8 March 2000
According to The Economist the Internet is running out of names!
Watching the Detective – interview with the detective leading the murder hunt for Jill Dando.
7 March 2000
Websites for the major candidates for London major: Steve Norris, Frank Dobson, Ken Livingstone, Susan Kramer. The Official Major for London website.
Pictures from the race for London Mayor.
BBC News reports that the Internet price war is starting to hot up in the UK. I’ve recently moved over to — £9.99 a month for unlimited access at weekends and week-day nights.
From the Guardian: Ken Livingstone tears up the rule book. Simon Hoggart on the “Stuff Blair Campaign“.
6 March 2000
Web Applications that I’m using a lot lately: and
My flatmate wants you to visit London Whites Online.
Find interestings posts from interesting people on John Carmack, Jamie Zawinski and Tom Christiansen
Warren Ellis writes some of my favourite comics at the moment. His website has just got a redesign.
BBC News reports that the Antichrist is a vegetarian. Guh?!
BBC News reports that Ken Livingstone will run for Mayor.
In my real job I am a so-called “IT Support Analyst” but if this World Weekly News is right — I want to change my Job Title to Witchfinder General!
5 March 2000
I also watched Bullitt and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Last Night. Movie trivia: Robert Duvall has a role as a very grumpy looking Taxi Driver in Bullit. It was weird seeing him look so young…
4 March 2000
‘I’ve done questionable things.’ — Roy Batty.
I’m sitting watching Blade Runner. I suppose this is as good a way as any to start a weblog…
24 December 1999
Merry Chrimbo! This weblog is brought to you by the number: 3.

Satanic Bagpuss! Verily, the first sign of the Apocalypse. Forsooth, it has been written… Satan will known as a silly old bagpuss from NORFOLK WITH THREE — COUNT ‘EM — THREE TESTICLES!! You have been warned!

According to his owner: “He’s never been one for outside. He wasn’t really a ladies man anyway – he wasn’t in to all that. He’s just a bagpuss – an old, saggy cloth cat.”

According to Nasa the Hubble is Space Telescope is powered by THREE — COUNT ‘EM — THREE TESTICLES — I mean 3 Intel 486 Processors!
11 December 1999
Latest Version of Mp3 Encoder BladeEnc available here.