[batman] The Killing Joke Ending Revealed? … Grant Morrison has an interesting theory about the conclusion of The Killing Joke … ‘That’s what I love about it- Batman kills the Joker… that’s why it’s called The Killing Joke… The Joker tells the ‘killing joke’ at the end and Batman reaches out and breaks his neck… and that’s why the laughter stops… the light goes out because that was the last chance of crossing that bridge. Alan wrote the ultimate Batman Joker story… because he finished it… the laughter stops, it abruptly stops, it’s quite obvious.’

Grant Morrison On The Ending Of The Killing Joke

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No. It’s an in-continuity book. Barbara Gordon ended up in a wheelchair for 20 years as a result, so Batman didn’t kill the joker.

The light goes off at the end – that’s the schoolboy joke. They’re the two lunatics trying to get out of the asylum.

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