1 April 2000
[Mayor for London] NewsUnlimited reports and carries a video of Frank Dobson saying “Ooh! You Amaze Me!” I seem to be missing the point on this one. Someone enlighten me please?
[the world only makes sense when you force it to] These three links caused my head to ache yesterday: The Universe is a Holgram? Guh? Mount Etna blows smoke rings? Muh? Finally, a Newsunlimited article about what’s happening about cloning around the world. [Text-Only] Duh?
[Kevin Smith] The infamous list of porn titles read by Randall in Clerks
[Mayor for London] Let’s have a heated debate! David Frost tackles the four main contenders for Mayor of London.
2 April 2000
[internet] newsUnlimited meets the man who sued the world [Text Only]. Very interesting profile of Laurence Godfrey — he sued Demon a UK ISP after it failed to removed some nasty comments about him posted on soc.culture.thai Usenet newsgroup [BBC News Story] .
[Books] Interview with Nick Hornby about the new film of his book High Fidelity. [Via Ghost in the Machine]
[BBC] According to newsUnlimited it’s night of the long knives time at the BBC [Text Only]. There’s also another report concentrating on Greg Dyke’s hatred of hierarchy. It’s time to admit that I work for BBC Resources so am not exactly uninterested in this story!
3 April 2000
[doom] Terrific new ZDoom wad available for download: Hell Factory
[misc] BBC News asks: Could you ditch your mobile?
[GM] Nice Grant Morrison Interview.
[funny] Report from The Onion: New E-Toilet To Revolutionize On-Line Shitting. “In the near future everyone will shit on-line.”
[Books] Here’s the first chapter of Man and Boy. Tony Parson’s chats about his book in talkUnlimited.
[Mayor for London] Two stories: Livingstone expelled from the Labour Party. Pig runs for Mayor.
4 April 2000
[lists] An interesting “Best of” series book-list from
[hell] According to the BBC the Church of England is about to reignite the fires of hell!
5 April 2000
[tech] Julie Burchill comes out of the closet as a technophobe [Text Only].
[pulp!] Pulp Book covers: Sex and savagery of Hells Angels, Satan was a Man or Confessions of a Pychiatrist — Every Boudoir was his office Every patient his plaything! [via PhilB<-Memepool]
[trailers] Here’s the movie trailer for Any Given Sunday.
[tech] Profile of Joel Klein — the guy who gave Microsoft a good kicking [Text Only].
6 April 2000
[tech] It was a bad bay for the IT support team at the London Stock Exchange yesterday [Text Only]
BBC News reports that Post-It notes are twenty years old today…
[uk] newsunlimited has an interesting profile of Charlie Kray [Text Only] who died recently. Here’s the Guardian’s Obit [Text Only].
7 April 2000
[BOFH] The BOFH interpretation skills test. Which side are you on?
[two unrelated links?] Queen’s shares fall. How Pac-Man and Mrs Pac-Man have sex… [update: Queenie’s shares have rallied as 2.30pm]
[GM] Hmmm… the Invisibles seem to have got
newsUnlimited asks: Would you get baptised just to please your dying father? No. [Text Only]
[tech]’s bulletin board on MP3 encoders. [via Random ($foo)]
9 April 2000
[tech] A UK Archbishop warns that the internet is evil [Low Graphics]. Has he actually used it, I wonder?
10 April 2000
[lastminute] is best known UK travel brand on the Internet according to a new survey.
[WE] New column from Warren Ellis. He recommends you go read Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. I agree… one of the best comics ever…
[weblogs] Jim Roepcke has come up with a really cool interface to the favourites facility of For example here is:’s, Daily Doozer’s and Barbelith’s.
[tech] Zdnet provides an interesting history of MP3. You can’t stop the music…
11 April 2000
[the horror! the horror!] newsUnlimited interviews Jimmy Saville. [Text Only]
[MP3 links] What is Gnutella? / The New World of Gnutella / Content Shifts to the Edges
[tech] Suck on skins: We have seen the future, and it is damned hard to use.
[comics] BBC News reports that Dan Dare is fifty.
[mp3] Yahoo News reports on Napster’s defense [via slashdot thread]
[mayor for london] Livinstone suggests that the international financial system kills more people than Hitler did in WWII every year.
12 April 2000
[nazi] David Irving loses his libel case. The Guardian headlines with — Irving: consigned to history as a racist liar — which sums up my feelings. Here is newsUnlimited’s special report.
[nazi] Steve Bell’s brilliant cartoon on Irving.
[uk news] newsUnlimited covers anti-vivisectionists protesting outside the houses of investors in Huntingdon Life Sciences.
