[bdj] Picture of Sarah Champion (outed yesterday as Belle De Jour) found on Andrew Orlowski’s website. Doesn’t it seem a little suspicious that the biggest critic of blogging at the very least worked with Sarah Champion in the past and they are both currently based in San Francisco? [thanks Rachel!]

» Orlowski on Badpress: ‘How I became a journalist. Scandalsheet started in 1992 with Sarah Champion. The first issue (150) was printed in 24 hours. Sarah has no recollection of this night.’

» Orlowski’s Byline in the Register: ‘Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco’

» Sarah Champion’s Location: ‘Last night Ms Champion, who is currently living with her boyfriend in California, did not deny that she was the woman behind Belle. “I’m in San Francisco at the moment… to hide,” she said, laughing.’

What’s the connection between Andrew Orlowski and Belle De Jour?

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Ping! Trackback! Good sleuthing, ninja elf!

Interesting, if slightly tenuous connection!

Do you know these people?

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