6 November 2007
[comics] Diesel Sweeties: Being A Girl On The Internet Used To Mean Something… (more…)
26 December 2004
[comedy] Sixteen Tons of Fun — Dave Eggers on Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Eric Idle bringing “The Holy Grail” to Broadway … ‘After a highly successful Canadian stage tour in 1973, the group was invited to do a series of sketches on the “Tonight Show” hosted by Joey Bishop on that particular night. The result was dropped-jaw silence. The curtain went up and Chapman and Idle performed a piece involving the burying of a cat. Idle: “I just spent four hours burying the cat.” Chapman: “Four hours to bury the cat?” Idle: “Yes, it wouldn’t keep still, wriggling about, howling its head off.” It was a while before network television came calling again.’
1 November 2004
[tv] The real King of Comedy — the Observer on the DVD release of Seinfeld‘One episode is entirely set in a Chinese restaurant where the cast wait for a table, and George (Jason Alexander) confides his latest girlfriend disaster to Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld). He has had to leave midway through sex because he is too embarrassed to go to the toilet in his girlfriend’s tiny flat, where his every move will be heard, and he has “an intestinal requirement that surpasses by great lengths anything in the sexual realm”. So how to extricate himself? “The only excuse she might possibly have accepted is if I told her that I am in reality Batman, and I’m very sorry, I just saw the Batsignal”.’