[weblogs] The daddy and mummy of weblogging have an argument. [Update: Jorn’s response]
[personal shite] Just thought of a title for a great war comic: VICAR WITH A GUN (IN MONTE CASSINO). [It saddens me to admit that I am thirty years old and still think of stuff like that… What is wrong with me?]
13 April 2000
Two murders that won’t go away : Sam Sheppard is still a fugitive. Jeffrey MacDonald still protests his innocence… MacDonald’s pregnant wife and two children were murdered in Feb 1970 a month before I was born… over thirty years ago. Murders cast long shadows, I guess.
[mayor for london] Let’s play Fantasy Mayor … enter your preferences on 15 key issues and fantasy mayor will tell you which candidate to vote for. [via ChrisH]
[mayor for london] newsUnlimited reports on: The collected controversies of Ken Livingstone According to reports Ken’s lead had dropped by 12 points.
[tech] Wap phones are like ZX Spectrums [Text Only]. Hmmm… nice idea…
[onion] David Irving would probably agree with the Onion on this: Did Six Million Really Visit The Holocaust Museum?
[Comics] Frank Miller to do a sequel to Batman: Dark Knight Returns?
14 April 2000
[Mp3] Metallica sues Napster: “it is sickening to know that our art is being traded like a commodity rather than the art that it is.” Guh?
[news] Shergar is still missing in action.
[MP3] The shit is really starting to fly over Gnutella, MP3 and Napster… [via Slashdot Thread]
15 April 2000
[funny] Superfriends Whassup?
[funny] Someone’s released the source for Windows 2000! [via random($foo)]
[Comics] AnotherUniverse reports that Peter Bagge is being forced out of comics by the poor market…
[funny] South Park Wassup? [Via Ghost in the Machine]
[film] Time Code 2000 looks like a very interesting film. BBC News has a report.
16 April 2000
[nazi] More on the David Irving libel case from newsUnlimited: Why History Matters [Text Only]
[tech] Computer’s rot childrens brains reports newsUnlimited.
It’s been a “Whassup?” kind of weekend: Star Wars Wassup [via Camworld]
[MP3] New versions of Winamp and Audiograbber have been released. Download here: Winamp 2.62 and Audiograbber 1.62.
17 April 2000
[comics] The 2000AD Links Project is full of interesting web sites about the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic.
[film] filmUnlimited gives High Fidelity a very positive review.
[south park] nme interviews South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
18 April 2000
[comics] Alan’s Moore’s Twilight of the Superheroes can still be found on the web — if you know where to look. . ‘We have a powerful and intense sequence where Superman manages to smash his way through a lot of the alien forces single-handed while being ring-whipped by the Lanterns, only to finally be beaten to death in single combat by the massive and frighteningly powerful Sodal Yat.’
[comics] Whatever happened to Joe Matt?
[comics] Warren Ellis reviews Eddie Campbell’s Alec stories in the new Come In Alone.
[tech/mp3] I’ve finally got Audiograbber to rip from CD’s on NT. I’ve also started using Lame to encode the MP3’s. Both come highly recommended…
19 April 2000
[comics] Steve Bell’s favourite comics.
[film] filmUnlimited interviews Harry Enfield about Kevin & Perry Go Large.
[web] DigiGuide is a great web application which allows you to download TV schedules for UK TV programmes and view them off-line.
[news] newsUnlimited meets the oldest women and man in the world. [Text Only] “Draining the last from another bottle of beer he stands up, clutching his documents. ‘Right, I’ve had enough. I want everyone to fuck off because I’m tired.’ He walked off, leaving a little pile of empty beer bottles and two cigarette ends, marking his place in time”
[mayor for london] Another webapp to help you choose your mayor: VoteMonkey [requires Java]
[weblogs] Well it had to happen: newsUnlimited has a weblog.
20 April 2000
[news] Ricky leaves Eastenders… newsUnlimited has the story [Text Only]and so does BBC News [low graphics]. From newsUnlimited: “Ricky stumbled onto our screens in 1988, and fate has pissed mercilessly into his eyes ever since. It’s been nothing but disappointment, heartbreak, humiliation and plodding, battleship-grey drudgery. And while he may not have suffered with dignity – there’s nothing dignified about him – he has at least avoided pulling an “Arthur Fowler” and plunging into full-blown mental unhingery. Until now.”
[politics] Tory MP admits to surfing for porn: New Forest West’s Desmond Swayne told MPs it was only the Commons division bell that stopped him from lingering with a sense of “fascination” over a porn site.
[comics] Box Office Poison is one of my favorite comics at the moment.
21 April 2000
[comics] Pretty unbelievable rumour: Michael Jackson and Stan Lee to buy Marvel comics? [check out the “Who’s bad” Section]
22 April 2000
[uk] British banks are useless, money-grabbing bastards. [Text Only].
