1 February 2010
[comics] Superheroes, villains and everything in between … some wonderful real life superheroes and villains collected by Meg from Flickr.
2 February 2010
[movies] The Director of Downfall Speaks Out on All Those Angry YouTube Hitlers‘As for the idea of such a serious scene being used for laughs, Hirschbiegel thinks it actually fits with the theme of the movie. “The point of the film was to kick these terrible people off the throne that made them demons, making them real and their actions into reality,” he says.’
3 February 2010
[funny] Make Your Own Malcolm Tucker Poster‘Eric fucking Bristow’s on the oche throwing a million darts made of human shit right at you.’
4 February 2010
[google] Have you checked out Google’s view of your social circle on the internet? … a long list of links to your friends and acquaintances pulled in automatically from a number of sources (useful for the internet stalker in all of us.)
[meme] I’ll probably regret this: Ask Me A Question‘no, I’ve never kept a secret blog…’
5 February 2010
[comics] High Fever: An interview with Brendan McCarthy‘Having done Shade and now Spider-Man and Dr. Strange — all that I’d like to do next is The Creeper! (I have to admit, Hawk and Dove never really did it for me.)’
[space] Spectacular Hubble View Of The Aftermath Of An Asteroid Collision … Asteroids collide or spacecraft? You decide…
6 February 2010
[internet] The Nine Circles of Dante’s Internet … Part Of the 8th Circle Of Dante’s Internet: ‘People Who Ask For Advice But Don’t Listen.’
7 February 2010
[moore] A YouTuber Sums Up Alan Moore: ‘Sheesh. I keep trying to read his stuff, but I swear Moore is like the messiah of all who would get beat up in middle school. Thus he is against confident sexy women who flirt, confident athletic men who are badass and don’t need permission to kiss a woman, anyone who can fight or kill, anyone who knows they look good…. He is for anyone who can play the tuba, is gay, has bad hair, has a bad complexion, has frizzy hair, is socialist… it gets old.’
8 February 2010
[lifehacks] 43 Simple Ways To Simplify Your Life‘7. Makebelieve girlfriend chair’
9 February 2010
[es] Another Necktie Strangling … from Fuck Yeah Hitchcock! [via Unreliably Witnessed]
10 February 2010
[comics] The Batman Digs This Day…

The Batman Digs This Day...

Grant Morrison on Brave and the Bold #102: One of my all-time favourite Batman panels was written by Haney and drawn by Jim Aparo and shows Batman strolling down the sunlit streets of Gotham, checking out the mini-skirted girls and accompanied by the line to end all lines: ‘Yes, Batman digs this day!’
11 February 2010
[art] dvdp … a tumblr of stunning images, animated GIFs and optical illusions.
12 February 2010
[movies] Is Great Cinema Ever The Work Of A Single Man? … how much does a great movie owe to it’s director? … ‘Theoretically, says Loader, it is ­entirely possible for a film to direct ­itself. A solid cast and crew can be ­relied on to fill in the gaps left by a ­director who is either inept or awol. “Oh, it happens all the time,” he says.’
[wal] Worth A Look: …But That’s How I Roll42 Essential 3rd Act Twists25 Awesome Mugs
14 February 2010
[comics] 1966 Batman Valentines … Batman obviously is the most romantic of Superheroes … ‘I’m out to get you… Valentine!’ [See Also: Another Batman Valentine]
15 February 2010
[comics] 50 Grant Morrison Graphic Novels You Should Read’46. We3 – Three bioengineered pets just want to find their way home.’
16 February 2010
[internet] A Crime of Shadows .. a really disturbing look at how potential sexual predators are entrapped on the internet by U.S. Police … ‘J was guilty of some things, serious things. He was guilty of saying he wanted to have sex with two imaginary children. He was guilty of being a troubled soul in a bad marriage, of abusing steroids, of a lifelong inability to establish a healthy intimacy with a woman, and of being morally adrift in a netherworld of illicit sexual desire. He was guilty of lacking moral boundaries and good sense…’ [via Metafilter]
17 February 2010
[fun] Worth A Look: Escher’s “Relativity” in LEGOComic Book Ad BrowserHow To Suck A Facebook
18 February 2010
[books] Henry Sutton’s top 10 Unreliable Narrators … On The Killer Inside Me: ‘It was Jim Thompson, not James M Cain, who put the hard into hard-boiled, the noir into roman noir. He was also one of the first crime writers to take us into the heads of seriously twisted killers, if not out-and-out psychopaths. Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford is regarded as a pillar of the small Texan community he serves. Yet he’s in possession of a secret he doesn’t even admit to himself. When the bodies start to appear, the net slowly tightens.’
[movies] Kosmograd: Why 2010 wont be like ‘2010’ … why the imagery and portrayal of computers in the 1984 film 2010 doesn’t match up to the computers we use today … ‘Unlike the computers of 2010, the computers in ‘2010’ do not create space. The computers of the Leonov, and even HAL 9000 on the Discovery, are little more than tools or automatons, tactile and solid. Whereas HAL looked out into our world, today we look into the world created within the computer.’
19 February 2010
[funny] It’s Simple – Kill The Batman

