[bdj] Internet Call-Girl Unmasked — the Times unmasks Belle de Jour. … ‘Don Foster, America’s foremost literary sleuth, identified quirks in Belle’s text, such as the way she uses brackets, dashes, compound verbs and italics. He entered this information into Google, the internet search engine, and within 20 minutes found that Miss Champion was the only person who matched the linguistic fingerprint. “While no piece of evidence is conclusive by itself, I’m sure we have found our woman,” he said.’

The Times Unmasks Belle De Jour

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Compound verbs are so much less interesting that you like think.

Thank God.

Maybe now the rest of us can get on with things.

I can’t wait until this faddish aspect of weblogging dies down – it’s well beyond boiling point now, heading for a bit of a meltdown.

Sites like Belle de Jour contribute almost nothing worthwhile to the blogosphere, other than an irritating diversion.

Wouldn’t it have been so much better if Belle was actually real?

Does anyone know for sure who BdJ is yet?

Look – a dash, a comma!

Phonetic Punctuation and other great sketches by Victor Borge.

Well worth a ganda.

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