[Mp3] More shit flies over MP3 / Napster — various links: You can PayLars if you feel guilty about downloading bootleg Metallica MP3’s of the net. Dr Dre warns Napster [interesting thread about this on Metafilter: Napster is nothing more than the new mix tape].
[movies] Here’s the trailer for Kevin and Perry Go Large.
[comics] Tom gets an email from Grant Morrison! [why don’t I get emails from Grant? WHY?? WHY?? I’ve been a good soldier… I read Zoids for fucks sake, Grant! :) ]
23 April 2000
[comics] What is Hypertime?
[tech] Microsoft makes another attempt to hide support for DOS in the lastest version of Windows.
24 April 2000
[y2k] newsUnlimited asks if we were conned by the computer industry over y2k? [Text Only]
[quote] “We’re the Sweeney son, and we haven’t had any dinner!”
[funny] TVGoHome is pretty much the funniest thing on the web. Even its submissions guidelines are amusing: “We run very few listings whose title is a weak and obvious pun on an existing show: i.e. Changing Wombs, Ainsley’s Big Cock Out, Blind Rape, Scooby Poo, etc etc.”
25 April 2000
[history] newsUnlimited reports on six men who survived for seven months on the Antarctic coast in 1912 after being left by the ill fated Captain Scott with rations for seven weeks and no winter clothing. [Text Only] “What, after all, are a few months of darkness and blubber lamps,” Levick asks, “when we have an allowance of a couple of pipes a day to console us?”
26 April 2000
[comics] Ain’t it Cool reports that Neil Gaiman is to direct two films Death: The High Cost of Living and another called Chivalry. Also Frank Miller is returning to mainstream comics … he will work on a Daredevil story with Bill Sienkiewicz and sequel to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and possibly something with John Romita Jr.
[comics] Neil Gaiman has a website.
[uk news] BBC News asks: Would you use a unisex toilet? “I’ve encountered unisex toilets in various places, but yes, some men urinate on toilet seats. On most occasions it doesn’t bother me, but it’s disgusting for the lasses.”
27 April 2000
[tv] FilmFour to broadcast banned sex scenes on web. FilmFour will show a doctored version of The Idiots, which caused controversy when it was given a cinema certificate, on its subscription channel. But it will “webcast” the most controversial scenes, uncut, on its website.
[comics] Warren Ellis reports that he will produce a run of three-issue serials, original graphic novels and trade paperbacks for Image Comics.
[books] booksUnlimited has Adrian Mole on the web: Diary of a Provincial Man.
[mayor for london] This is London reports that Ken Livingstone has a 34% lead. [I’m using the UK Yahoo’s version of This is London because the real This in London web site is just to damn slow.]
[comics] The final issue of the Invisibles is out. I still have not got a copy — deliveries in the UK were delayed by the bank holiday on Monday!
28 April 2000
[comics] “Nothing ends that isn’t something else starting. So which side are you on? Do you know yet?” I’ve just read the last issue of the Invisibles… [Personal Shite]

If you want to find out more about the Invisibles check out: The Bomb and the Nexus.
[uk] jobsUnlimited reports on the man who got fired for having porn delivered to his workplace the old fashioned way. “The tribunal decides against Steve in a relatively uncensorious fashion. There seems to be a tacit agreement that he has suffered enough. We can all go home and forget about Planet Mammary. Am still puzzled myself about double anal. But please don’t write in to explain.”
29 April 2000
[comics] DC Comics ordered the complete print run of Alan Moore’s League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen #5 destroyed because the reproduction of a Victorian age advertisement contains the phrases “Marvel Douche Company” and “vaginal”. Moore comments: ‘My parents raised me as a gentleman and everyone at Marvel should rest assured that I would never make reference to any person there as a “douchebag”.’
[films] filmUnlimited reports on the state of the British gangster movie. There lies the key difference between gangster flicks new and old: they used to be fully rounded thrillers which, due to the nature of their setting, would inevitably involve elements of violence and black comedy.
[tech] The wisdom of Jerry Pournelle: Installing A Linux Server Takes Savvy. Guh?
[tv] Channel 4 have a list of the greatest UK TV ads.
30 April 2000
[mayor for london] BBC News reports that Ken Livingstone expects to return to the Labour Party after the election next week.
[tv] Ali G to star in Madonna video reports BBC News.
[comics] PopImage has a fantastic profile on Matt Wagner and his work (creator of Grendel, Mage and various other comics).
[mp3] Another MP3 application I use all the time MP3ext gets updated. Useful if you have a large collection of MP3’s stored on a Windows PC. It enhances Windows Explorer so you get a properties pages when looking at MP3 files. Very useful and free as well!
[uk internet] BBC News is reporting that T-Online wants to buy Freeserve.