It's Simple - Kill The Batman

[comics] Paradax: the TV show … according to internet rumours Brendan McCarthy is in Hollywood pitching Paradax as a animated TV Show … ‘Bad Boy Superhero: Smallville meets Entourage’
21 February 2010
[funny] Worth A Look: MindfuckI’ll Just The Browse The Web For A Few MinutesSkiing Batmen
22 February 2010
[books] Hare-brained: Kit Williams’ Masquerade … The long and engrossing story behind the creation of Kit Williams’ Masquerade treasure hunt and it’s eventual solution … ‘The national newspapers followed up the Thomas story all week, faithfully repeating the version of events he’d given to Williams. They were particularly pleased with the notion that all these eggheads could have been defeated by Masquerade’s puzzle, only to see the hare finally discovered by a dog who stopped to pee on a random stone. This was the single aspect of the story which every newspaper emphasised, and it’s still the one thing which most casual readers know – or think they know – about Masquerade today.’ [via Metafilter]
23 February 2010
[politics] Adam Curtis On How All Of Us Have Become Richard Nixon‘Just like him we have all become paranoid weirdos.’ (more…)
[war] Lost Nazi nuke-project uranium found in Dutch scrapyard‘Forensic nuke scientists at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) traced two pieces of metal – described as a cube and a plate – back to their exact origins and dates. Apparently both came from ores extracted at the “Joachimsthal” mine in what is now the Czech Republic, though the two are from different production batches.The cube, according to specialists at the JRC’s Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU), was produced in 1943 for the Nazi nuclear programme and was used in the lab of famous boffin Werner Heisenberg (of uncertainty principle fame).’
24 February 2010
[comics] Kevin O’Neill Interview [Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five] … huge interview covering O’Neill’s 40 year career in comics … ‘What Robocop did by beating Judge Dredd to the screen was it stole the best of Judge Dredd, and when they made the Dredd movie, they were then worried about being compared with Robocop! So they took out all the black humor and all the satire, and their emasculated movie was almost a Judge Dredd movie, but not quite. Robocop was a more energetic movie. We did hear there were piles of 2000 ADs in the production offices. That does kind of show, doesn’t it?’ [via Metafilter]
[politics] Glanced At: Steve Bell On The National Bullying Helpline.
25 February 2010
[comics] Jack Kirby’s Visual Interpretations of God‘I always found it interesting that of the very few pieces of his own work that Jack Kirby displayed in his home, three of them were his visual interpretations of God.’
[comics] Happy 10th Blogiversary Neilalien! … as far as I know Neilalien’s blog and Doctor Strange / Steve Ditko fan site was the first comic blog. Amazingly, after ten years he still seems to handroll his own blog pages, which proves he’s either old school or an alien – I can’t make up my mind which… Congratulations Neil!
26 February 2010
[comics] The 6 Most Realistic Moments In “Kick-Ass”‘Completing the Hit Girl Realisim Trifecta, there’s the scene where she–again, a tiny child–accurately shoots a pistol in each hand, scoring headshots on a roomful of bad guys. Issues of recoil are, of course, negated by the littlegirlium factor…’
27 February 2010
[funny] Worth a Look: Unhappy HipstersComing Soon From BBC Worldwide10 Reasons To Avoid Talking On The Phone.
28 February 2010
[blogs] The Power Of Ten … Meg Pickard celebrates 10 years of blogging. Congratulations Meg! :) … ‘A decade feels like a long time in so many ways – when I look back at my early posts and think about what I was doing back then and where I was in life, I am amazed how far away it feels. But throughout those ten years there have been very few of the 3692 days (more or less) when I haven’t written something on the blog, or scribbled something in draft, or at very least thought about it and felt guilty for not having sufficient time to devote to doing it.’