15 June 2012
[web] Keep Calm Must Stop … a tumblr examing the worst of the “Keep Calm” meme … ‘Keep Calm It’s Our 2 For 1 Sale’
2 May 2012
[life] Procrastinate Now and Panic Later … I’ve been procrastinating about posting this for so long that the meme is dead – better late than never.

25 August 2010
[comics] I’m the Goddamn Batman … [original] …

I'm The Goddamn Batman!

3 September 2009
[calm] The Keep Calm and Carry On Design Variations Flickr Pool(more: Keep Calm Posters / Motivational Posters)

Keep Calm And Put The Kettle On

18 February 2009
[history] The greatest motivational poster ever? … BBC News on the Keep Calm and Carry On Poster … ‘One company has given it a twist, replacing the original slogan with “Now Panic and Freak Out”.’