16 June 2015
[life] Other People’s Shopping Lists. … … ‘Wine. Fags. Beers.’

A List containing Wine, Fags and Beers.

10 December 2012
[christmas] Vintage British Argos 1976 Catalogue … this set of scans might come in handy if you’re searching for a retro christmas gift and have a time machine. [More: Vintage British Argos 1985 Catalogue | Vintage British Argos 1986 Catalogue]
11 February 2009
[shopping] Stuck in the Lidl with you … a Guardian journalist on shopping at Lidl …‘If walking into Sainsbury’s is like walking into the middle of a massive children’s party, which it is, especially at the weekend, then walking into Lidl is like being mugged by the guy who makes balloon animals.’
16 December 2008
[life] Diamond Geezer on Woolworths shutting down: ‘Will nobody buy the 20 boxes of mint green Mingles stacked opposite the checkout? And don’t worry, because further inside there’s still a plastic rack of multi-coloured pic’n’mix. I suspect these scooped candies are a bit like the ravens at the Tower of London – when they’ve vanished, all is truly lost.’
20 November 2005
[shops] Your Life in their Hands — The Observer goes behind the scenes at Muji. ‘…here on the second floor of the Yurakucho store I’d stumbled across a neat display of Muji Earthquake Emergency Packs. The black, 6,300 yen, zip-up cases open to reveal a wind-up torch/radio (in violently bright orange – not very Muji), a white towel, two small bottles of water, wet-wipes, a candle, plasters, a collapsible water-collecting bag, a roll of packing tape and, lastly, a pair of folding slippers…’