[bdj] Who is the real Belle de Jour, the internet’s best-read whore? — The Independent suggests that Andrew Orlowski is Belle De Jour. ‘…as soon as one name appeared to slip from the frame, another one sprang up to replace it. The new contender is Andrew Orlowski, who grew up on the opposite side of the Pennines to Ms Champion, but with whom she collaborated on a number of minor publications in the early years of the last decade. Described in some quarters as a “cult figure”, Mr Orlowski has a record of cultured sex writing on the internet. Yesterday, however, he was not taking any calls.’

» Of Course Belle Was Faking It. That’s What Sex – And Cyberspace – Are All About — Jeanette Winterson on BdJ … ‘Belle is a natural-born blogger; her style is witty and compact, with the right mixture of intimacy and disassociation. We feel we know her, yet we don’t know her at all — doubly so, if she turns out to be a fake.’

» Tom Coates on BdJ‘Can we really be so shocked and startled by the idea that one of the enormous number of prostitutes in the world has decided to write a weblog? Certainly it’s worth a read. She seems like a nice, sorted, intelligent person.’

Independent — Andrew Orlowski is Belle De Jour

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I’d just like to get in here first with the comment about the Independent’s interesting misspelling of a phrase so it ends up as “cult figure”. There. That’s all. Thanks.

I’m curious. What does Tom C know about prostitutes? Not that I know anything, mind you.

I am in the position to out the true author of Belle de Jour. It is in fact one Darren Shrubsole, veteran blogger. Perhaps.

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