will turn me off faster than “Harry’s Adventure In…” would be “WAAAH! ME WANT PWESANTS!!!” Damn, son. Show some dignity.” [via Ghost in the Machine]
June 17, 2000
[film / comics] CHRISTOPHER “FUCKING” LEE!! I’m not that interested in Star Wars but that is a nice reference to one of my favourite comics strips so I’m compelled to link to it…
June 14, 2000
[film] Media Nugget of the Day reports on The Conversation.
June 2, 2000
[anime] Slashdot discusses essential anime — here’s a list of the best..
May 31, 2000
[film] newsUnlimited reports on the film of L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth. “His conclusion was “the one thing that could dent the armour-plated cause of Scientology is the sound of global derision.” Indeed, the only subliminal voice I could detect came about 10 minutes into this 121-minute film and it seemed to be saying “Leeeaaave thisssss cinemmmaaa nooo””
May 30, 2000
[film] Media Nugget of the Day covers Out of Sight with George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez.
May 28, 2000
[movies] The Lost Ending to Clerks“I’m not even supposed to be here today!”
May 20, 2000
[film] Fantagraphics covers the Ghost World Movie. The Ghost World film has wrapped shooting and Terry Zwigoff is now spending his time in the editing room, whittling footage down to a managable masterpiece. Editing should be completed by the end of August or beginning of September, at which point MGM will set a release date for the picture, which stars Thora Birch, Scarlet Johanssen, Steve Buscemi, Brad Renfro, David Cross, Teri Garr, Bruce Glover and others.
May 19, 2000
[film] Apocalypse Now Tribute Site
May 11, 2000
[film] newsUnlimited reports that Florence attempts to ban Hannibal [Text Only]
May 10, 2000
[film] filmUnlimited on trailers being released on the internet. Mat Snow, former editor of the mature gentleman’s rock monthly Mojo, once explained how he had fully enjoyed Godzilla without ever having seen the film. For the months of build-up beforehand, he had the pleasure of getting excited about the film, imagining the monster and the movie in his head, getting off on the hype. By the time the film actually came out, he had been reliably informed that it stank. So he didn’t go to see it. But he didn’t feel cheated – he had had four months of enjoyable anticipation at no cost.
May 7, 2000
[film] Two interesting links on Kubrick: filmUnlimited looks at Speilberg directing Kubrick’s AI and an interesting website on The Unknown Kubrick — his photography for Look magazine.
April 29, 2000
[films] filmUnlimited reports on the state of the British gangster movie. There lies the key difference between gangster flicks new and old: they used to be fully rounded thrillers which, due to the nature of their setting, would inevitably involve elements of violence and black comedy.
April 27, 2000
[tv] FilmFour to broadcast banned sex scenes on web. FilmFour will show a doctored version of The Idiots, which caused controversy when it was given a cinema certificate, on its subscription channel. But it will “webcast” the most controversial scenes, uncut, on its website.
April 22, 2000
[movies] Here’s the trailer for Kevin and Perry Go Large.
April 19, 2000
[film] filmUnlimited interviews Harry Enfield about Kevin & Perry Go Large.
April 17, 2000
[film] filmUnlimited gives High Fidelity a very positive review.
April 15, 2000
[film] Time Code 2000 looks like a very interesting film. BBC News has a report.
April 5, 2000
[trailers] Here’s the movie trailer for Any Given Sunday.
April 1, 2000
[Kevin Smith] The infamous list of porn titles read by Randall in Clerks
March 29, 2000
[movies] Interview in the Guardian with Oliver Stone.“There’s a few things I’ve been. Hedonist. Moralist. Conspiracist. Misogynist – which I hate because, God, I love women.” Here’s a list of Mr Stone’s Films. Great stuff — my personal favourite is JFK, by the way. However, I don’t believe in any of the conspiracy theories! Okay?
[Movies] From Memepoolthe films of Alan Smithee
March 24, 2000
[Movies] I enjoyed A Clockwork Orange but was amazed by the entrance, I said, the entrance of Weatherfields favorite butcher Fred Elliot halfway through the film!