[comics] Annotations to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Nemo: Heart of Ice … more work-in-progress annotations from Jess Nevins‘I confess to not understanding the “urine storage scheme” reference.’

Jess Nevins’ Annotations To LOEG – Nemo: Heart of Ice

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tiger lily—>te ke li li

I believe that “Tiger Lily” is not a reference to the Peter Pan character or anything like that. It may be an oblique reference to the fact that “te ke li li” sounds kind of like “Tiger Lily,” but I think — far more simply — that Swfyte is haunted by the fact that the opening “starfish-head” of the Elder Thing in the cavern looks like a carnivorous Tiger Lily. He could have no other way of explaining to people what he saw other than referring it to something commonplace.

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