[batman] The best Christmas rom-com is actually Batman Returns … Another look at Batman Returns as a Christmas Movie. [See also: 75 thoughts I had while watching Batman Returns, The World’s Greatest Holiday Movie] ‘Batman Returns goes out of its way to establish rom-com lore, like the idea that no one should be alone at Christmas, especially Batman. Think Christmas time can be hard for single people? Think about poor, rich Bruce Wayne! He’s an orphan! He’s so alone! It also plays with the idea that there’s no better time to tell the truth than at Christmas. Movies always tell us that Christmas is the time we let our masks fall and our guards down. In Batman’s case, this means it’s the perfect time to admit that you love, or, at the very least, are a little horny for, one of your enemies – who also might be your soulmate (yes, this applies to many Batman villains).’

Is Batman Returns the Best Christmas Rom-Com?

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