[shopping] Stuck in the Lidl with you … a Guardian journalist on shopping at Lidl …‘If walking into Sainsbury’s is like walking into the middle of a massive children’s party, which it is, especially at the weekend, then walking into Lidl is like being mugged by the guy who makes balloon animals.’

On Shopping at Lidl

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I don’t like the ‘I won’t be returning’ end line. It comes across as being written by someone who has a choice in the matter and can’t conceive of the fact that other people might not. Not that I go to Lidl much either, but even so…

I shop at Lidl quite a lot in my home town of Wallington Surrey and have brought many of their items including food, clothes etc since it opened a few years ago. I brought a nice pair of trainers recently with a motif which where only £8.99P they look very nice and are comfortable to wear, Lidl’s food is also good value for money, I brought a pork joint in honey and mustard which was very enjoyable for £1. 99P, and some time ago I needed a good pair of walking boots and purchased a pair at Lidl for £14.99p, at some shops who supply walking boots like Milletts they were over £30.00p and didn’t look any better quality. So I will continue to shop at Lidl and anyone who hasn’t shopped there give it a try and see for yourself.

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