[bdj] I was Branded a Call-Girl Blogger — Sarah Champion on what it’s Like to be mistaken for Belle de Jour‘Ever since I found myself described as a ‘wild child’ in a local paper as a teenager, I dreaded that one day I would wake up to find paparazzi outside my door. Since then I’ve published a book of ecstasy drug stories in the wake of Leah Betts’s death, briefly dated a well-known TV comedian and shared a spliff with a former member of the Beatles. But it never once occurred to me that what would finally bring the paparazzi to my door would be my use of commas.’

Sarah Champion on being mistaken for Belle de Jour

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So, bit of extra publicity for Sarah Champion, then.

I’m thinking of taking the intro to that story and using it for my own nefarious self-promotion purposes:

“Media speculation about the identity of the author behind an internet diary of a London prostitute fell upon one man last week when he was ‘unmasked’ in the Times. Here Vaughan Simons gives an exclusive account of how it feels to be mistaken for the notorious ‘Belle de Jour'”


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