15 May 2009
[distractions] MoonLander … perfect flash conversion of the classic arcade game … [via Sore Eyes]
9 March 2009
[fun] Massive Timewaster: Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something.
18 March 2002
[massive distraction] Eight Days A Week — A totally addictive Beatles Fruit Machine… [from The Beatles Website]
11 March 2002
[distraction] Rings — I find this oddly compulsive. Keep moving the mouse around the screen slowly. [via Haddock]
16 January 2002
[distractions] Big Money — yet another incredibly addictive webgame … ‘Your Current Rank: PAUPER’ [via Charlie Chu]
14 January 2002
[distractions] Cutie Quake‘The Rules Are Simple: 1) Shoot Anything That Moves. 2) Don’t Get Shot.’ [via Grammarporn]
12 November 2001
[distraction] Swear-o-Tron — takes the strain out of verbal abuse … ‘…big dog’s cock…’ [via Pete’s Weblog]
1 November 2001
[distraction] TV Misguidance — DIY TV Go Home. ‘20.00 Fear of a Blue Planet … David Attenborough gets eaten by Sharks. (Repeat)’
28 August 2001
[distraction] Ant City — What happens when you focus a giant magnifying glass on a little city full of tiny People, tiny Helicopters, tiny Cars and tiny Oil Tankers? KA-BOOM! [via Sore Eyes]
13 July 2001
[distractions] Enjoy… Micro Jet Racers [via Dutchbint] and a cover of Voodoo Ray by a Brass Band on [thanks to Oh!SkyLab, original Voodoo Ray].
1 July 2001
[distraction] Bod and Star Wars collide…. Here Comes Darth. [via Bugpowder]
11 June 2001
[distraction] Pretty massive distraction actually — Flash Mini-Golf. [via Wanderers Weblog]
19 April 2001
[distractions] Internet Killed the Video Star. [via Yungee]
14 March 2001
[distractions] Ah… the Muppaphone. So distracting and clickable…. [thanks to Brainsluice] and Safeplaces — a ‘digital playground’. [thanks to Chris]